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  1. Just found this picture on my phone. I took it last month from the MSC Seaside. Seeing Adventure anchored next to us brought back memories of our Adventure Class cruises on Mariner. Good times. 😊
  2. Oh wow, I didn't know there were no YC interiors on Divina. I was actually thinking about looking at an interior on Divina for a cruise with my daughter. Thought it would be a nice way to try an interior and a new ship. Oh well! 🙂
  3. I honestly don't know. I know we tipped our butler, our stateroom attendant, anyone who served us drinks, including up at the pool, our waiter, his assistant, and the matre d.
  4. We had drinks every evening in the YC lounge. We tipped our server in the lounge every evening. We tipped our waiter and his assistant on the last night of our cruise. I believe my husband also tipped the matre d.
  5. Agree! Oh my gosh the pool area alone is nothing like anything we've ever experienced on other lines, even while being in suites on RC or Celebrity.
  6. You absolutely should give it a try. We sailed in YC on Seaside last month and loved it. Worth every penny. Also worth noting, in all of your cruises, if you've ever done an interior, that's also an option in the YC. I haven't, but having sailed in the YC, I would definitely consider it now. There are so many nice outdoor spaces available to you that are never crowded. I would choose an interior in YC over a balcony in any other area of the ship.
  7. I'd book in that spot. I paid particular attention to that area with the doorway into the corridor, and it wasn't ever busy. I know that's a question that comes up often here.
  8. It's so dark, there were a few mornings where we slept in a little (7:30ish), and when we opened up the curtain, it was like a blast of sunlight in the face. So dark that I still had to be careful not to trip over the extension cord for my husband's CPAP that was across the floor. The a/c worked well too. Good for sleeping.
  9. We were just in 18009. Around 6:30 on most mornings we did hear a bit of noise from the pool deck above, like chairs being dragged. It only went on for a few minutes and wasn't a surprise to us, because we'd heard it might happen. We're also early risers, so it didn't bother us at all. A heavy sleeper could sleep right thru it. Anyone who is booked on 18, don't worry about it. Even on mornings where we slept in a little, it was so minor, had no problem rolling over and falling back to sleep. The curtains keep the room very dark, too. Good for sleeping.
  10. I forgot about this. Yes it is. If you order ice cream, it's definitely gelato. I often ordered vanilla "ice cream" topped with fresh strawberries. 🙂
  11. We sailed on Seaside 1/12. My husband uses a CPAP and both distilled water and an extension cord were provided. I filled out the form online, and even though neither were in our cabin upon arrival, either our butler or cabin steward took care of it.
  12. Yes! Walking around the ship it seemed a little loud and crowded. Nothing at all compares to YC. I would sail in a YC interior before a regular balcony or even one of their non-YC "suites." If I couldn't be in YC, I'd go back to Celebrity or RC.
  13. Not really. Although the row of raised loungers at the one end of the pool were always in the shade while we were there.
  14. Yes. I think what you’re talking about are the shaded areas on both sides forward of the pool buffet. There were some tables first and then lounge chairs.
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