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  1. The Edge has the least public views of any cruise ship I have been on. I can't imagine them running it through the Panama Canal. The removal of the Sky Lounge was a huge minus. The Edge removed most of the quiet places on the ship. Now suites may be better for views, but I prefer inside views vs outside views. I am looking at other premium lines... Edgeification is a downgrade unless you are in a suite.
  2. Assuming that the cruise line will properly enforce mask requirements is a tough one to buy. How many trips have you been on lately? The mask rules are way way too easy to bypass. Someone is requested to put their mask up, they comply and put it down after they turn the corner. They can even apologize for it falling down. I have been to 5 or 6 different states and I have not seen a single state with real enforcement. That is not something that I would count on. I do wear a mask properly myself. Now the other argument is that they will enforce it because they have to. You could make the same argument for restaurants and hotels where enforcement is lax. Will I cruise? The bigger issue for me is infection rates at cruise ports. If they are high I will not go. Right now that would include Florida, Texas, and California. We have a 2 week quarantine period from those high states.
  3. I wonder if Celebrity will ever fix this design faux paux. Having a ship full of window cabins and NOT balconies seems like the Edsel all over again. We love our balconies! Window cabins not as much.
  4. "In the meantime let's complain, just a little though! We find that MSC health security stategy, in theory, is well done, the problem, as often, is how the rules are enforced. We saw many people everywhere going around with masks not properly worn or not worn at all, sometimes passing by an officer or supervisor meant you were asked to remedy that situation but we saw many times that be ignored by them." Requote: "Many people everywhere going around with masks not properly worn or not worn at all."
  5. Solstice has a review rating above 4.5. Edge has a rating of 3.5 and this is for a shiny new ship. The Edges reviews match that of the Carnival Triump. A rather infamous ship. I suppose that most cruisers that do not frequent this board will not notice what they are missing on E class unless they have sailed S class more than a couple of times. Most of the E class changes were based upon money savings and not cruiser improvements. I have 3 or 4 large balconies at home. Do I open the window (E class) or go out on the balcony (S class). I always go out on the balcony.
  6. We have a $100 fine for not wearing a mask. That seems to be ineffective. Perhaps losing a cruise fare will be enough. My betting money is on people pulling their masks down during the show or pulling their mask down low on the nose or perhaps wearing a scarf if allowed. How do you do mask enforcement during the show in the dark? A mask low on the nose would not be a reason for ejection as they could claim that it fell down.
  7. Going to a restaurant is also optional. Yet people try to skirt the rules even though they know the rules. I have no issues with the rules. I just have not seen a single state in the USA actually enforce the rules with success.
  8. This. We have had a mask law since May. However there is only about a 70% compliance rate. People will pull the masks down, wear masks that are ineffective, pull them down while speaking (which is about 70% of the time). The confrontations over masks gets ugly, politcal talk ensues and dinner is somewhat of a disappointment. I am skeptical that X will pull the 30% non compliers off of the ship.
  9. OK. I had expected them to be a bit smarter about this oh well. This sounds like cruising won't start for a while.
  10. While I applaud the publishing of the reports. How are people getting COVID while in a cruise ship bubble? Aren't the ships offshore with minimal staffing?
  11. Now if Celebrity does better on mask enforcement than all of the states in the USA then I would be impressed. Restaurants are optional in USA but are still problematic due to mask enforcement. Now if Celebrity is going to boot people off for noncompliance then let's hear it. MSC is based in a different country.
  12. And my point was, that people will be on board who read the rules but do not feel that they apply to them. That has been my experience while travelling lately. No if you are saying that wearing a mask is optional then I misunderstood.
  13. I will wear my mask. You will wears yours. I think that the biggest issue is what happens when someone does not? You can say it is optional but I guarantee you someone will be on board who just does not want to wear a mask. I have been out travelling on the road. The ugliest encounters are when someone does not wear a mask and they are confronted. People start talking politics and it just goes downhill from there. Therefore the biggest question I have is how will Celebrity handle mask enforcement? I would like to avoid the ugly mask enforcement encounters if possible.
  14. This whole idea sounds more like a feel good idea than anything that would actually work. For this to work 100% of people would need to wear the bracelet. When you look at mask compliance I would venture a guess that only about 75% are wearing them and wearing them effectively. The bracelet is too easy to take off and there is a potential penalty for leaving it on (quarantine). We do have contract tracing on our Iphones. Is it being used? Nope and nope... I won't even go into the privacy issues.
  15. Definitely a step down. More like an open/close window. We had complaints about them on our Edge cruise. Believe the reviews! Now that we are talking about reviews the Edge reviews are very low when compared to S class. Not something that one would expect for a shiny new ship.
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