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  1. Not a Celebrity Employee nor an extremely wealthy person - whatever that really means because in the grand scheme of life & the world we are on a cruise forum chatting about perks on a vacation so I think that makes all of us well off. We are Elite+, in our mid-50's, been cruising for 30 years etc.. Fell in love with Celebrity 19 years ago on a Thanksgiving week cruise. I finally found a place that just felt right and have not really been interested in going elsewhere. Love the Celebrity vibe. Love the beautiful ships. I have always felt that Celebrity is dependable & cons
  2. We have always found the Classic Beverage package to be perfectly suitable for our needs. We happened to have the Premium package one time. We certainly enjoyed it but would not pay to upgrade to it. As for veranda staterooms - we always compare veranda, concierge, and aqua class. If there is not a huge mark up for aqua class that is they way we like to go because we enjoy Blu and the access to the Persian Garden. Veranda vs Concierge really comes down to location of the cabin. Other than that we have never seen the value in Concierge.
  3. Good luck to you as well! Agree! It certainly is nice to have something to look forward to :)! Our last cruise was March 2020. It was a last minute trip. A four night on Infinity. Arrived in port on March 9, 2020.
  4. We were scheduled to sail on the Edge this month (01/2021). Trip was booked around April 2020 when we thought for sure life would be normal again in January. We all know how that has worked out. When sailings were cancelled through end of February we mulled over our options and decided to lift & shift to Edge January 2022. Once again saying - certainly life will be back to "normal" again by 2022! We miss cruising. Today, booked a November 2021 five night on Constellation out of Tampa. Deposit is refundable. Plenty of time before final payment is due. Figured it was
  5. I think it is for the best. Not surprised. Some wishful thinking on our end that our mid-January 2021 sailing would happen. Just worked on the lift and shift option so we will look forward to sailing on Edge in January 2022!
  6. We have had Covid. Still wear a mask as it is required where we live to enter businesses. Have made final payment on a January 2021 cruise with Celebrity. Will gladly adhere to whatever rules and regulations Celebrity requires. Even though my husband and I each have had Covid we are not sure if it is possible to contract it again and we are not sure if we could still pass along the virus to someone else. Under these different times if social distancing and wearing a mask make others feel comfortable and protected then I am good with adhering to the new rules.
  7. Have enjoyed reading this thread. Just (within the last hour) booked a January 2021 cruise on Edge. Have wanted to try this ship - price was too good to pass up. For now we are booked - will see what happens before nor and then. Hoping 6 months will yield many positive changes in the world!
  8. I love to cruise and I love Celebrity. On my list - Equinox 12 night New Orleans & Mexico - February 2021 Bermuda Panama Canal Transatlantic South America and Antarctica as a B2B
  9. We are just off Infinity this morning (3/9/2020). 4 night out of Miami. Enjoyed the ship & cruise. Crew was wonderful. Food was excellent. My last cruises have been on Equinox and Eclipse. This trip reminded me of how much I enjoy the ships such as Infinity. One of many reasons that we like Celebrity is that their ships have always seemed cleaner than others with a much bigger staff presence. Purell stations have always been present and crew have been at the buffet restaurant entrances with Purell as well. No different on this cruise - same high level of Purell availability.
  10. We leave out of Miami on this cruise this Thursday (3/5). Heard this afternoon about our Move Up Bids ( detailed above). We did not get either bid. Totally ok with it as this was a last minute cruise and a heck of a deal with perks and price.
  11. We have a short cruise out of Miami in March. We will definitely be on it and will visit the Future Cruise desk to book more cruise trips!
  12. Have not done a cruise the actual week of Christmas. Did one the week of Thanksgiving and really enjoyed it. I do not recall any special events or activities but they(Celebrity) did have a turkey dinner on the menu for Thanksgiving day - it was delicious (more so because I did not have to prepare/cook/clean). Have done a few cruises between Thanksgiving and Christmas - one of my favorite times to cruise. The ship(s) are decorated for the holidays. There is a happy & festive vibe.
  13. We were on Eclipse for the Coastal California cruise back in November. Port intensive cruise so we opted for an inside guarantee. We were incredibly pleased with the cabin they assigned. We were on Deck 9 (so sorry I do not recall the exact cabin number). Loved the location. The cabin was large - larger than any inside cabin we have had before. We slept really well - cool & dark. We have been sailing in either Aqua or Concierge the last few cruises. We forgot how much we like an inside cabin. Going on a quick cruise in March on Infinity. Chose the inside guarantee. They have a
  14. We went on a tour through the cruise line when we were in Barbados. There seemed to be a good amount of private guides around the terminal. We enjoyed the tour of the George Washington House and then a bus tour around part of the island. The GW house was interesting.
  15. We ran into this problem on our last Equinox cruise. On that cruise we were in a Concierge cabin and we are Elite with Captain Club so I emailed several times (3 in total) about reservations for specialty dining. Never heard back from anyone until an email came through while we were on the ship. By this time we had made a visit to the dining room and were able to make a reservation for Tuscan. I mention this because we are taking a cruise on Infinity in March. Had the same issue with specialty dining - all that was available was 9pm. I emailed and this time I politely & diploma
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