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  1. Reading this thread made me sad - we were booked on the Voyager Cape Town - Rio for the 21/22 Holiday Season with a pre trip to Chobe and Vic Fall - all cancelled now. As retired and no kids/family per see we thought this would be the perfect trip. So sad. Looked at it for 2022 but it is saying in 2023 where we hope to be on the start of a world cruise.
  2. Not to be a conspiracy guy but I am now wondering that with all of the FCC out there and the number or lift and shift 2020/2021 reservations moved to 2022 that the best thing for Seabourn to do for financial reasons was to cancel most of the lift and shift reservations - ie the Quest SA cruises for 2022 and push folks over to new higher priced cruises (we were 23K/pp for 51 days on the Quest, now 19K/pp for 27 days on the Ovation over the same time frame). Especially as they are mandating that all of the FCC be used on 2022 sailings. We are booked on the 2023 World cruise and they would not let us use or FCC for our 3 x canceled BA - Barca cruise on that sailing.
  3. I think they just decided not to take the Quest to SA - they just cancelled our Quest cruise from BA to Barcelona that runs from Mar to May. This is the third time they have cancelled this trip on us. We now have too much in FCC's to move to other cruises to meet the 2022 deadline - lets see how they handle this. 12 Cruises Cancelled now - it would be interesting to see how many days we have lost rather than just the number of cruises cancelled - these three cancellation alone account for 154 days lost.
  4. Hlitner -very good points but sadly a minimalist approach would have led to a retest in Aruba. Per Aruba web page Abbott ID now was an accept test in both sep 20 and Apr 21. We had a paper copy of an email result that work perfectly in sep. in April with no change to the Aruba web site they now wanted a sticker o the test result printout. That is impossible with an email result. The fact that we kept and downloaded the pdf attached to the results email was the only thing that kept us from quarantining and being retested. while I agree that at the start give them exactly what they request but having other forms to validate your original documentation may be the difference between success and failure. Agents can and will individually interpret the rules producing a result that can and will sadly be different day to day.
  5. It is just a tough time to travel. What tests are accepted. What documentation is accepted. What to do when the rules change pre or mid trip-Maldives changed their rules four times in the 11 days we were there. Now Galapagos has added a neg PCR in addition to vaccination. It starts 1 Sep we fly in on 29 Aug ….do we get a pcr just in case someone breaks up with their girl friend and I forces the rule two days early. I just prepare have my documentation in multiple forms/locations and press on.
  6. Interesting thread as we are on our way to Ecuador this pm and plan to enter with our covid vaccination record rather than a neg PCR test. As I am a belt and suspenders type of person I downloaded the QR code from the CA site - yep I was there- thens saved to dropbox. Saddly it did not off a way to put it in my apple wallet. One interesting part of covid vaccination is the abandonment of the yellow card that has been used for years for all other vaccination. For those countries with yellow fever vaccination requirements this yellow booklet has been accepted for years. So why not covid vaccine? I also had to prove rabies vaccination for a mission in Southeast Asia- again the yellow card/book was accepted. We had our yellow card updated with our covid vaccine just like the rest of our vaccine- flu, hep A, rabies, yellow fever, etc. If covid turns into a chronic endemic viral disease - like the flu- then we will be taking "booster" for the near future and this rather than the white CDC card makes more sense.
  7. We are scheduled on the Quest in Mar 22 BA to Manaus to Miami to Barcelona. Third time booking this route. After reading this thread I appreciate the data and effort of the poster and as our trip is dependent on Argentina as well gonna follow this thread. I was wondering if Seabourn et al could use Montevideo but Uruguay looks like it is having trouble with Covid gamma strain as well I do hope you all get to sail to Antartica as it was the best cruise we have ever been on with Seabourn Quest.
  8. MPG you sound like me - first cruise lost Mar 2020 Buenos Aries - Barcelona, rebooked to Mar 2021 Buenos Aries - Rotterdam, rebooked again Mare 2022 Buenos Aries - Barcelona. Worst part of this was had a great rate for Arts hotel - Ritz Club Level on points for 2020 - not available for 2022 - Wish the hotels would just have let us slide and rebook. We are also on our third attempt at Alaska - Maybe I should smell the roses and move to a different hobby
  9. Just hit 11 - Regent Cape Town to Rio over the Dec/Jan holiday time frame cancelled two days ago. Working to cancel our pre cruise safari and air. Ouch - However did book a Jul 2022 Alaska - need to use up some Seabourn FCC.
