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  1. APT, another Australian company. My travel agent has just notified me that the cruise is cancelled and they are offering credit for travel in 2021. I would rather a refund. I communicated my concerns to APT in February and I was told that one of the options available to me is a full refund. I sent a copy of the email from APT to my travel agent. Hoping to hear back.
  2. I'm in Australia and dealing with an Australian company. Several times over the past 4 weeks they have changed their terms and conditions re cancelling and rebooking. Most frustrating. From midnight tonight, Australian time there is a travel ban being enforced which prohibits Australians travelling overseas. I am still awaiting word from my cruise company that my cruise has been cancelled. Their T&C state that in the event of cancellation by them, they have the option of reschedule or refund. We don't get to choose, they do.
  3. We transit through Singapore, not sure if that's better or worse than Dubai. Hopefully we can make a decision soon without too much financial penalty if we rebook. As you said Notamermaid, it is a wonderful itinerary and we want to go, whether in May or at a later date.
  4. We are booked on a Budapest to Amsterdam cruise with APT (an Australian company) departing May 1. So far their cancellation policy is less generous than Avalon, Viking or Uniworld. Not happy. Will have to make a decision in the next 3 weeks.
  5. We have a Budapest to Amsterdam cruise booked for the beginning of May. Feeling a bit apprehensive, but will wait and see how things progress.
  6. I am Australian. I have a friend who has been on numerous Gate 1 cruises and has had no complaints. They are less inclusive than some companies, so are cheaper (before you add extras.)
  7. Thanks for the information Notamermaid. Yes we are on the APT cruise with the signature experiences. That public holidays site was most helpful. The only one that I can see that will impact us is May 1. We begin our cruise in Budapest then but will have a free morning. I guess we will do a bit of walking until we board the ship. I don't think we have to sign up for excursions before we leave, but I will clarify that a bit closer to departure date.
  8. Thank you for the helpful information. I just have a few other questions. Assuming that there is no issue with river levels, how much bus travel is involved? How far are the ports from the towns? Also, regarding excursions, is Rothenburg a worthwhile excursion from Wurzburg?
  9. We will be on the AmaVerde.
  10. Thank you for your input Ethel. As APT is an Australian company, I presume the majority of passengers would be Australian. Also, just wondering how soon before departure did you get travel documents/ info about flights and the actual cruise.? We booked through a travel agent so i guess I should just ask them, but if you have helpful information, that would be much appreciated.
  11. Have booked the above cruise for May this year. I'm just after opinions on this company and itinerary. APT generally gets good reviews but I'm after recent experience if possible. Thanks in advance!
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