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  1. Love the different perspective.... as I mentioned in the beginning of this thread, my wife is a warm weather person. She may like the first 3 days there and back in the warm July weather for swimming. Then enjoying the 8 middle days in the cold weather. Nice variation for a long relaxing trip.
  2. I spoke with my CVP on the issue and she suggested booking both and see what my wife says. Duh! I have booked both cruises now. I will give her some time after Christmas for us to discuss and have her make the decision she wants. I have a feeling she chooses Vancouver. We will see. Thanks all for talking me off the ledge!
  3. Thanks for the laugh Lamb!!! Hats off to you for raising your granddaughters. I have two grandsons and one granddaughter and they are a handful for just a few hours!
  4. Thanks Ferd! I am starting to compile a list of great restaurants... I will add these to the list!
  5. @CruzinNoony and @donaldsc I agree with you. I would love to do the Voyage of Voyages also. My actual plan is to present both trips to my wife and let her decide. The LA trip is slightly less expensive an closer to our actual budget. We are worried the stress of flying and new places (she has a phobia of these things) plus it being more expensive may cause her to choose LA. My daughter and I will sit with her to discuss all the options and let her decide. My actual hope is she loves the trip and will want to go again!!! 🙂 EDIT: Also, the city that intrigues her the most (besides Skagway) is Sitka. The Vancouver cruise doesnt go there. Again, hoping she loves it and will want to do a shorter 7 day cruise in the future to hit Glacier Bay.
  6. Well I mentioned yesterday I was going with Vancouver. That was the plan until I spoke with my daughter. My daughter is very much like her mother and knows what she likes. We had an hour talk last night as I laid out everything this great group has provided for me. It took her 2 seconds to say "Los Angeles". As she explained her reasoning, it made sense. I should have spoken with her a month ago! Leaving out of LA is official. Thank you all again!
  7. My wife needs as much darkness as possible when sleeping. As much as I would love a balcony. I have to go interior or else I will have a crabby lady on my hands. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. This is great information! Thanks XBGuy! I am definitely doing the train in Skagway but my wife and I love to hike. Since we are going to Skagway twice, this will a nice cheap thing to do and see other parts of Skagway. When the time comes, I will start doing series research on each port to find fun, cheap/free things to do. This is a great idea to put in my "folder". Especially since it has a map. I love maps!!! Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for the insight Brenner. Somone had mentioned this but it is a good reiteration of this fact. The fact that I can go to many of the places twice was a definite plus for me. Whether it is weather or seeing things we missed, or even seeing things again, as a first timer to Alaska, it will be nice to see have an optional "sea day" if we decide not to get off the boat on a port we have visited. I honestly think the Skagway train is what sold my wife on the trip to Alaska... I know it sold me! I love that type of thing.
  10. Thank you all so much. This really has been a tough decision. You have all been so gracious to give me a lot of advice that really opened my eyes and the various ways of looking at this cruise. Honestly, there was no wrong answer to this and you all helped me see this! I am working with a CVP now and am 99.9% sure I am going to book the 14 day out of Vancouver. It seems to have more "Alaska time" and gives us a lot more flexibility when trying to decide between cruise time and Alaska time. Thanks again so much for your help!
  11. I asked my CVP and she said it is for any cruise after April 2020 so it would be.
  12. For all of those curious, the itineraries are on the Princess website now for 2021. No pricing but it must be close.
  13. No announcement from Princess regarding Alaska 2021 sale dates. Are these still the projected dates or did something change. Thanks!
  14. thanks LStone. I had a hard time believing the night life ended so early but you never know. Feel better with your feedback. I know the Star has that big nightclub i. The back. I would look forward to going their during the day and overlooking the great Alaskan views! Does the Sun have great viewing places for Alaska?
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