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  1. On 1/30/2020 at 4:24 PM, alirat153 said:

    Sailing 8th April 2020 on the Golden Princess from Auckland to Los Angeles (transpacific)

    Not sailing 8th April on Golden Princess any more. Instead add me to sailing Sapphire Princess 29th November 2020 Melbourne round trip 14 days.

  2. 1 hour ago, bluesea321 said:


    Passenger 0, the initially infected passenger, left the ship in Hong Kong on Jan 25. It has been 17 days, well past the so called 14 day incubation period. If 14 days is accurate (reports now say up to 24 days) then the new infections were new passenger to passenger infections on the ship and not from the original pax.

    Ok lets say passenger  0 was infectious the whole 5 days he was on board, the incubation time is variable so hard to say with certainty, but say he infected 20 people in that 5 days to the 25th January. Then say the virus becomes contagious before symptoms show, those 20 people then go on to infect people up to the time of the start of quarantine on 3rd Feb.  The people they infect also have time to infect people before the quarantine kicks in. The spread is exponential.  As the incubation period is between 5-14 days (although now they are thinking it may be longer) those infections won't show up immediately.


    All I am saying is that it may be jumping to conclusions to say that the virus is spreading after the quarantine started.  Do we have any mathematicians out there that can rustle up a model? 


    The disease takes days to become serious (around 9?) if its going to get serious, the other patients begin to recover, but if the figures are right it looks like a 3 week illness before the all clear. I am gathering this from the charts of infections/deaths/recoveries.  Outside of China it does appear the mortality rates are a lot lower. Possibly because the sheer volume of cases means patients aren't getting the necessary treatment in the serious stages.


    In summary, I don't think the additional cases mean that the infection is spreading post quarantine. Medical staff are at a particular risk as they are on the coalface, as are the crew. I think the crew should be being monitored very closely.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Pushka said:

    Yes, but people (thousands of people in every country) die from the influenza every year. The only difference with this epidemic is that there is no immunisation to prevent it. That is the only reason why this epidemic is getting the media headlines and is regarded as more significant. The flu virus mutates every year and that is why we need a new jab every year.. As far as the death rate in China versus the rest of the world - currently the stats speak for themselves. 

    I most certainly did not mean to imply that smokers are more at risk of contracting this virus, but if they did get it, then there is an increased chance of death from it. And if you read my original post it is in the context of death that I posted it. t is a disease of the lungs. And smokers do not have healthy lungs. Regardless of what you might think. 


    This is a common argument I have seen on the internet. However I beg to differ, however, for these reasons.  The incubation period is 2-12 days in which time the person is infectious before showing symptoms, so the spread is alarming. Second, the time a person is sick seems to be a lot longer.  Looking at the statististics shows currently around 600 people have died and around 1700 have recovered.  That's 33% ish.  A person is unwell for quite a while before they either get better (or not) and so the mortality rate is hard to tell at this early stage.  Remember there were only a couple of hundred cases on the 20th Jan, not even a month ago. That doctor who just died (the one who tried to warn the govt) showed symptoms (I think) in the 21st Jan but was not confirmed until the 31st - and he passed away 8 days later.  Just looking at the time frame from initial contact to symptoms showing to eventual recovery seems to several weeks, maybe a month. so the 'flu, although indeed it is fatal, in some cases, comes on a lot quicker and recovery is quicker, but the mortality rate is about .095% in 1st world countries.  So I don't think the two can be used as a comparison.


    Just my thoughts on the matter. I think quarantine is a very good idea to stop the spread. As we learn more about the virus and its lifespan and mortality rate then we can draw comparisons. Hopefully the scientists will come up with a vaccine soon - but the logistics around manufacture and distribution seem pretty mind boggling.


    In regards to cruising at this time, what I am doing with  my cruise booked for the 15th April is waiting to see what the Cruise line does.  I wouldn't want to cancel at this point as even though I have cancel for any reason insurance I only can claim 75% of the fare back.  If the cruise line cancels the voyage they will give me a FCC. I will be bitterly disappointed of course, but its not worth the risk of catching the virus, or being quarantined on board.

  4. 33 minutes ago, Kiwi Kruzer said:

    It does appear to be still there, just very confusing when looking up the location. There are so many changes in that area of the wharfs its hard to know - google wasn't helpful.  Best to check things with a phone call.  I'll shut up now.

