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  1. We switched from X to MSC YC. We eat steaks at home, burgers but not Italian food so we really enjoyed eating in the Le Muse. The pizza is great, lasagna like homemade and we enjoyed every meal. We booked 4 YC European cruises due to this great experience.
  2. i know, I was just reiterating my take on subpar meatloaf being served in the MDR of Celebrity. Also of no value is their Skirt Steak unless you like chewing on leather. The only thing great about the Princess Suites is the Sabatini Breakfasts. The Chef would visit the VIPs and when I mentioned Steak and Eggs, I got an amazing platter daily. Each cruiseline has positives and negatives.
  3. Meatloaf is not an expensive meal. Diners serve it nightly, Golden Corral always has it so my point is if a ship serves meatloaf it better be excellent. My MDR Meatloaf on X was horrible. Never again. If Luninae is the greatest, why do so many order from the MDR after a few days onboard? In LeMuse we never asked if we could order off another menu because the food was excellent. I think the facts speak for themselves.
  4. On the mainland at our local diners the meatloaf with mashed potatoes and coleslaw is my fav meal. On X it had grizzle and chips of tiny bones in it. Tasted nothing like what I am used too. Our local diners have a Monday special for $5.99 for the meatloaf delish dinner.
  5. Wonderman, I cannot disagree with you because food tastes and experiences differ. The Luminae menu was so limited we ordered from the MDR. It bothered me that 50% of the time I had to do that and many in Luminae order from the MDR menu. The MDR has some undesirable meals like meatloaf. I found all our Le Muse meals excellent. They brought up the Specialty Pizza but other than that we stuck to the Le Muse menu with no desire to seek food elsewhere.
  6. I was told to ask the Butler Lounge Attendants for any nuts wanted. Did you ask?
  7. Some Executive Deluxe Suite Pictures: First picture is the Lounge in Terminal F in MIA.
  8. Happy Cruiser, I think it is all about the individual workers onboard on any particular cruise. At times we have had great attentive Luminae Waiters and Assistants. I have waited 35 mins in Luminae between the appetizer and entree. We stuck to Chianti every meal In Le Muse and it was presented without our saying a word. i am a big guy, stocky and the Maitre d asked me on day one if I was a big eater. I said it is no fun to leave a food venue hungry, the portions never let me down. One night someone went to the Pizza Specialty area and got us three slices of a made to order Veggie Pizza. It was amazing. The Superbowl party had a nice variety of food, the freshly made hamburgers were perfect. I have no memories of a dinner gathering in either MC or the new Retreat. MSC planned this impromptu event with two days notice. It was done with class. In summary, for almost 50% less expensive than a SS on X, the YC experience In total cannot be bested as far as the value for your money.
  9. i am kind of dumbfounded when reading that YC Patrons thing the food is average and esp below that of Luminae. We have had many dinner in Luminae and I cant think of one meal besting the Le Muse lunches or dinners. OK,, the Chocolate Cart on Formal Night is exceptional but that is not the main meal. The main entree portions were huge and the side orders were refilled immediately when attentive waiters and assistant waiters observed. I liked the Team Effort where all waiters in Le Muse were able to serve you. In Luminae the assigned Waiter and Assistant focused only on their assigned tables. one lunch we had Pork Feathers. They were excellent severed in a tastey sauce. My plate had over a pound of meat. Tempura veggies and mashed potatoes, another homerun. My wife had a burrito plate with a corn relish and tofu sauce. She loved it and ordered another burrito. The food was EXCELLENT every meal. We never ate breakfast in El Muse. The continental breakfast in the Top Sail Lounge had the best fresh squeezed COLD OJ. In the X Retreat Lounge they had cheapo peanuts. In the Top Sail Lounge each day was a different selection of nuts AND you can request from the Drink Butlers any nuts you wanted. We had a bowl of Almonds and Pistachio nuts daily. Try asking for that in Luminae, lol
  10. All above from Le Muse. No pics of Specialty Dining.
  11. The current cruise is 11 nights I was told. The 7 day Caribbean is once a year for us because of the boredom. We booked the YC on Divina for the 23 night TA from BCN next January. The price onboard was right plus an additional 12% TA discount off the price vs taking an OBC. i can surely live with walking two RTs a day to El Muse for lunch and dinner. It was the most exercise we got on the cruise, lol.
  12. The Rack of Lamb in a cherry sauce with a bowl of creamy hot mashed potatoes was excellent. My wife loved her Sea Bass. The Topsail Party was great and the Capt, HD and Chief Engineer visited EVERY table. We have been snubbed at a similar event in MC. I cannot imagine our food being any better since all meals were home runs.
  13. As far as food, I can only speak for the food served to us. Two nights the Italian Chef made delicious lasagna, two nights in the specialty restaurants which best Tuscan, Sushi on 5 and Murano. A bit more expensive ala carte menu but excellent. The portions were huge as witnessed by the posted pictures. The eight huge shrimp were great. The pastry chef made my apple into a rabbit. Food is subjective but IMO our meals were far superior to Luminae both food quality, presentation and great service.
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