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  1. Why is the itinerary change bothering you? I am not sure what the draw of Miami is over Port Canaveral. Both ports offer plenty of things to do pre or post cruise. The loss of a private island is no big deal to me. If you like the price, jump on the offer.
  2. Same here as far as looking at comments, placing into general categories (such as accepting responsibility of risk), writing the reposes for the preamble for any draft proposal, writing the draft, reviewing comments on the draft (preamble), rewriting the proposal incorporating changes, (will skip the next several rewriting of draft and going to final document), final document with preamble explaining final changes, writing the announcement with the conforming amendments for other regulations impacted by the new document. I was trying to point out comments on favorite memories, enthusiasm to book , etc.; is wasting everyone time.
  3. The CDC us not looking for input from the cruising public. Read the Federal Register announcement (not the article in the OP). There is a list of specific questions that the CDC is requesting knowledgeable input from people with the training and expertise to offer suggestions.
  4. The Federal Register announcement lists specific questions on which the CDC is requesting KNOWLEDGEABLE input . Comments that just offer opinions with no specific credible suggestions will be lumped under a response in the official analysis of the comments that will be the first comment in the preamble that will basically state in some form: "XXXX number of responses were received that were general comments with no viable input and therefore, will have no response in this document." So go ahead, waste the agency's time with comments that have nothing to do with the specific questions asked.
  5. Protect your skin and don't worry about what others think. My mother was a fanatic about sunscreen and protective clothing for us when we were young and I followed through for all my adult life. Now at seventy, my dermatologist tells me I have the skin of someone 20 -30 years younger and it is nice to get the fisheye when asking for a senior discount that starts at 55.
  6. LOL - and then there was the presentation that started out describing basil as an exotic spice.
  7. Returning back to the original question of cruises out of Florida, it is my opinion that any cruise line will be keeping a close eye on the Covid 19 situation here in Florida and that cruise departures scheduled from Florida will be with a tentative hope that the situation may improve in the future. The future being sometime in 2021. At this point the rate of infection and spread is high and with, for lack of better words, the laissez faire policy at the state level on putting any restrictions in place, it is not going to improve any time soon . We also have a problem of a mega spreader event being scheduled in Jacksonville in August that is still on the schedule in spite of the pleas of medical personnel in the state to cancel the event. In short, if anyone books a cruise out of Florida between now and the end of 2020, do so with the realization that it will be very likely cancelled or the ship repositioned out of the state of Florida where there is a long shot of a cruise departure.
  8. Well, that stinks. We were hoping to book a seven night Armonia from Tampa but were holding off due to the out of control Covid 19 here in the state. We prefer smaller ships and have no interest in an MSC mega ship.
  9. Could they possibly have been hot dogs for US guests who are not culinary adventurers? The hot dogs are usually by the hamburgers.
  10. I could see bocce ball being on MSC (if not already there) before there would be cornhole.
  11. The lanai cabins are not private balcony cabins. Those cabins designated as lanai have a door out onto the public and popular promenade deck. The only "private" real estate are the two deck chairs immediately outside your cabin. There can be deck chairs for general use next to those deck chairs.
  12. My experience was better. As usual, it is warm and sunny. The pool is just outside my living room. While I am not a sun worshiper and prefer to be in the shade on my lanai, there is plenty of seating available. I also got to watch the pool boy (husband) bend over while cleaning the pool.
  13. LOL - Let's also not forget the news story from a number of years ago about a woman banned for life from Royal Caribbean. She was stopped at the gangway with a full table service for eight (?) in her luggage.
  14. OMG - the overuse of that fragrance is not very sinus friendly to some of us. On our last cruise, there must have been a source at the junction of the elevator lobby and out hallway. Every-time we walked off the elevator to go to our cabin, we were hit with a blast of the scent and our noses were dripping water before we hit our cabin. We had to ask for several days to get a box of tissues for our cabin. We did finally received a box and we asked our cabin steward not to use the stuff in any air freshener for our cabin.
  15. ????? Are you sure you mean Costa Rica as the country is politically stable and, in many ways, puts the USA to shame in its infrastructure and providing for Ticos.
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