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  1. Mine’s moved from late March to early February so I’m very pleased.
  2. Thank you Graham. It’s had more care in the last year from DH than usual. We’re usually away much more!
  3. Just catching up on today’s posts. Happy Birthday Pam 🥳🎂🥂 We had heavy snow all morning and everywhere looked beautiful, but it was quite slippery under foot when we walked to get the newspaper. Chicken now in the oven for our usual Sunday evening roast dinner.
  4. Today has been sunny and about 8 degrees after 2 days of heavy rain. Met a friend for a 4 mile walk and it was lovely to chat to someone in the flesh for a change - first time I have seen someone other than DH for 3 weeks. I’ve just been looking at some of the pictures of the areas flooded by Storm Christoph and feel so sorry for those people affected. I hope none of you are experiencing flooding in your locality.
  5. Raining heavily again here today so we’ve not been out for our walk. The good news is that I’ve done my tax return - always a relief when it’s out of the way! The bad news is that my 97 year old father-in-law has just tested positive from his regular weekly lateral flow test. He lives in a care home and is apparently fine and showing no symptoms, but at his age we are obviously very worried.
  6. So sorry to hear the news Sue. Here’s hoping he continues to only have mild symptoms and recovers speedily.
  7. My OH is the same! I really miss being able to dress up and love the opportunity to wear a bit of sparkle on a cruise. It feels like so long since we had the opportunity to wear any nice clothes. All I seem to wear at the moment is jeans, sweatshirt and flat shoes.
  8. I’ve stayed within a 10 mile radius all my life. I was born in Wallington, moved to Cheam at 6 and then my parents owned our old house until 2008. OH and I have always lived around this area.
  9. We both had texts from our GP surgery today telling us that our vaccines will be provided by the new centre that is about to open at Epsom Racecourse. We were told that we will be contacted directly at the appropriate time and not to contact the surgery about it - OH is in the 4th group and I am in the 5th.
  10. Our Sainsbury’s delivery is due this evening and based on what we have seen in the news we were expecting there to be a lot of items not available especially as we order a lot of fresh fruit and veg. However we are pleasantly surprised to find that they have only swapped the loose tangerines for ready bagged and changed the brand of bread we ordered.
  11. Good to hear from you Vampiress. Sounds like you are having a tough time, but things will get better for us all. We just need to hang in there and take each day at a time.
  12. A very happy and healthy new year to everyone and happy birthday to all of you celebrating this month. Very cold and gloomy here again today 0.1 degrees brrrr!
  13. We usually cruise the Med in October and mostly have had lovely weather. As others have said it is obviously warmer in the more southern ports, but we always manage to come home with a bit of a tan!
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