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  1. There are many countries that have a government owned cruise line. It is usually called a navy and the terms and conditions for those cruises are fairly rigid.
  2. NCL is not holding out the cabins. However, travel agencies and other entities may have "reserved" (for want of a better word) blocks of rooms in each category to sell on their sites. Those cabins will not be released for open sale until final payment. If you can't find a cabin that you want on the NCL website, check with various on line agencies that advertise that cruise and see what cabins they have available to sell. Also the advice to look to see what cabins are left to book in a guarantee category is bad advice. Cruise lines will upsell or upgrade full fare passengers to better cabins. Those empty cabins will now be available for full fare passengers to be upsold or upgraded to and, therefore, leaving their cabins available. So, if you look on line and see that all cabins in your category are booked and only guarantees are available, do not assume that your balcony guarantee will turn into a the penthouse suite. Before booking a guarantee rate, look at all the cabins in your category and decide if you will be happy being assigned the one that is least desirable in your opinion.
  3. Here we go again. Translation: I"I decided to not buy travel insurance, but to self insure by default. Now I need to use my "self insured" plan to absorb the cost of a cruise that must be canceled. I have to live with the consequences of my actions and it is HAL's fault because that they follow their cancellation policy that was provided at the time of booking and also was available for review before booking.
  4. For those of you complaining that you couldn't get pepperoni or sausage on a pizza, you have to remember that you are on an Italian cruise line that takes great pride in its Italian heritage and has a pizza that conforms to the standards of the Associazione Pizza Napoletana. Pepperoni, sausage, pineapple, BBQ sauce, and other "Pizza Hut" toppings would not be available in Italy unless one was in a place that specifically was oriented to the tourist trade (and they probably also have butter for the bread, meatballs and sugar in the sauce).
  5. It is against the rules to mention any other travel agency on Cruise Critic unless said agency is part of Tripadvisor (owns Cruise Critic) or pays to advertise on this site. So if one uses the wholesale corporation as a travel agent, it can't be named, and as soon as the moderators realize that posters have a way to name the site agency by allusion, even the "big box hot dog place" will be starred out or deleted.
  6. For anyone who plans to hop off, visit a site, and then hop back on a later trolley or train, be warned that depending on the stop you are waiting at, there may not be any room if no one gets off to empty a seat. And if it rains, all bets are off for any empty seats. Luckily, Key West is not that large and one can walk back to the pier from any attraction.
  7. If you are outside final payment, cancel your cruise. I am sure HAL will miss you. 🙄
  8. I live my life and enjoy all the many other activities that are also a part of life.
  9. The Corrective Action Report is here: https://wwwn.cdc.gov/InspectionQueryTool/InspectionCorrectiveActionReport.aspx
  10. Of course people in the US wear breeches. What does that have to do with data security?
  11. Nothing is free. Whether it is "Perks" (and why NCL makes you pay extra to have somewhat edible food is a scam), airfare or third and fourth passengers reduced fare, you will pay for it in the fare you book.
  12. Then you are confused about the type of insurance you need. You need medical insurance that will specifically cover you out of the country for the duration of your trip. Many US citizens on Medicare need this type of insurance as Medicare does not cover medical costs outside the USA. (Medicare, unfortunately, lowers the quality of our medical care to that of the quality of care offered by other nationalized medical care systems).
  13. Then your insurance plan that you decided to purchase is a little hinky compared to most. As noted by another poster, the six month stability clause usually refers to the six months prior to the effective date of the insurance (i.e.; the date the premium is paid, not the date of travel.). If a problem with a pre-existing condition arose after that date and the doctor's advice was it was not medically safe to travel on the cruise, then the insurance does cover the cancellation. However, just deciding that one does not want to travel because of a condition that has been stabilized is not covered.
  14. So are you saying you took out insurance knowing that you had pre-existing conditions that would not be covered and still booked knowing that you would be liable for any cancellation fees imposed by the cruise line? Many of us call that "self insuring" where one gambles that one will not have to eat the cost of a cruise because of cancellation.
  15. You would be surprised at the number of threads on Cruise Critic where someone feels that (Fill in Blank) cruise line is heartless because they will not give a refund because of (fill in very special circumstance that has not happened to anyone else in the whole world). That "goodwill" would costed a lot of money to the bottom line.
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