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  1. But then they couldn’t play with your $$. If schools & universities show success resuming in the Fall MAYBE they will resume cruising in November or December. But It has not gone well working through the phases for some states even with sweltering temps so resuming classes are going to be a big gamble. If people get to cruise Jan 2021 I’ll be surprised. But hey, all this time off should give them ample time to clean the nasty drapes, sofas, etc in the cabins particularly the older ships. Just sayin is all 🤷🏼‍♀️
  2. This looks & sounds so good. What does the lavender taste like? We're booked next October on symphony & would love to try one.
  3. Now y'all have me wanting to look at changing cabins on the panorama next March lol. Thx for your replies. One more quick ? For the balcony cabin, did you find the walking path by the gate to your cabin to be somewhat intrusive or feel like people were looking into your cabin as they walked past or into sitting area from the cabins next door? I really would like to try one of them but hubs has brought that point up as well.
  4. We will be sailing 1st time on RC next fall. What is the Key? I know I can look it up on their website but figure all of the seasoned cruisers can explain it in detail & say whether it's worth the extra $$.
  5. Same here. Took advantage of L&S day they announced. I had kept an eye on lower prices on our Oct. 2020 SOS since booking it in January & got it down to a pretty decent price. Moved it to Oct. 2021 with a better itinerary & saved $1600! Agent on phone told me not to bother checking for lower prices over the next year 😂. Thanks RC for the L&S offer 👏🏻
  6. We cruised on Horizon last April and loved it. Had a balcony cabin deck 7 I believe. The Havana cabins piqued my interest, in particular deck 5. Not sure why other than maybe it was super close to the bars 😂. Those of you who've stayed in Havana interior & balcony on decks 5 &/or 6, were you able to hear the music from any of the clubs? I know they usually shut down around midnight (except for the late night dance club). We don't go to bed with the chickens but occasionally will turn in before midnight if there's an early excursion the next day.
  7. My choice would be southern. Beautiful beaches at GT & Aruba. Didn’t go to beach at Curaçao but wow is that place pretty. They would probably have more fun though on your 3rd choice. Grand Cayman they can do a stingray excursion and whoop it up in Cozumel. Scratch 2nd choice off your list completely. The Dream is a beautiful ship but aside from key west those other stops they wouldn’t enjoy IMO. We brought our son & 4 friends on their grad trip 9 years ago & he still talks about Cozumel. As for the nightlife, trust me, whichever you choose they will have lots of fu
  8. It's called Trikes Aruba. They picked us up from the ship, brought us to their shop, showed us the Trike & away we went. They lead the way in a van. Aruba is breezy & beautiful. You will love it. Tried to copy the link & go figure it didn't work for me. Quick google search will bring you right to it 😉
  9. So right now I'm imagining it's sea day, each of these drinks are lined up at a bar and I'm trying them all 😁🛳🍸🍹
  10. You're welcome. It's called Trikes Aruba.
  11. Chipotle pineapple martini? Sounds really good. Easy to make?
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