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  1. I know they went on sale for 2021 in early December of 2019. That would be around the time in a normal world. As everyone said, with the chaos still going on with the 2021 schedule, it will probably be delayed.
  2. Thanks for the info. Turns out if I had waited 72 hours I wouldn’t have had to worry. They have opened up a new cruise from LA to Alaska. I will probably book that when it is available. I have some time to think it over but not flying during COVID time is a plus for me! thanks for the info. Didn’t know about the cabin situation.
  3. Royal currently is scheduled for 14 day cruises out of Vancouver during this time. Then again, now of days, who knows.
  4. My wife and I have been on one cruise and loved lounging around the pool on sea days. Would be nice to know that I can on rainy Alaska days. I don’t think people who havenever been to So Cal realize how big it really is. I live in Fontana. I am probably closer to Vegas than I am to you! 🙂
  5. I agree Arlene. I really wanted an indoor pool when going to Alaska in case it was cold. I have heard that indoor pools may be shut down as a part of COVID precautions. Not sure but it would nice to have the indoor option on cooler days.
  6. Nice work. I prefer the Crown but I won’t complain about the Star. 14 days to Alaska? I’ll take a rowboat if I have to. 🙂
  7. I checked all ships and two ships do not have any itineraries at this time. The Star and the Crown. Obviously, there can be alot of repositioning in the next 2 weeks but these ships like like the likely candidates. Fingers crossed for the Crown.
  8. According to the Princess site, the Diamond is in Tokyo but who really knows for sure.
  9. You were right! I really didn’t think they would come back, let alone just 2 days later. That is crazy. It will be an interesting wait until we find out the ship. I like to watch YouTube videos on the ships I am going to cruise. The rumor mill will probably drive me crazy.
  10. I thought the same thing but I got the extra 25% on top of my money spent and I had already paid for a majority of the cruise.
  11. Looks like we will be on the same cruise. I wish they could have slipped a ship name in there.
  12. Here are the itineraries. No word on which ship yet.
  13. my best guess would be the Crown but really, who knows. They cruises don’t go on sale for 2 more weeks so so much can change between then and now. I attached the itinerary below.
  14. I just got an email from princess announcing two cruises from LA to Alaska. Same as the Sun itinerary. The dates are 7/3 and 7/17. I originally was on the 7/17. So I have to change my Vancouver cruise back to an LA cruise after just switching to Vancouver yesterday. Wowzer.
  15. I just got an email from Princess saying I can use my FCC from my cancelled Sun sailing for one of two cruises going from LA to Alaska in 7/3/21 or 7/17/21. I was originally scheduled for 7/17 so my plans are back on!
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