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  1. DeSantis and Moody - a team made in heaven and with a history for filing losing lawsuits, but - hey!! - the political posturing is worth its weight in gold among a small segment of the population. The case tomorrow will be dismissed as Florida has no standing. If a Carnival ship sails from Florida on July 4, it will be under the 95/98% vaccination option.
  2. One of the best indications of a "myopic American" is someone that thinks that only citizens of the USA are Americans.
  3. Are you cruising from a US port? If so, yes to breakfast question. I don't know what you mean by an extra meal. With multiple courses offered at meals, one can have as much or little as one wants.
  4. I was wondering the opposite. With no cruise traffic on the roads, I thought maybe construction was faster.
  5. MSC has used Terminal F in the past. I don't know how far they are on the MSC Terminal AA/AAA. I guess we have to wait and find out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jtob2GiIJ8g&ab_channel=MiamiDadeTV
  6. LOL -maybe "Smellgate" will come up again.
  7. I don't know if this has been posted inside another thread and I don't see a thread on the subject. MSC will vaccinate all crew members. Article is from the MSC USA website, dated May 1, 2021: https://www.msccruisesusa.com/news/covid-vaccine-program-for-crew-members
  8. Obviously, you have no idea of CDC's involvement with cruise ships. Here is a start: https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/vsp/default.htm
  9. Obviously, you have no idea of CDC's involvement with cruise ships. Here is a start: https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/vsp/default.htm
  10. I hope this is true. I am booked for the last week in July.
  11. Yeah, it does. Let's discuss the role of "guidance" as opposed to law and regulation. First, there is a law that is the document that gives the authority to the applicable entity to do it job. Regulations are the mandatory rules that explains how the entity will carry out the duties and responsibilities outlines in the law and is binding on any person or other entity that falls under the regulatory purview of the regulatory body. Guidance is what is issued when there is a problem that needs oversight and there is not enough information or need to
  12. I was not referring to the vaccine. I was referring to the effects of the virus itself and the long term damage /changes that an infection may cause. In particular, I was referring to articles that have shown up in peer reviewed medical journals that seem to indicate that the Covid 19 virus may have the same detrimental effects on male fertility as the mumps virus does. And, unless one has been living under a rock, there have also been reports on the "long haulers" and there long term problems.
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