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  1. So I just tried to do a mock booking for Any Cruise in September leaving from any port. Only 2 cruises show up and are from Australia.....I am not really buying the capacity thing, my guess is they are about to get canceled.
  2. So checked my profile and my September 6th cruise on Glory from New orleans on September 6th is still there, but when you do mock booking its not...only 1 cruise on valor there. Also went to Cruise.com and did a mock booking there and only 1 date on Valor as well. My guess is one of 2 things, Cruises will be canceled or they have stopped accepting reservations to lower capacity. I Just hope an announcement comes sooner then later so i can plan a land vacation for that week.
  3. This is the exact reason why i refused to make final payment for my September 6th cruise out of new Orleans. Either Cancel my cruise or sail, either way just let me know lol
  4. So did a mock booking for Glory out of New Orleans for September and the cruises have been removed. Only Cruise available is 5 day on Valor September 17th
  5. Also looks like the Vista sailings are gone from Galveston for August and September
  6. Hoping its just a system error, but all glory bookings are gone from September, and only one sailing Sept 17th on valor is showing now out of new Orleans for the month of September
  7. I just did a mock booking for my cruise out of New orleans Sept 6th 2020 on the Glory... Searching nwo and shows no 7 days cruises. Only 4 and 5 day....my guess is they are about to announce the Glory isnt going out of New Orleans in the near future.,
  8. I was thinking about the same thing. Reduce Capacity to double occupancy only at first. You could still sell out cabins, but would reduce overall number of passengers. Now for Families that would mean 2 cabins at minimum which sucks. But there is no way the ships will sail with 50% capacity. I say that being a Former CD on one of the Big 3. Not only if its 50% occupancy it reduces the total fair revenue, it will drastically reduce onboard revenue which is basically what the ships rely on for profit.
  9. Yes i called and asked as i did not feel comfortable making my final payment and then it being cancelled and waiting 45 to 60 days for refund if i decided not to take future credit
  10. So Carnival extended my final payment to August 1st, hopefully by then we will know if it is schedule to sail or not. Cruise scheduled for September 6th
  11. Really hope so. Was on the Glory this past January and really enjoyed the layout and of course the Adults only Pool. I am going to ask for Carnival to extend my final payment until either they commit and say they will be cruising in September or that they are canceling.
  12. Just go with it !!!!!! I love Princess Cays it is a great beach day. Have fun
  13. So, I am on the Glory September 6th, 2020 and my final payment is due Monday. So would like some opinions on whether or not the Glory resumes sailing out of New Orleans by Sept 6th? I can switch my booking to Galveston on the Vista for a similar week and almost the same price, but i really do prefer the Glory. Any thoughts would be great.
  14. So, First of all I worked onboard one of the top 3 cruise companies in the world for almost 5 years. Every person working onboard has a set contract amount that they are paid every month. I left ships in 2007 and can tell you the gratuity that is charged to your sail and sign account daily pay everyone's contracts. The staff get paid the exact amount every month regardless on who removes tips from there account. Now some will receive additional tips in cash but i promise you, nobody ever works a cruise for free.
  15. I am booked on the September 6th cruise on the Glory on September 6th which will be the first cruise out of New Orleans (if it happens) I am in Northern Mississippi so no flying needed. If this one is cancelled i am looking at January 2021. We have a Balcony and honestly was only $1400 after all the price drops. An ocean suite in January is only 2k so thinking we will splurge for a Suite if cancelled. Had an ocean suite last January and was great
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