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  1. We were on the Dec.1 sailing on the Joy. They kept scrubbing walls, doors, banisters etc. If you went to a restaurant they had the hand sanitizer set up at the entrance. If you didn't use it you were asked to use it before they would seat you. As far as what we heard there was no outbreaks on our cruise .
  2. I need to read through these post better. Some how I didn't see the post you were actually responding to.
  3. Ok fellow travelers. I screwed up my answer and have apologized to the poster. Now back to excitement for the trip.
  4. Ok, I'm confused. I thought the person who responded to me was being sarcastic. She was not being sarcastic and I have apologized to her. All is well, at least I think it is.
  5. Sorry my fault I thought you were behind sarcastic because I did not read the web site. Hope to see you on board and I will delete my other comment.
  6. Ok now I see what you mean about the Brouhaha. Someone made sure to point out the page on the website and was a bit sarcastic. See you on board.
  7. Can't tell you're a bit of a Tommy Bahama fan. My husband ( Andy) will be in Hawaiian shirts most of the trip. See you on board.
  8. The dress looks comfy. Exactly how I want to feel. I was on a Princess cruise many years ago. In the evening most woman were in fancy dresses and heals. Thank you for the reply.
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