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  1. So will Nachi rent you snorkel gear outside of taking you on the boat? If you wanted to just snorkel off the beach? Does anyone know how much that runs?
  2. Well, I wish them both luck. It seems unrealistic to expect them to stay together . . . meeting and dating on a reality show doesn't seem to bode well for a couple's future. I would be super shocked if he got married though!
  3. I agree. They seem fun and they also seem good together (unlike Hannah and whatever-his-name-was from last season).
  4. Yes . . . and I am dying to know if she and Jack are still together!
  5. So I think I have finally figured out what you all mean by the "upsell." That's if I called the specialty company and booked the cruise through them so I could meet Captain Lee, etc? I was concerned that Celebrity itself was just charging more for that week, but after trying out different pricing, it looks like their normal pricing. I am also not going to pay extra just to "meet" them.
  6. Well, we had already booked the cruise before they announced, so if there was a higher price built in, oh well I guess... :). We're traveling as 5 couples without our collective 10 children, so even if the price would be lower for a different week, we're not changing the schedule, haha :).
  7. This is the cruise we just booked last week. I am the only one from 5 couples who watches Below Deck. They are all going to be concerned about whether it makes the boat more crowded or changes the entertainment. Has anyone been on one of these themed cruises? Are they pretty "normal" in the end?!
  8. Hello, My friends and I are going on our first Celebrity Cruise in June! It is a long time to wait - I am so excited! I am looking on the Celebrity Cruise website for proof of the classic beverage package, which was included in the bundle that we got through Expedia. Celebrity Cruises claims they can see it (and the prepaid gratuity) but all I see on the web site is the OBC that we received. Is there somewhere special I haven't looked yet? Or do they just give it all to you the day you show up for the cruise? I was just hoping for some physical proof that it went through. Thanks!
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