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  1. Just found this picture on my phone. I took it last month from the MSC Seaside. Seeing Adventure anchored next to us brought back memories of our Adventure Class cruises on Mariner. Good times. 😊
  2. Oh wow, I didn't know there were no YC interiors on Divina. I was actually thinking about looking at an interior on Divina for a cruise with my daughter. Thought it would be a nice way to try an interior and a new ship. Oh well! πŸ™‚
  3. I honestly don't know. I know we tipped our butler, our stateroom attendant, anyone who served us drinks, including up at the pool, our waiter, his assistant, and the matre d.
  4. We had drinks every evening in the YC lounge. We tipped our server in the lounge every evening. We tipped our waiter and his assistant on the last night of our cruise. I believe my husband also tipped the matre d.
  5. Agree! Oh my gosh the pool area alone is nothing like anything we've ever experienced on other lines, even while being in suites on RC or Celebrity.
  6. You absolutely should give it a try. We sailed in YC on Seaside last month and loved it. Worth every penny. Also worth noting, in all of your cruises, if you've ever done an interior, that's also an option in the YC. I haven't, but having sailed in the YC, I would definitely consider it now. There are so many nice outdoor spaces available to you that are never crowded. I would choose an interior in YC over a balcony in any other area of the ship.
  7. I'd book in that spot. I paid particular attention to that area with the doorway into the corridor, and it wasn't ever busy. I know that's a question that comes up often here.
  8. It's so dark, there were a few mornings where we slept in a little (7:30ish), and when we opened up the curtain, it was like a blast of sunlight in the face. So dark that I still had to be careful not to trip over the extension cord for my husband's CPAP that was across the floor. The a/c worked well too. Good for sleeping.
  9. We were just in 18009. Around 6:30 on most mornings we did hear a bit of noise from the pool deck above, like chairs being dragged. It only went on for a few minutes and wasn't a surprise to us, because we'd heard it might happen. We're also early risers, so it didn't bother us at all. A heavy sleeper could sleep right thru it. Anyone who is booked on 18, don't worry about it. Even on mornings where we slept in a little, it was so minor, had no problem rolling over and falling back to sleep. The curtains keep the room very dark, too. Good for sleeping.
  10. I forgot about this. Yes it is. If you order ice cream, it's definitely gelato. I often ordered vanilla "ice cream" topped with fresh strawberries. πŸ™‚
  11. We sailed on Seaside 1/12. My husband uses a CPAP and both distilled water and an extension cord were provided. I filled out the form online, and even though neither were in our cabin upon arrival, either our butler or cabin steward took care of it.
  12. Yes! Walking around the ship it seemed a little loud and crowded. Nothing at all compares to YC. I would sail in a YC interior before a regular balcony or even one of their non-YC "suites." If I couldn't be in YC, I'd go back to Celebrity or RC.
  13. Not really. Although the row of raised loungers at the one end of the pool were always in the shade while we were there.
  14. Yes. I think what you’re talking about are the shaded areas on both sides forward of the pool buffet. There were some tables first and then lounge chairs.
  15. Again, really wish I'd taken some more pictures. One of the things we really liked about the ship is there are beautiful ocean views from many areas of the ship, even on both sides of the decks where the atrium is located. You could see the ocean from all levels of the atrium, which isn't the norm on most ships. The lay out of the ship was a little choppy on some decks though, but not horrible. Their app has a really nice feature that shows you exactly where you are and can direct you to anywhere. They also have the touch screen monitors located all over the ship to make it easier to locate things.
  16. One observation we made is that a 7-day is no longer long enough for my husband and I. We were doing B2B's on RC, then a transatlantic, and our last cruise together was a 10-day in December 2017 on a Celebrity ship. Until we retire, we still only cruise once a year, but 7 days flew by quickly. We were just starting to get to know our way around the other parts of the ship and it was over. We enjoy going for walks around the ship after breakfast and dinner, and I know we still didn't see the entire ship. One night we were out walking around and wanted to see the Bridge of Sighs. While we were out, we came around from the back of the ship onto their main pool deck. There was a large stage with a big screen showing underwater scenes that were pretty cool. There was a huge dance area and a salsa band on stage. They were really good. We got some gelato and found a table and hung out there for a little while. Until that evening, we'd never even been up there. We would enjoy walking around the ship, but then always so happy to return to the YC. We didn't use any of the other pools on board, but they looked nice. Spoiled with that YC pool though.
