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  1. Yes! Me! Not sure if it’s normal... but I am 71 days out with nothing. Impatiently waiting...
  2. Just wondering where you got the email address for the concierge? Are you in the Haven or do we all have access to this? Thanks!
  3. Thx for the tip. We weren’t planning on attending but now are 2nd guessing our decision.
  4. I didn’t see a time for those who paid for Priority Access. Thanks for posting!
  5. Sailing Feb 29. I see the placeholders (connecting flights etc) but no flight details/numbers. My NCL also says my eDOCS are ready but they aren’t... just waiting!
  6. I feel the same way. I took it at 99$ but definitely wouldn’t have taken it for 179$. As for the breakfast menu- that is precisely what I am trying to figure out. What do you get that is extra? And I have to admit, when I purchased it I was under the impression that regardless what you order, there would be a 7.95$ charge. I had no idea that some items would be free of charge.
  7. It was initially launched only for the Breakaway and the sky. Now fleet wide. I was offered it on the Breakaway for $99 for 7 night cruise but I see that they have already increased the price. I have 2 young kids and thought priority boarding and tender would be super practical for us. https://www.ncl.com/ca/en/priority-access-faq
  8. I booked it for our cruise in February! I am also super curious to hear how it goes. Please let me know as your cruise is before mine.
  9. Can anyone confirm how they were advised about their flights? Was it by email? I seem to have missed how this gets communicated. Thanks!
  10. I am also in Montreal flying to Orlando (Port Canaveral departure) for a cruise starting the 29th Feb. We still have not been given our flight times- but we see that we stop in Newark on the way home. Since it will be winter, we will likely plan to fly in the day before to be on the safe side. We are aware of the flight deviation fee but are hoping we won't have to pay extra for the flights!
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