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  1. If your teenage daughter wants to spend the time with her parents that may not be available in her daily life ashore, don't discourage her. It is precious time for both the child and adults. It is the time when you may find out things about your daughter that may not have been discussed before.
  2. The devil is in the fine print. There are posts every so often on Cruise Critic about this subject while the fault lies in the poster not being aware of the restrictions on the credit or the fare booked.
  3. You can have your shellfish allergy noted on your reservation and , as you know, you will be taken care of in the MDR. However, there must be some personal responsibility in deciding where to eat. My husband has a mushroom allergy and he will not eat anywhere where there is a chance of cross contamination because of menu offering.
  4. Seriously? I would cruise the Diamond Princess if I liked the itinerary. As far as deaths on the ship, there isn't a cruise ship out there that hasn't had deaths on board. That is why there is a morgue area on every ship.
  5. This. There are some countries (Costa Rica, for example) who have strict rules for identification of any child entering their country. Even children with passports traveling with both parents will be questioned separately from their parents to make sure that they are not being abducted. It is better to have the letter and not need it than to need it and hot have it. And for those who think a seventeen year old is nearly an adult and will not be questioned, read up on the sex trade and trafficking. A seventeen year old girl would be prime meat in the trade.
  6. It could be that those that were stating there were no trams just didn't find one waiting for them when they wanted one. They are on a set schedule for leaving from the land end of the pier and it is often faster to walk from the ship or back to the ship than waiting for a tram.
  7. I have read posts in on Cruise Critic where passengers on the smaller ships that do not have a Yacht Club have found the walkway to the entire area with the Yacht Club facility and other all passenger beach closed for the day.
  8. I wouldn't count on docking on Montego Bay until you dock in Montego Bay. It may show on the itinerary, but I have had that changed to Ochos Rios. Notification is by letter in your cabin when you board.
  9. OP, If you do want an official ID for your children, check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles. There may be an official ID available that is similar to a driver's license which will contain a photo. Because we traveled a lot when my daughter was young, we did obtain the state ID for her as it useful to have.
  10. What happened to the tram shuttle that has always been running when I have been to this port? And contrary to statements in a previous post, if there are numerous ships in port, there are more trams running that are designated for the various areas of the pier. Have the trams been deleted?
  11. Having left and returned to Tampa on a Carnival cruise, you might want to consider the wait time at Immigration with birth certificates vs passports. Those of us with passports whizzed through a line for passport holders. Those with birth certificates were on a loooooooooooong line that did not move very fast. I am sure experiences may vary, but passports were definitely the way to go for that cruise.
  12. I hope the chief comes and weighs in . I am not sure if the verbiage about the capacitor protecting from changes in power is not surge protection.
  13. What? You don't like sour milk in your chocolate? I am shocked!!!!!😁
  14. Did you read the thread? If you did, you would know that my comment referred to other comments about an experience in a LAND based chain restaurant with a flame grill.
  15. Oklahoma??? I have received several copies of my birth certificate from Oklahoma at no cost.
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