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  1. Many true balconies have roofs. I am an escape the sun type of person. I wear long sleeves in the summer, etc. My issue with the faux balconies is their small size. I would not book a faux balcony. If you lower your expectations to a cabin with a window that opens, then that is more reaslistic. The size of the infinite verandas looks like it was built for 5 year old kids. I think that the infinite verandas were a big mistake and will be replaced/modified after APEX.
  2. I went all of the way to selecting a cabin on the Celebrity site and my final prices was $6238 for both of us. You are right I would need the flight. I normally just use points and fly. I did not book the cabin as I am booked for vacations for the next year or two. But the Galapagos is on the list for sure.
  3. We did the Gold package and found some wines that we really liked. Some that we would purchase at home.
  4. I am seeing pricing around 2999 pp plus 50% off second person and airfare.
  5. HAL has the three week cruises down there. I would have done HAL if I had the time. I am on the Coral Princess next year for two weeks.
  6. I am seeing some incredible deals on the Expedition sailings early next year. I would probably book one, but mine are planned at least a year in advance.
  7. In my opinion the Edge is a downgrade to the S class. Most larger ship designers realize that in order to give a quiet and less crowded experience you split the rooms into rooms of rooms. Therefore you can't see the many people on the ship or hear them. The Edge architect has ignored all of this and given the ship a wide open design which shows the multilevels of people and their noise in the Grand Foyer, Eden, Fine Cuts, etc, etc. The Edge is a loud and shouty ship. Not the quiet and relaxed experience I look for. I suspect that it is marketed towards a much younger crowd who enjoy loud and shouty. The Edge design kind of reminds me of Freedom of the Seas where you can see and hear all of the people on multiple levels. And the deletion of the Sky Lounge was the worst. Most cruise ships that I have been on have a place that you can go have a glass of wine at the front of the ship. Edge is all about profit over experience. The small faux balconies seem rather inadequate and laughable. The deletion of the entertainment venues was also a large minus.
  8. Same here. The ABCs are my favorite ports.
  9. We saw the same thing with the aggressive vendors in Cartagena. It is a one and done port for us.
  10. Agreed. We normally do specialty dining and shore excursions every port. When pricing in the total cost of a cruise the luxury lines could end up being less expensive.
  11. Bring the Sky Lounge back and other quiet areas. Replace the sophmoric skits in Eden restaurant with coherent mini shows.
  12. Edge is a step down in class. They have taken away entertainment venues and crowded people into less areas. It is more of a loud and shouty environment vs chill and relaxed environment. I think that it is an appropriate ship for a booze cruise or a transition ship for RCL mega ship cruisers.
  13. Long live the Silhouette! And may the Edge and Apex be relegated to 3 day booze bruises to the Bahamas 🙂
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