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  1. White sands in the summer can be rather hot. I would recommend the morning to see the park. Are you staying in Alamogordo for the hotel? If so you might look at staying in Ruidoso (if that fits in with your plans). A bit farther, but a bit nicer.
  2. I think that they have turned the CDC from being the "Gold Standard" to the "Tarnished Copper" standard. They are quickly loosing credibility. Apparently they have more problems than just messaging issues.
  3. The more I read the order, the more I dislike it. Recommendation for grab and go meals? Really? I did not book a cruise on MacDonalds. It says that "removal of the mask for extended meal service or beverage consumption would constitute a violation of this Order." Would not most Americans regard a 2 hour meal as an extended meal service? What about extended beverage consumption. I like to slowly drink a nice glass of wine. When do I put the mask on?
  4. There is a big difference between wearing a mask for a short time going in a store and wearing it 24/7 on a ship with 100% vaccination. I probably would not mind wearing one inside where socially distancing was not possible for a short period of time. Wearing one outside by the pool is a bit much. This whole discussion reminds me of our governor saying that we should wear masks while at home. Definitely not going to happen. At some point one must draw the line and raise the "This is crazy flag."
  5. I will miss the prosciutto, but the Sky Lounge is one my favorite areas of the ship.
  6. I do not pretend to be a CDC expert such as ahem others on this board. I do hear the Impending Doom and other quotes that are shall I say a mixed message and presented to the wrong audience. The CDC functions by voluntary compliance. Once people think that the rules are over the top they stop complying. The CDC is a large bureacracy based upon your description. A bureacracy larger than many businesses. If nothing else they require a media expert to clearly get their purpose and points across.
  7. I will say the same that I said to others. Explain why the national news media is reporting the same.
  8. The CDC does read the national newspapers though.
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