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  1. I found my online. I tried booking an excursion and the credit showed up and I could use it towards the excursion cost.
  2. I found it. It showed up on my TAs website. Thanks for the advice.
  3. I checked this weekend and nothing. I just checked now and my $250 OBC is there. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. No I did not ask for a response. I did book with a TA. Will it show up even with a TA after the 90 day payment deadline on the HAL site? If not I will have the TA send me a statement.
  5. I submmited my SH paperwork several months back. Should I have heard back? How would I tell if it was granted or not?
  6. I enjoyed the discussion on differences also. I learned something. Everyone has their reasons for their choices also. I learned something about why people made them. I am sorry if anyone was offended by my questions. Extra knowledge gives me the opportunity to reavaluate my choices. I learn something new every week on CC.
  7. Ahhhhh.... What do you find appealing about the big ship? I understand the ship within a ship concept. AKA small ship feel. More intimate and not as crowded. Why not book the smaller ship from the start? Just wondering... I realize that everyone has their likes and dislikes.
  8. Well this is the question that I have. If you are going to book a suite then why not skip the suite and book a room on a luxury line? You have better itineraries and a better experience all around. They can get into the smaller ports and they are not as crowded.
  9. While VV is not targeted at traditional cruisers neither is the Edge targeted at traditional cruisers. IMHO they are very similiar. They are targeted towards a similiar demographic. Their ship designs or lack of are a disappointment. Definitely not my cup of tea. The shorter the cruise is the more similiar it is to a booze cruise. I have a high preference for cruises longer than a week. I have been to Vegas more than most. That is also a disappointment on many levels.
  10. Cruise ships. But I suppose that it could apply to both. I would highly prefer both S class cruise ships and S class cars.
  11. Now if they would put Muranos in the Tuscan location that would be the best of both worlds. We ate at Tuscan for the views and Muranos for the food. I would opt for the Lobster cooked tableside. If you like that book again and try out more of the menu. Muranos is truly a gem.
  12. Yes. Not as bad as the Edge. In my opinion the Sky Lounge is much better than the Retreat. S class does have the Sky Lounge the Edge does not. There is quite a bit that the Edge is missing... Front views, side views, quiet specialty dining, etc.... The Retreat is outside and the Sky Lounge is inside. No excuses for weather. Weather happens... Most of the ships that I have been on have forward looking views for everyone. Not sure why the Edge is so so limited.
  13. Now the Porch looks nice as it is enclosed. Unlike the Magic Carpet which ranged from Windy to Very Very Windy. In retrospect it looks like they took most of the positives and left most of the negative Edge ideas behind. I was truly concerned about the Edgification (negative in my perspective) but it seems like they took most of the best and left behind the worst. Now seeing all of the way down to the 5th flower or lower from the buffet elevators is pure grandioseness. Not available on E class.
  14. I would upgrade to July when it was warmer and choose the best cabin.
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