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  1. Be amused if you want to be. However, if I have any card with any type of encoded strip or chip held in close contact with my body (such as a breast or pants pocket) or hold the card in my hand for more than a few minutes, the card will not be functional when I go to use it. A lanyard keeps the card accessible and rests the card on top of my clothing without it being held in a closer contact of a pocket. The lanyard doesn't prevent me from having to have my card replaced at some point, just makes the interval longer.
  2. One of the best things about attending Wagner College on Grymes Hill was the amazing harbor view I had from my dorm room (Harborview Hall - go figure). I loved watching the ocean liners leaving and arriving (back in the late sixties early seventies).
  3. Someone must have been preparing for the original proposed track of Dorian across the state.
  4. The old terminal was in Hoboken, but Holland America moved to Pier 40 in 1963. My mother-in-law and husband has talked of sailing on HAL from both piers. https://hudsonriverpark.org/news-and-updates/a-glimpse-into-pier-40s-transatlantic-past
  5. Yes, it was for trans-Atlantic cruises. Pier went into use in 1963, went out of use sometime in the 1970s. Before Pier 40 was used, Holland America had its pier in Hoboken.
  6. Are you referring to the old Pier 40 (West side) that was the pier for Holland America's transatlantic sailings?
  7. Please play fair and call HAL to pay for any increases in cruise fare.
  8. If your agent is charging a fee for making airline reservations, I would check into what other fees the TA may charge for handling your cruise reservation. Will there be a fees for any changes made to the reservation, a cancellation fee or a handling fee?
  9. My only experience is on the Rotterdam out of Tampa. I realized when unpacking that I did not have my Thyroid medication (husband rummaged around in drug bag and knocked it out at home). Next port of call was Key West and then San Juan. Due to a doctor's office that didn't not answer the telephone and never called back, I could not get the prescription in Key West (I have since changed practices). I visited the on board doctor before the ship left Key West who was able to supply me with a sixteen day supply. I was charged for the office visit and the drug. Medicare would not pay. However, my Blue Cross/Blue Shield Supplemental Insurance did.
  10. Very bad advice as the charge is for a service that was rendered. Good way to get on the HAL no sail list ( and probably all brands under Carnival Corporation umbrella). By the way, when you enter the sick bay on the ship, your are given a statement to read and sign the describes the conditions of medical care and that there will be a charge.
  11. $3231? Sounds about right for a few tests and overnight monitoring. Surgery would have cost much more (wait until you receive your insurance statements for Sitka). The doctor and medical staff on ships are outside contractors. HAL does not set their rates nor would become involved in the billing. Depending on your health insurance, this may be covered under your normal policy (it would be for me - my Medicare supplement covers all costs outside the country).
  12. Yes, it does matter for reservations. Your name must appear the same way as it does on your ID (passport or other government issue ID). Depending on the ID you will be using to cruise, make sure the cruise reservation at least shows the proper format that will be submitted to the authorities. Call the customer service people to have the reservation name amended to match your ID. I feel your pain, while I don't have a suffix, I do have a double first name and it can be a struggle to make sure that my name appears as a first name and that the second half is not dropped.
  13. Yay! A choice between HAL and Celebrity is good news for those of us that have left the Carnival/NCL/Royal Caribbean triumvirate behind for cruising. I would also like to see an occasional cruise out of Tampa by Viking, Oceania, Azamara or a similar level line.
  14. +2 They lost me when the presentation was about kicking up tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and the opening statements included calling basil an exotic spice that one should become familiar with.
  15. OP, Just a suggestion. If you are not already a member, join the community (forums) at www.breastcancer.org The website is a wealth of accurate information and you will also find other members that have had or are currently having the same treatment to talk with.
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