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  1. Do the balcony dividers on the Anthem open?
  2. Are all of the balconies covered and are any decks or locations better than others?
  3. Have an Aloha balcony on Island Princess for 3 passengers that does hold 4. Can anyone advise what the sleeping configuration is for a 3rd and even possibly have a picture?
  4. Anybody know the status of Le Gallion Beach??
  5. Whitnee1

    NY arrival

    Have cruised probably 10 times out of NY cruise terminal. Have always arrived by 6:00 or 7:00 AM. Leaving on the Gem on Monday and the itinerary says 10:00 AM arrival on return. Need to book ground transportation has anyone ever had that late arrival without an unplanned impact effecting it?
  6. Any suggestions pre cruise hotel for Vancouver? I know Pan Pacific but it is pricey. TIA
  7. Whitnee1

    Best Month Alaska Cruise Tour

    Ok so I did a cruise tour some years ago in early June. Due to price I am now looking for feedback on May (early to mid) or late August for the same. Pros and cons will May still be too cold? TIA
  8. Whitnee1

    POA terminal to HNL airport

    Just wondering if a 12:55 flight at HNL is doable docking at 7:00 AM on the POA with easy walk off? Also best method of transportation. TIA
  9. Whitnee1

    HNL to Airport

    On the POA and reviewed first 14 pages and could not find info. Specifically: 1. Dock at 7:00 with easy walk off is !2;55 flight doable? 2. How far is HNL from the terminal? 3. Best form of transportation? TIA
  10. Whitnee1

    Honolulu Airport question

    How far from the terminal is the airport? Is a 1:00 PM flight doable with easy walk off?
  11. Whitnee1

    Alaska Cruise Tour Info

    I would like to just take the NCL cruise tour but am looking for info on what they use for their land based accommodations in Denlai, KcKinley etc
  12. I have done two Alaska Cruise Tours with Princess and stayed in their lodges in Denali and Mckinley. I want to book another for next summer and want to consider NCL. My question is has anyone done this and what were the land based accommodations. I have a couple of TA's that have recommended either Celebrity or Princess solely because of the land accommodations.
  13. Whitnee1

    3 Day UDP

    Just wondering if anybody knows the price difference on the 3 day UDP package if you purchase on board versus prior to the trip. I know its cheaper but I have a bunch of non refundable OBC that will be tough to spend.
  14. Whitnee1

    Just off the Breakaway

    Was on the same sailing and agree, Food was good but service was inconsistent. Had good service in Taste, horrendous in Savor, good in the MDR, good in Lacuccina, and so so in Cagneys. The Captains name is Matko and never saw him really out and about but he was on often with updates. While the medical evacuation, that caused us to lose Aruba, was outside of their control the fact that we left so late was directly on them. The Captain blamed it on loading of provisions for a 14 day sailing which I call BS as they turn these ships around in 7-8 hours and they were in port for over 24 hours. In fact the 14 day trip after us left in a 7 hour turn around. I blame it on all the people who were late arriving due to the weather. I understand that but it is unfair to penalize say 3900 passengers with a missed port to accommodate 100 late arrivals. As others have said this ship is just poorly designed with respect to public areas especially when the outdoor decks are closed like they were for us for 3-4 days. The biggest problem I had with this cruise from day one was the way they handled the port changes releasing them after final payment. We all trusted NCL would exchange port for port like they had done with other impacted itineraries but when they went from 8 to 5 was very disappointing. They did though give us a credit for the missed sea day and also a 25% credit from the fare we paid for a future cruise. I thought that was very fair. Rok of Ages, Burn the Floor, Howl at the Moon, Jazz Club, and Arvin and Emily were all good. The other entertainment was disappointing. Missed the hypnotist but have seen her and others in the past and the shows are pretty much the same. Magicians get a bit boring after the first 10 minutes. The one singer was advertised as atribute to Elton John and half his ongs were not even John's. The Caroles Kings were mediocre it is difficult to have males do female songs. Disembarkation was a nightmare as they were delayed due to one gentlemen they kept calling for that I guess CBP had an interest in. Then while we did walk off others complained about the lack of porters which is the ports fault and not NCL's. I believe that NCL needs to start limiting walk offs or have strict enforcement of the luggage tag color to even the flow off the ship. Another huge unaddressed problem is as usual the chair hogs at the pool that they do nothing to address. I was on the Jade in OCt and attendents there kept track of vacant chairs and removed towels. All ships should do this and the limited pool area on the Breakaway makes this a bigger issue.