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  1. UPDATE: Well, still no final invoice, but much to my surprise a refund did show up on my credit card. So its kind of sorted. Next time I guess I better ask for a final statement while still onboard. Thanks for all the insight....
  2. UPDATE: We took the Pinnacle Suite! Well one of them anyhow. After the first offer we received a second one about two weeks later for 999 euro pp and passed that one up as well, and yesterday came an offer for 699 euro pp and we decided to take the bait. Now as we are in the Netherlands the procedure is a bit more complicated as we have to call HA in Rotterdam and they have to put the request through to Seattle. But with the substantial time difference (I believe it's nine hours) of course when the request was made everybody in Seattle was fast asleep. So HAL Rotterdam promised to get back at me as soon as they had the confirmation (or rejection for that matter). They still haven't done that, but when I log into my account and this particular booking, I see we have a confirmed Pinnacle Suite! Oh and a request for additional payment of course...😀 So now I am super excited. And also wondering..as I will be going with my mum and leaving my husband behind, is there a chance they will give him a visitor's pass for a few hours to come aboard with us to at least have a look at the PS, as chances are we will not be travelling in one together anytime soon. Has anybody ever managed this? Who did you ask?
  3. We just left the Pursuit on April 27 (our first on Azamara and a pleasant experience!), but we never received our final invoice. On April 27 we received a "Mid Cruise Invoice" on which is stated we wil receive our final one at the end of the voyage, but this never happened. We also accrued some refundable OBC has that has not been refunded to our creditcard either. And in our cruise history this particular voyage does not show. Has something gone wrong here? We did have some sort of improvised check in in Nice (in lieu of Monaco), so now I am wondering if this has something to do with it? I should mention that there was no hold placed on our creditcard either. Should we mail Azamara? What email address is best for this? (Complicating factor: we live in the Netherlands and booked with US TA). Any insight and tips welcome.
  4. Thanks for all the useful feedback so far. It sounds like we should wait a bit and watch out for a further offer. We booked with HAL direct here in The Netherlands btw, as there's really no added benefits with booking with a TA for us over here as opposed to the US (and we're "forbidden" to book with foreign TA's). Also we found we only started getting upsell offers when booking direct. Not sure if Dutch TA's know how to deal with upsell offers. I guess there's more chance of getting an (interesting) offer for a PS on the Rotterdam with 4 of them! Although all the extra attention sure sounds nice, it's primarily the extra space that's appealing. We'll see...
  5. Well that's a first for sure. Never received an upsell offer to a Pinnacle Suite before. We leave in three weeks time (Rotterdam) so now I'm wondering should we be tempted or not? Of course it's entirely personal, but as it stands HAL is offering the upsell for 1200 euro pp for a week. There's 4 PS on the Rotterdam and they all show as available. We are currently in a NS GUAR and are already happy with that, so not sure if it's worth it or not. Has anybody ever had any upsell offers to a PS that was too good to pass on? Should we wait? Any input is much appreciated....
  6. Not sure if I understand the question correctly, but I live in The Netherlands and the way I use my credit cards over here is indeed with a 4 digit pincode. That works both for taking money "out of the wall" and making purchases and paying for hotels etc. Hope this helps.
  7. Well, my husband and I did sail on the Astoria last year (around the British Isles) just for the very reasons you mention. We just love vintage travel. I'm one cruise away from being 5* on HAL, just to give you an idea of what we normally fancy. (We are not Brits by the way, but Dutch.) We absolutely adored the Astoria, although I do feel we were lucky with our cabin (an outside on Deck 2 under the dining room), which was fairly quiet, which is hard to get on an older ship. There's only one thing to bear in mind and that is that there is really NOTHING to do apart from, well having a drink basically. We are not big drinkers by any stretch, but decided to get a drinks package, which are reasonably priced, and ended up drinking things we never do at home, such as port and sherry (go figure). We would then entertain ourselves by playing board games in the game room. That and walking around deck enjoying the scenery is all there is to do.(Oh and there is only the one bar, but that's really all you need.) If I were you, I would not hesitate to book this lovely old ship, unless the prospect of total boredom is not appealling. One last word of advice: do not expect the inside to reflect a bygone era. If nothing else, it looks like something straight from the 1980's. Which in itself can be appealing for a whole different set of reasons.....
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