  17. Another thing I noticed was there wasn't always someone enforcing using the sanitizer stations. Only once when we boarded in port, and once when we were passing thru the buffet on deck 16, did someone ask us to use the dispenser. There were hand washing stations at the entrance to buffets, but nobody directing people to use them. And I know people have different views on using hand sanitizers, I'm just pointing out what we noticed. As far as other areas around the ship, I don't think we ever passed thru an area where someone wasn't cleaning. The ship itself is kept very clean, considering all the chrome and glass. It really is a pretty ship.
  18. Trying to get back in order. I wish I'd taken notes on anything out of the ordinary. There really weren't too many negatives. We enjoyed our first experience in MSC YC trying the ship-within-a-ship concept. Our muster station was in the casino. It's obvious they allow smoking here, but at muster, and the times we cut thru the casino, even while it was open, it didn't seem horribly smokey. Muster drill was a bit of a mess though. Not the organized "we take safety very seriously you'd better pay attention" type of musters we're used to on RC, X, or even Carnival. One of the butlers in the lounge told us that we should plan on getting down there about 15 minutes before they announce it. It's like she knew what we were about to encounter. We made our way down to the casino and there were a handful of people already waiting there as well. There's a rather large circular bar in the center of the casino, so we took a seat there, facing outward on our stools. Others were gathering and taking seats at the slots. Once they announced muster was beginning, it seemed like there was a rush of people going thru the casino, like a wall-to-wall crowd passing thru. Then we noticed that it had already begun. We could see a few of the crew in the middle of this moving herd of people, trying to do the demo of the life jacket. There were screens above us at this circular bar with a life jacket demo video playing, but it didn't seem like anyone was paying attention, and you couldn't hear it. It was loud and a bit chaotic. The group of standing/moving people weren't paying attention at all. It was like they were loudly passing through, carrying on conversations like there wasn't a muster drill happening at all. Maybe they were on for a B2B and didn't have to attend. Oh well. If we were new cruisers , we may have been more concerned. It was just a little odd compared to other lines. After muster we walked around the ship for a bit, then back to the YC lounge for a specialty coffee and a cup of tea. We were already unpacked and ready to begin our vacation.
  19. I was just going through my phone looking at my pictures. Unfortunately I don't have many from around the ship or even of our room. I did a lot of photo sharing with friends and family thru Snap Chat and Face Timed with my daughters. We had pre-paid for the 4-device internet package that came with 6GB's of storage. I didn't hold back with my internet usage at all and we only used a little more than half of that. We also pre-paid for the 20 piece laundry package. The last day we could give them laundry was on Wednesday, so I was sort of rushed putting together a bag with 15 more pieces, but not a big deal. Oh, and their laundry bags are nice. Like a large brown grocery bag with a handle. Definitely larger and much more sturdy than the flat, white paper bags on other lines.
