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  1. Looks like Celebrity cancelled all cruises leaving from the US for the next 30 days.....
  2. Well we were going on the 31st. Our friends, who are the qualifying Veteran, are now not going. His Dr said he doesn't want him on the ship because he is a kidney cancer survivor and a type 2 Diabetic. They want us to still go but I don't know if we will or evem if we are still allowed to go since there will be no First Responder or Veteran in our group now.
  3. Yes that was emailed a couple of days ago. It's probably just a glitch in the system
  4. We are on March 31st. We still are not seeing the cruise on the Captain's Club but since I've printed my boarding passes and luggage tags now, I'm not that concerned anymore. I just don't understand why ( and yes I did add the reservation but that didn't change anything. 😞 )
  5. There is an EMT I know just from seeing him alot at the Anaheim Ducks hockey games. I saw him at last night's game and he said when he called Celebrity to get a room for one of the Hero Cruises, they asked if he wanted to book the second room that he was allowed to book, and he said no that he just wanted to take his lady for a romantic getaway....so they gave him a suite! Nice job Celebrity!
  6. After calling Celebrity again this morning, they still can't figure out why the cruise is not showing up on my Captain's Club. They sent me emails with all the reservation information but I still can't check in that way. Well I was playing around on the website in frustration and found a back way in, I went thru "Already Booked/Cruise Planner" while I was logged out and I was able to check in, print our boarding passes and luggage tags. Strange though, even after I have checked in, I still show no upcoming cruises! My cruise companions are having the same issues that I did so I let them know what I did and hopefully it'll work for them too when they get home and on their computer.
  7. UGGHH!!! Looks like I'll have to call them again in the morning....
  8. Bummer! I've already called them once and they said that they see it and don't know why it isn't showing up. I did the "Link" for all of us but that didn't change anything. How long ago did you book? We just did this yesterday for the March 31st one so hopefully you booked one of the early ones and mine will eventually show up.
  9. The filet caught my eye too!
  10. For those of you booked on a HERO sailing, are you able to see the cruise on your Captain's Club page as an upcoming cruise? I can see the reservation on the app, but when I log in on my computer, it shows I have no upcoming cruises. I'd like to be able to start the online check in process if I can. The app won't let me do the check in so I'm hoping that they aren't all set for us to do this yet and I just need to be patient.
  11. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I was looking for. The boys will be very excited to see this!
  12. Hi, There will be 2 families traveling with Special Needs young adults later this month on one of the Millennium's Heroes Cruises and they both will probably want to order off the kids menu. Does anyone have a recent copy of the menu? Thanks!
  13. We will be on the Westerdam Sept 1st. I was looking forward to breakfast in the PG so we'll see how it goes.....
  14. We've been to Valdez twice. One time we kayaked around Valdez Glacier and the other time we rafted through Keystone Canyon. Both were great trips. The Valdez Glacier kayaking was the least strenuous kayaking trip there. We travel with our young adult son who has Down Syndrome and the other kayaking trips available might have been too much for him. The water is calm and there are small icebergs in the water. Apparently the glacier has been very active recently and 3 kayakers were found dead in the water just last week. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/3-german-tourists-found-dead-near-alaskan-glacier-by-a-kayak-guide-giving-a-group-tour/ar-AAF9058 Keystone Canyon is gorgeous! It has the waterfalls that are stunning and you stops at Bridal Veil Falls for pictures.
  15. Honestly the last nightgown animal i can remember was on the SS Norway , which at the time I thought was a nice ship, not luxury but nice. It was back when you could cruise without an adult and I wasn't 21 yet. I wasn't cruising on HAL in those days!
