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  1. First Cruise was as a Child on the Carnival Fantasy back in 1990. Cruise several times as a child and then in my early 20's went and worked on board NCL as Cruise Staff working my way up to Cruise Director.....Was by far the best time of my life. Now turning 40 I still cruise at least once a year and this year will be cruising twice.
  2. i got my price reduction from the online form, was sent back to me confirmed in like 20 minutes
  3. Already got confirmation email.....much better then waiting on hold
  4. I just completed the form. How long till i receive a confirmation email?
  5. While i am on hold to get my reduction, debating weather to take another $110.00 off my cruise or upgrade to aft balcony for nothing more???? what to do what to do
  6. So far since booking i am at $165 lower.
  7. So my price dropped another $110.00. How can i submit this online as the phone lines are not working
  8. So my cruise is September, so far $50 drop total, but i am seeing more cabin's opening up such as Aft Balconies and suites. I am sure once we get closer they will drop a bit more not much though. The only thing i can see dropping a lot would be the suites.
  9. So, I have worked on board NCL, Cruised RCCL, Princess, Carnival, Premier and also Dolphin Cruise lines when they were around. Reading your post i think you would absolutely like Princess. Much more elegant, Entertainment i would say is not much better then Carnival as far as the production shows. Food, hands down Princess. Regal Princess was an amazing ship but i will say that by 11pm, everyone has gone to bed lol. I cruise Carnival now more often simply because I do not need to fly to my port and because i still enjoy the laid back atmosphere. Best of luck with future cruises
  10. So, called got mt $50 reduction, recieved my email with new total. Went back on Carnival site and did mock booking and the price went back up lol.....
  11. Check your rates again, our cruise for September dropped another $50.
  12. Mine has only dropped $10 for our cruise in September lol
  13. So I have been on both class ships and must say the Magic has more for the kids and open deck space but honestly the adult pool (Covered when bad weather) is the best. Hot tubs, pool, bar and pizza and seafood shack right there. I swear we spend almost our entire sea days there
  14. Cheers is a Choice. Now My opinion if you are going to have 5 or 6 drinks a day I would get the drink package. It includes all the specialty coffea, milkshakes, bottles water, soda etc...Plus honestly I love when i walk on the SHip I never worry about my bar bill, peace of mind is worth it to me. Again just my opinion.
  15. mine just showed up for my cruise in September and is sold out. Check an hour ago and wasnt there, now it is there and sold out. Oh well, saves me $89 lol
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