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  1. I'm on the Dec 1 sailing...... may have to camp out overnight with a blanket to get some outdoor space. So disappointed in the lack of outdoor space without having to spend money for a chair!
  2. I booked and am really regretting it. Leaving the Canadian snow and having to fight more than normal for a piece of outdoor space is going to be painful. I pity the employees on that pool deck there are going to be a lot of unhappy people.
  3. Looks like there is not a lot of outdoor space (unless you want to pay for it)so lets hope the inside makes up for it.
  4. Thank you, I will give this a try!
  5. Yes it is me that really wanted to change my Encore trip, but this call had nothing to do with that. It was about another cruise we have booked in March 2020. All we wanted was to add an adjoining room for our kids. Even if it was a no we cant help, 75 minutes on hold no matter what it's for just is not good business.
  6. Waited last week on hold exactly 75 minutes to be told they couldn't transfer or help with what we needed. Yup 75 minutes and the next day tried one more time waited another 20 minutes..... yup I know all of you are thinking who's the dumb one waiting for that long lol We are done with Norwegian after at least 25 cruises with them we have found the customer service lacks after your cruise is booked. They are fantastic when booking a new one though.
  7. Yes we have learned the hard way, we got a great rep from Norwegian when we called and booked too quickly. We will be on vacation so we will enjoy it for sure.
  8. We have a sailing booked on Dec 1 on the Encore. After looking closer at this new ship we have decided that it just isn't for us a race track and laser tag with my 75 year old parents just will not be enjoyable. Oh yes and as everyone has seen absolutely no outdoor pool space for 3 at sea days. Yes we should have waited to book and done our home work before booking. But we didn't . We tried yesterday to contact Norwegian to see if we could exchange not to cancel or get money back just exchange sailings. In total we spent 1 1/2 hours on hold waiting for a supervisor and in the end they wouldn't even speak to us. I guess that 2 and a half months is past when we can make changes. They told us that we are to late to make any changes at all and no they couldn't transfer us to a supervisor as the phone system wasn't working properly lol. We are willing to pay a change fee and upgrade if need be is there anything we can do? I'm sure we can make the best of this vacation who can complain we aren't at work and will miss all the Canadian snow, but this was a gift for my parents maybe there last vacation and want it to be the best for them. Any ideas?
  9. Those pictures are really making me worried. I should have studied this more before booking, not enough pool space for the size of this ship. Lets hope I'm wrong , but 3 days at sea.... I don't really want to have to pay for Vibe just to get a chair.
  10. I see that there is a Vibe club on board that may be for us no pool but hot tubs. Hopefully it wont sell out before we get on board . Does anyone know what the price is for this? We have a balcony but would like to be out around activities during the day . What is the cancellation cost for us to change to another vacation if we decide?
  11. Some guidance on booking the newly built Encore for December 1 is needed. My boyfriend and I got caught up in the moment with a really good sales person from NCL lol . We have booked the Encore for the 2 of us and my 75 year old parents without doing any homework on this boat. Now looking through the pictures I see that there is not a lot of outdoor space around the pool. Even the viewing platform is all inside. Coming from Canada we wanted to be outside in the sun as much as possible before we come back to the snow. With 3 days at sea this could make for some panicked mornings to get space near the pool. It seems the laser tag area takes up a huge amount of room that we are not interested in using. We have paid in full does anyone know if we would be able to rebook on a different ship and how much it would cost? Would the breakaway be a better fit? Maybe there is someone out there that knows a bit more about this new ship than what NCL has put online. We will make the most out of it as of course we are on vacation but want the best for my parents.
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