  20. A few more pictures. YC Lounge. 04A1CB93-EA80-4595-8817-3AD2F7A57F2F.MOV
  21. Trying to add more to my review over the weekend. What a difference a week makes. Last Saturday we disembarked Seaside and drove to Ft. Myers to spend a few days with friends. We flew home on Monday. This morning we woke up to negative 13 degrees (F). 😞 --------------------------- We ordered our Uber to get to the pier once we were downstairs and in the lobby of our hotel; probably around 10:45. It didn't take long to get to there, and we started looking for the white YC tent. On our morning, the tent was almost right at the beginning of curbside drop-off. Our driver stopped just before the tent, so at the back. This caused a little confusion because a porter took the bags and put them onto a cart, only to have to take them off so they could be re-tagged by butlers working the tent. After that little check-in happened, we had to wait maybe 5 minutes for another 2 people to join us before they'd take us inside. It looked like they were doing groups of 6. Once we were moving, we went thru security (no lines for us), then into a waiting area where they immediately offered us sparkling wine or a Mimosa. (We really liked this. Totally different than boarding other cruise lines, even if you're in a suite.) They had other light refreshment as well. It didn't seem like we were waiting very long at all and they brought us up to the desk where they took our paperwork and then our pictures. Once that happened, we were lead on board by a butler, through the ship and to a front elevator where he turned it into an express right up to deck 16. (This feature worked sometimes for us, and we only used it if nobody else was in the elevator.) We were lead right into the beautiful Top Sail Lounge and offered another glass of champagne or anything we wanted really. The Top Sail lounge is a beautiful 2-story lounge at the front of the ship (decks 16 and 18 (no 17, it's bad luck)) We really enjoyed this space during our week. There's always a place to sit, even in the evenings before dinner when it was at its busiest. We never had trouble finding a place to sit. I don't want to get ahead of myself. More on the Top Sail later. While we were sitting and taking it all in, enjoying our glasses of bubbly, we were visited by people key to the YC. Alessandro Messina, an officer in charge of the YC, stopped by to chat with us. He welcomed us on board and he didn't seem rushed. It felt very genuine. During the week, my husband noticed that any time he passed us, he greeted us by name. Impressive. He chatted with us in the lounge quite a bit during our week. We were welcomed by the head butler, and someone from the dining room who asked us what our preferred dining time might be. (7:30) Before long, one of the butlers, Maria (we loved her), told us our room was ready if we'd like to go to it. We had 2 small carry-ons, a CPAP and laptop bag, and she insisted on carrying them for us. Wow. We were in 18009, a YC Deluxe Suite, which reminded me in size of the Sky Suites on Celebrity, and a Freedom Class Jr. Suite, minus the walk in closet and maybe a little bit smaller. It was just the right size for the 2 of us. I noticed the love seat could be turned into a bed, and it looked like there was a single drop down from the ceiling in that sitting area. The bed was a very comfortable memory foam mattress, nice linens. We slept well all week. * We did hear the tell-tale chair scraping from the pool deck on most mornings, right about at 6:30, but it only went on for a few minutes at the very most. It really didn't bother us at all, but if you're a light sleeper that likes to sleep in, it might. Speaking of sleeping in, the curtains can be pulled all the way over, and they're black out curtains. There were a couple of mornings that we woke up around 7:30, not knowing how late it was until we pulled back the curtain and got a blast of sunlight. (we're typically early risers!) Plenty of storage for 2 people, and I'm a classic over-packer. There are 2 thermostats in the room, and the a/c worked very well. The bathroom has plenty of storage, one sink, no tub, but a very nice shower. It was larger than some of the showers in nicer suites we've been in on RC, it had a seat and no high tub to step over like in some suites. There's a rain shower head and a hand sprayer. Water pressure was good. There's a dispenser with shampoo and body wash. The balcony was fine. It had 2 chairs and a foot rest. We usually spend more time on the balcony, but for some reason on this cruise we didn't. Maybe because the lounge area and pool deck are so nice. We spent a lot of time up at the pool most afternoons, and a few times for breakfast. Lunchtime poolside is a real treat. (I have some pictures on my phone that I'll try to insert later.) There's a Nespresso type of machine, no tea kettle, and a tray that they kept stocked with large glass bottles of Pellegrino and still water. There was a bottle of sparkling wine on ice and a bowl of fruit. Throughout the week we received different treats in our stateroom in the evening at turn-down. Macaroons, etc. We think some of these were because of the Black status we matched to.
  22. My entire family is from Scotland (Shettleston), so I've been drinking tea for as long as I can remember. I know exactly what you mean about being right on the boil. Ever had someone microwave a cup of water for you because they've got no kettle? The worst!! Have a great day! #teadrinkersunite!
  23. She's absolutely right! When we go out and I order tea, we always say "I wonder what will go wrong this time?" It happens so often, kind of a running joke with us. If we get a survey from MSC, I think I'll mention it. And like I said, we still had a great week, but not being able to have a decent cup in the YC restaurant with any meal, especially breakfast, was a bit of a disappointment.
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