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  1. Thanks! I am horrible at getting my wife presents. Every year I flub it somehow. I was hopping for the slam dunk this year. I have 34 days for this to happen. Gotta think it will!
  2. Just to update the folks that are interested. I spoke with a Princess person yesterday on this topic. They said they are finalizing things now and should be out by the end of the year.
  3. One can only hope. I am optimistic they will go on sale before Christmas which is what I really need!
  4. I prefer late seating also. I have done both but prefer late seating as it allows for nap time when we have busy mornings with excursions. I have never done Alaska before. Curious why you dont like Anytime Dining TM? I have never done that but thought about trying it.
  5. bubbapuck

    Alaska Cruises

    I got a response from Princess about when the 2021 Alaska cruises will be out. They told me the 2021 itineraries will be coming "later this year" They also recommended checking back in a few months. Hmmm?
  6. Thanks for the tip Tapi! I look at one of the obstructued view pictures online. I would love that. Will have to see if my wife would like that but be as secretive as possible so she doesnt get a clue of whats going on.
  7. I know they announced it last year on November 13th and made available for previous cruises on November 15th. Not sure when it was made available for newb's like me.
  8. Believe me, I would love to get a balcony but the price almost doubles for it. If I could afford it I would. I may splurge for a window... or obstructed windows as mentioned by Tapi above.
  9. Oh no. I have always heard the cruise is cheapest when they first go on sale. Not sure if its true but that's what I have heard. The vacation planner told me that if I put a deposit, they can adjust the price if the price goes down later on. The price for the LA cruise I am looking at seems fair to me so if I can get that price, I would be happy. Only time will tell I guess.
  10. Thanks XB Guy! I just found out about the Golden Princess leaving. I am sure any ship will be beautiful. Your advice is kind of what I thought but wasn't sure. The Vacation Planner told me they would go on sale in mid Nov/early December. I know they went on sale mid November last year. Hope they do... would hate to give her a brochure and IOU for Christmas. 🙂
  11. Well that stinks. Does anyone know the new ship or have some general advice on the best deck to book on a Princess cruise?
  12. For Christmas, I plan to book the 14 day Alaska Cruise out of LA. I know the 2021 cruises will be announced soon and I plan to put my deposit down ASAP. I have never cruised on Princess before so I want to get some feedback on the best deck to get a room. It seems the ship that does this itinerary is Golden Princess. We will definitely do an interior room as we love how dark the rooms are at all times and we just cannot afford a balcony room. We are a couple in our late 40's/early 50's that like to have fun but prefer quiet room area. We had deck 10 on our recent Carnival cruise and loved it. It was close to the pool, spa, and buffet but was far enough away where late night activities didn't keep us up. We have grand kids and love them to death but when we cruise, we prefer to be in areas where there are less children. Any thoughts on the best deck/area on the Golden Princess? Thanks!
  13. Thanks Skynight for your choice. Is there a reason you chose Princess? Just curios to get as many differeing opinions as possible and brainstorm before I settle in. The 10-14 days cruises are not yet available for Carnival/Princess so I want to get a better understanding and be ready to purchase the moment the go on sale. I heard that is the cheapest they are... at the very beginning.
  14. Thank you so much Tom for your response. I think you are right! I may book Princess to see the difference. We are normally shy and more "too ourselves" types of people. Carnival got us out of our comfort zone which is fine... that is what vacation is about. It did get exhausting towards the end though. We enjoy a party once in a while but enjoy our quiet time hanging out in the "Over 21" area. It is probably best to try this and compare.
  15. Your post is exactly what I was looking for Masterty. I had zero expectations for my Carnival cruise and had a blast. My only one problem was the constant up sell. Every time I turned around they were trying to get me to buy something. Every "seminar" they had was a precursor to sell something. Many of the staff seemed very phony where they were nice until you bought or didn't buy something then you seemed to be an inconvenience to them. As far as the fun goes, my wife and I enjoyed some of the activities but it did get exhausting after a while. We found that our most enjoyable time was just sitting in a clam shell in the "over 21" section and relaxing... which is not normally my personality but I loved it. We enjoy a party every once in a while but do just enjoy spending time with each other and going on to places we have never seen. The food is very important as we enjoy our dinners in the dining area. We never understood why people would skip the nice restaurants for the buffet at dinner time. Sounds like Princess food may be better quality. As far as the formal night goes, is ever night formal or just a couple nights like Carnival. Every night to the dining area I wore nice shorts and a polo shirt. Formal nights were khakis and a button shirt (no tie). Should I be wearing a tie on formal nights? Is every night formal night? Cost is a big thing for my wife and I. We don't have a HUGE budget. That is why we leaned toward cruising more recently. Food, room, entertainment all for a fixed cost. Very affordable to have a nice vacation. Since we live in the LA area, a 14 day cruise is about the same as a 10 day cruise when you factor in the commute/hotel in SF that i skip in LA (my daughter can drop us off and pick us up at the port on cruise day. I just wanted dont want to end up on a Princess cruise and get embarrassed because we did something that was normal on a Carnival cruise but not allowed on a Princess cruise (like asking for extra helpings at dinner or being underdressed at dinner). Things like that.
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