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  1. I'm scheduled to travel on March 22 on the Bliss and am still deciding whether or not to cancel. I have a couple of Haven upgrade bids in. If those bids are accepted before we are 48 hours out from the cruise, does that remove my ability to cancel the cruise?
  2. My kids (ages 8 and 9) and I are headed to New York from Colorado on March 21 to board the Bliss on March 22 for a Spring Break trip to Orlando and the Bahamas. Like many of you, all my family are saying I should cancel. I booked via a land-based casino cruise certificate that got me a free inside cabin. I paid to upgrade to a mini-suite. If I cancel, obviously I'll lose the "free" part of the cruise. I believe I can cancel our flights (which were quite costly) for a credit, but not our $300 hotel room in NY the night before. I'm part of a Facebook group for this cruise and saw an interesting post from someone. They are not concerned about getting the disease or necessarily even being quarantined. They are concerned with returning home and the stigma involved with returning to work/school. I've heard about companies requiring employees that choose to cruise to stay home from work for 14 days after cruising. I'm self employed, so this isn't an issue for me, but I'm worried about my kids at school. God forbid anyone gets sick, but if my kids or I somehow got sick and spread it to others, that would be a hard thing to live with. I'm torn on what to do. We've all been really looking forward to this, but I'm wondering if I'm being irresponsible by taking them -- especially with what's going on in NY too. Anyone else in a similar situation? Any advice?
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