  16. I seem to remember WAY back in the day....there were no towel animals but everything was made from our night wear.
  17. Well, everyone has different opinions about what is Must do.... If you are not going to see whales anywhere like in Seward on a Kenai Fjords boat trip, then your best bet to see whales, if of interest will be in Juneau. My first cruise to Alaska, we basically missed Juneau due to a medical evacuation. The next two times I was in Juneau, I rented a car and drove to Mendenhall Glacier , along with other points of interest, including going to Mass at the Shrine of St Therese. Last time, I took the excursion to Tracy Arm by myself and loved it so much, that I'm doing it again this trip and taking my family and friends along with me this time! In Ketchikan, I've rented a car and driven around to see the sights, rented atv's, flown to Misty Fjords, flown to Anan to see the bears, and done the crab excursion that includes the all you can eat crab at the lodge. this time we are going out on a zodiac tour. Some people enjoy the Aleutian Ballad crab tour, the Lumberjack show, kayaking, etc. In Haines, last time we rented a car ( I've only been there 1 time before, it was always Skagway on my other cruises) and drove to the lake to see bears, across the Canadian border and back along the river and saw more bears. This time we're doing that again because we enjoyed the freedom, the bears and it's an economical day! If you have any questions, I'll be glad to try to help.
  18. There will be 3 of us in our NS....will we get 3 bottles daily? If so, that's a great perk that I was unaware of!
  19. Since this will be my 7th trip to Alaska and since we've done the major attractions at least once before, this time among other things, we are doing some things that we've said we'd do "next time". Well, it's next time! We will start off flying to Anchorage, rent a car, and head to Girdwood. We'll stay overnight at The Alyeska then the next morning do a jet boat trip up 20 mile River to go kayaking in the backcountry around icebergs at Glacier Lake. We continue on to Seward to overnight before we head out to the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge for 2 nights. When we come back, we head to Anchor Point and take a boat to Lake Clark for bear viewing. ( My son and I have flown to Katmai previously, but my husband won't fly in small planes so this was his alternative). After 2 nights in Anchor Point, we return to Anchorage. We will exchange our "regular" rental car for one from Midnight Sun that will allow us to drive gravel roads. Our first stop will be near Palmer for the night. The next morning we'll do the all day ATV tour to Knik Glacier then head to Willow. My husband wants to change it up and fish for trout this trip so he will do that out of Willow while my son and I go to Talkeetna for the day to do a flightseeing trip with the glacier landing with K2. The next day we will drive to Hatcher Pass from the Willow side with the gravel road and end up near Glennallen. We continue on the next day and drive the McCarthy Road. We'll stay at Ma Johnson's this trip and go white water rafting that we had planned last trip but weather conditions kept us from doing it. After 2 nights in McCarthy, we start heading back for Anchorage with an overnight back near Glennallen. We hope to bike around Eklutna Lake on our way back as well as hike the Thunderbird Falls. After returning the "gravel road " car and an overnight in Anchorage, we'll take the train to Seward and catch the boat to Orca Island where we will spend the last 2 nights before the cruise. It's not a conventional itinerary, and we aren't doing some of my favorite things or going to some of my favorite places, but we are doing things that have always been pushed aside to do other things before. I'm looking forward to it! And we are returning next summer so I can do some of my favorites then.....
  20. We will be on the Sept 1 Westerdam cruise and will be meeting friends onboard. There is no roll call for our cruise. I have never heard of your land portion add on but we are doing our own 2 1/2 week land portion prior to the cruise.
  21. One thing I do as an over-planner, is to look at our excursions and figure out how much I plan to tip, assuming it's a good experience, and get envelopes for them. I write on each envelope what the tour is, or who the person I'm tipping is, then put the money in the envelope. I put all my envelopes together in a ziploc and keep them in the safe. When the time comes for a certain excursion, I just grab the envelope and I don't have to think about how much extra money I need to bring or if I have the right denomination of bills. It's all done already! I know alot of people will think this is a little overboard, but it works for me!
  22. I prepay so I have a smaller final bill when we disembark.. We are spending 2 1/2 weeks in Alaska prior to our cruise and we will have a hefty amount on our credit card when we get to the ship from that. We pay off our credit card every month, so the less I come back owing, the better!
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