  5. 19 hours ago, MicCanberra said:

    There are luggage storage at Princess wharf ( cruise terminal) - Shed 23/145 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

    Not sure thats true any more. I believe the main wharf for Cruise ships changed to Queens Wharf and a lot of the facilities on Princes wharf are now apartments.  There are no luggage lockers at the Ferry terminal, the nearest is at Britomart across Quay Street. Worth asking around some more as I have never checked luggage there so cannot be 100% certain.  

  6. Have to agree about Auckland Airport, as an Aucklander who uses it a lot.  Travelling round and seeing other airports is a real eye-opener. For example Taipei airport is top notch, efficient and super clean.  Auckland airport is small and has not got much to offer in the way of food apart from takeout type things like sandwiches and fries. Overpriced at that. I think they are overhauling it, but they are always doing catch-up rather than building for the future. Just my opinionated opinion.


    On the other hand if you compare it with say Aitutaki in the South Pacific which is basically a coral strip in a field I guess its pretty good. (BTW I love Aitutaki and not throwing shade).

  7. 11 minutes ago, leck57 said:

    That's a huge difference @alirat153. Our cost to add Net and Beverages is about $31 per day and yours $81 and our dollar is not that far apart. Something doesn't seem right.


    I'm pretty sure its because I'm solo and have to pay the supplement. I don't think they should add the supplement to the extras, but as they say they are inclusions thats what they have done.

  8. Thanks Leck57, for your reply. (Yes I do pay grats so no need for anyone to get flustered LOL) I did enquire about adding that deal to my fare, which would have added another $1800 (approx) and this is NZD I'm talking, but its all relative, which is an additional $81 per day.  It could have been worth it if I drank a lot of soda and mocktails, but I'm a fairly boring person with my drinks except for coffee...  I can buy 2x coffee packages at 56.25 each ($112.50) but If I were to buy the amount of internet to bring my expenses up to $81 per day as per the upgrade say 5x packages at the cheapest rate 680min x 5 = 2.5 hours a day - approximately.  I'm not trying to cheap out here, and obviously if I can afford a cruise I can afford all the extras - my niggle is the inequality of costs.  I took the best price offer as I was assuming that this cruise would have the same deal as the one I just got off - internet at a daily rate of US19.95 per day - which while pretty darned expensive is at least within the bounds of reason.


    It is a massive difference to 'pay for by the minute' packages and 'by the day' packages.  


    Anyway as I said earlier I am resigned to it and will just get the 680 minutes package (30mins per day) and be very frugal with my internet time. So I'm happy with the outcome. I kept replying because people seemed to misunderstand my position - possibly the deals are different in the states. I was keen to hear from people on board currently on a non-medallion ship to see what packages they were offered.


    Funny thing is when I went to look for the Oceans of Offers deals (to check again the increase I would have to pay as a solo traveller,) the Best Value Deal was no longer available on that voyage.

  9. 5 minutes ago, voljeep said:

    under the Oceans of Offers - are you able to add 'just' the wifi and grats ?  and if so - only pay that as a solo with the nonexistent of the double occupancy? - have you escalated this to a Princess supervisor ?

    No I haven't escalated to a supervisor - I didn't know you could. The chap I was talking to went away and consulted with someone else during our conversation. Should I give that a try?  As I said it would be worth it to pay an extra $900 - we don't get offered the included grats in NZ but I do drink a lot of coffee....

  10. 18 hours ago, leck57 said:


    Yes, if you have the Oceans of Offers deal (same as the Best Ever Sale but without the option to have grats paid) it is included with that. We had an insert in the paper for this sale as well as received a mailout and it was in the details on the back page.

    Here you are - scroll down to the fine print.


    Yes that is for the Best Value deal - I took the Best Price deal which had no extras as i am travelling solo the difference in price was significant due to the supplement, so instead of an extra $900 which given the drinks package and wifi is reasonable, I would have ended up paying an extra $1800 - which as I am not a drinker seems excessive to me.  Given the poor quality of the wifi and the steep price for a very limited amount of minutes I will opt for living without it for the most part, just logging on once a day to check emails.

  11. 2 minutes ago, polmcs said:

    5000 minutes is 83.3 hours, or 3.47 days. The Alaskan Cruise is 14 days, so the BSE WiFi package would run out pretty quickly if you were to leave a phone logged in to use WiFi calling. 

    Is that the package with included wifi (which I dont have?)  Whereabouts can I find the fine print. Princess sees me as an Australian even though I'm a New Zealander.

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