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  1. I booked these cruises onboard in January 2020 with Future Cruises. Not sure if that made a difference but when I called MSC, the Agent was super polite and friendly and said I ll see my refund within 10 business days and she was right. Maybe having the intermediary TA involved with possible commissions Involved makes a difference. I think MSC is great and responsive.
  2. We had three cruises canceled. Called MSC and were refunded in 30 days. Great customer service every time we have dealt with them.
  3. Yes. Good eye. My Wife also early on got a nice Polo Shirt. We had a bigger YC SUITE and it was our first ever MSC cruise and they probably wanted to WOW us? I never asked for a thing. Also was taken out by Officers to a few Specialty Dinners, The Steak House with the HD and the Asian Restaurant with the head of future sales. We were very impressed and booked four more YC cruises but of course 3 were canceled and the Nov 1 will most likely be canceled which is a bummer for the workers more than for the passengers. Hopefully, by March 2021 things will be more normalized.
  4. Seriously ? Which MSC Cruise ship was this? Lets try again. A porcelain Divina, totes, black and white hat, key fobs, mug, and some things I see but dont remember what they are from the picture.
  5. We came back from dinner the last night on the Divina and ALL this was on our bed. We were stunned on the generosity. (pic way too big to post). Cant down size pixels.
  6. When we get closer to final pymt for Nov, Aug 1,, I will call MSC and find out for sure. Currently, all we want is the cruise to sail from PC, the perks are secondary. Funny how priorities change in life. Thanks for sharing and looks like you are on the money with your answer.
  7. I checked both the Nov and Mar booking confirmations and nothing mentioned concerning any perks, very cryptic to say the least.
  8. Agreed, I still cannot find the above listing that shows up to 4 GB of comped internet. Could be they rescinded this due to the revenue lost from COVID. Guess I will find out on Nov 1 when we sail from Port Canaveral on Seaside. And my bet is MSC Customer Service will have no clue about this so why waste the effort beforehand.
  9. Thanks Até, When I go to the MSC site and type in YC, I dont get this detailed listing. There is no mention of internet minutes but nice to see now and I will show them this in Nov on my cruise from PC.
  10. I read many months ago that as of a date in May, 2020, the YC guests will get an internet package. I have been checking the currentYC perks and do not see any sign of free internet. Something on the order of 4 gigs of data per cruise (in the Caribbean) was stated on the MSC site but no where to be found currently. Does anyone have any insight on this to share?
  11. The last time we sailed out of PC was circa 1995 on Premier Cruise Lines, Star Ship Royale. We flew into Melbourne and took a shuttle to PC. It was a seamless embarkation. I bet parking is much less ($22 per day in MIA) than MIA Port Parking. My TA is on notice to book us a few b2b YC suites as soon as the schedule comes out on the Divina. Unfortunately, there probably will not be consecutive 7 day b2b cruises. So, we will do some shorter ones and hope EACH one goes to their new spectacular Caribbean private Island. Soon, hopefully things will get back to normal.
  12. Interesting to say the least. Thanks for the info.
  13. Unfortunately at my age, I d never figure that spelling out or the pronunciation out. The Crew all week said DE Venia. So, thats how I got the DE. BUT live and learn. Divina
  14. Takes a few cruises to learn the spelling. Thanks for the correction. Took many cruises to get "Silhouette" but it all comes to fruition eventually. Divina.
  15. We have run the gamut on Princess, Grand Suites, Carnaval Top Suites, RCL Royal Suites and Celebrity Penthouse Suites and overall enjoyed the total YC experience more than any previous cruises. The Top Sail Lounge bests any competitors Suite Lounge that we have sailed on. Devina is a great ship, just the right size. We are not fans of the huge mega ships. The pianos in the RCL and X venues were nice furniture pieces but unneeded. I think the new renovations have eliminated the pianos. The Devina in PC will save us hours of RT driving from the north. Kudos to MSC.
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