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  1. First, let me say I am mostly new to this page/forum so I hope I am in the right category for this post? I keep going back and forth.....I can't make up my mind between the Sky Princess or Anthem of the Seas. I am looking at Sky Princess for 11/30/2020 (10 night) Southern Caribbean and Anthem for 12/7/2020 (12 night.) It is important to me that the ships be decorated for Christmas which I feel like the Sky with the earlier departure date will be, Anthem definitely. Sky goes to St John's and Princess Cays, Anthem, San Juan and St Martin, otherwise ports are the same. Sky leaves out of Fort Lauderdale, Anthem, Cape Liberty. It looks like the main difference cruising wise is extra cruising days due to departure ports. And in November cruising from Cape Liberty will be cold. So that's the differences jumping out at me. Interestingly enough, cost per night is the same. Help, your thoughts?
  2. Thank you! Yes I knew the thread was old....I was hoping someone would pipe up with a good answer like you did:) the Aft rooms on deck 11 are spoken for which is what I REALLY wanted and this far out may pop up as available but honestly I think I’m diggin’ 1139 that I chose! Thank you SO much!!!!
  3. Was that door by your 1139 cabin noisy are any type of problem?
  4. Thank you so much! I found it interesting that they priced out as verandas and not aqua class.
  5. I am trying to find out more about the 13 staterooms on Deck 10 starboard. Does anyone know if the balconies have an obstructed view? My husband and I really want to be on Deck 10 because of the easy access to the pools. It looks like they are below a public area on Deck 11 that is for Suite Guests only? It also appears they are adjacent to the spa area.
  6. Lol, I'm so confused.....what did I do? I clicked on start a new discussion and that's where I posted or so I thought?
  7. I am desperate to find out thoughts on the 13 staterooms on Deck 10 of the Celebrity Summit? They show to be Aqua Class but when I booked for December 12th-19th, 2020 out of San Juan it priced out as a veranda/balcony (which is great!). My husband and I are wanting to step out of our room and be right at the action of Deck 10 and then definitely seems to be quite an option. It appears they are under the private lounge (Deck 11) which is only for Suite Class guests. Any feedback is SO appreciated!
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