  10. I just got a notice that my 22 Dec 21-5 Jan 22 Voyager cruise Cape Town to Rio is cancelled. In the notice sent to our TA Regent stated that they will have an updated sailing notice for the fleet latter today. One interesting thing for those of you following the Jones Act waiver Regent only asked for a waiver for one ship - Mariner - very interesting move. IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR UPCOMING CRUISE DATE OF ISSUANCE: MAY 26, 2021 Dear Valued Guest and Travel Advisor*, Regent Seven Seas Cruises continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 coronavirus situation and the global health environment. With COVID-19 continuing to impact communities and ports around the globe, we have made the difficult decision to cancel your upcoming cruise. For All Reservations: For all active reservations, Regent will provide a 100% Refund on the amounts paid** as of May 26, 2021. Refunds will be processed automatically within 60 days — no action is required by guests or travel advisors to request refunds. FREE 2-Category Suite Upgrade Offer† If you would prefer to rebook a voyage in Summer 2022, with our Europe Upgrade Offer guests will receive a FREE 2-Category Suite Upgrade and Reduced Deposits on select 2022 Mediterranean and Northern Europe voyages when booked by June 30, 2021. More details, including applicable voyages and suite categories, can be found by clicking here. Return to Sailing Update We are pleased to share the very exciting news of our return to sailing, beginning with Seven Seas Splendor® in September 2021 and concluding with Seven Seas Voyager®’s return in February 2022. More information on our return to sail plan, including details by ship, will be made available on RSSC.com later today. We are expertly guided by our SailSAFE™ Global Health and Wellness Council which will ensure the implementation of our enhanced SailSAFE Health and Safety protocols, such as fully vaccinated guests and crew, and controlled guest occupancies. These and other requirements will be in place until a time when we can confidently adjust our protocols and we will constantly monitor the global health environment to ensure the well-being of our guests, crew and the communities we visit. If you have questions regarding your canceled cruise, please contact us using the phone numbers below. Thank you for your patience and loyalty as we manage through this evolving situation. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and we look forward to welcoming you on board in the future. Best wishes, Regent Seven Seas Cruises Regent Seven Seas Cruises Reservations Phone Numbers: • United States / Canada: 1.844.4REGENT (1.844.473.4368) or (954) 776-6123 • United Kingdom: 02380 682280 • Rest of Europe: +44 (2380) 682140 • Australia / New Zealand / Asia Pacific: 1.300.455.200 • Latin America / Brazil: 0800 400-3132 or +1 (954) 940-7486 *Travel Advisor: Kindly share this important information with your clients. ** If any portion of the booking has previously applied Future Cruise Credits, those Future Cruise Credits will be reinstated to the guest’s account and are non-refundable; Future Cruise Credits may be applied toward a 2021 or 2022 voyage. † Europe Upgrade Offer availability is limited and restrictions apply — applicable voyages are subject to removal at any time without notice. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. For a list of applicable voyages, please visit RSSC.com. Please note that this email address does not accept replies. This email was sent by: Regent Seven Seas Cruises 7665 Corporate Center Drive ~ Miami, FL, 33126, USA
  11. A tip for those looking for FF award and upgrades there is a good web site -www.expertflyer.com that is very helpful. Not for every airline but worth a look - does have a paided VIP type membership that you can get the program to teach and alert for you.. We were very sad when our Regent Vancouver-Tokyo cruise cancelled as we had ANA first class seat back from Tokyo as well as AA first class - however that flight was cancelled and pushed to business. I had tended to back up flights as there were/are still lots of cancelations
  12. Busy reply - many topics to hit Nice to see some other military folks but gotta say Go Air Force Beat Army. Wife and I are both Zoomies and retired AF. Agree with spreadsheet for FCC/Refunds - it now looks more like financial modeling rather than just a simple where is my money. Cruise 1 FCC to cruise 3 -etc,etc. We are on Voyager - RSSC - Cape Town to Rio Dec 20,2021 - 5 Jan 2022, for a TA (east to west). Had some FCCs, and Flying Blue miles to use and a relatively inexpensive trip. Also very nice to be able to walk home (short distance) after the New Years party and order breakfast in bed the next day.
  13. So I am now at 10 cancelled cruises - lots of emails, FCC, CC bills, to track and clean up. We have the Galapagos scheduled for Aug and being fully vaccinated we hope this will finally be a go.
  14. it was on the on the Ovation Athens - Dubai 2018 - have not been on the Encore or Ovation since so may be outdated data. The Seabourn bigger ships were new so they may have been trying some new ideas. We were friends with the entertainers from a previous Quest trip so kinda had inside information. My understanding is that the theater is. not any bigger on the Encore and Ovation but more guest so .. more options - less crowds ???
  15. On Seabourns bigger ships the main entertainment show was presented twice while on the on the smaller ships just once. Sorry I cant remember the exact timing but we preferred an early dinner and show but the later show on the nights we hit the TK grill for dinner. The TK grill and bar on the Encore and Ovation is much bigger than on the Quest size ships
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