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  1. Just got back from a cruise stopping here and didnt notice any obvious/easy way to get a public taxi without going to the main port gate (which was too far to walk, and even then didnt see any taxis). It didn't look a very pedestrian friendly option. Hopefully it does work out for you.. you always have the taxi-cartel as a backup I guess. Our cruise (Princess) did have the very unpublicised shuttle bus to Pattaya (Bayview Hotel) for US$20 return which was quite good. I asked the staff about this "port access fee" on return to Laem Chabang, and their advice was there was no fee to drop a passenger back at the cruise terminal.
  2. Thanks for the info.. we're doing this kind of thing at other stops, though not as interested at Laem Chabang (only a day visit and been to BKK a few times already). A cheap and easy way to spend a few hours at Pattaya is all we're after, and I think we're armed with enough info to handle anything that pops up now thanks to some help here. Purely on principle I dont want to fork out cash to the taxi cartel & port access fees 😒
  3. Sounds like the cartel still exists.. That's interesting.. maybe it is different for picking up opposed to dropping off.
  4. Thank you.. that is great info. Interesting how it is not mentioned at all within Princess & Excursions. I guess their preference is for you to pay for the more expensive excursions.
  5. Hi Bevi65 - I'm looking in to this also, and have posted a similar question to the Asia board as Kiwi Kruzer suggested. Cheers,
  6. I've done a lot of reading and understand the process for an arrival in to Laem Chabang (taxi options etc - this video useful), but curious if anyone has gone with a private taxi and had issues returning through the port gates (or is everyone just paying the ~400baht fees if going privately). I dont want to lock myself in to a return trip with the same company and same location as dropoff. The walk to the gate seems a little far (especially on the way out for the day) - though on the way back with the comforts of the ship (and a cold beer) in sight it is a bit more appealing as an option. It seems like some cruise lines, and the terminal itself, previously had shuttles to Pattaya, though maybe this isn't an option anymore. There is the Harbor Laemchabang mall, nearby. I would have thought it would be in their interest to run a shuttle to the port as its only a few km's down the road. I haven't read anyone mentioning this as an option, so not sure if that is practical at all. FYI we wil be on a Princess Cruise (Sapphire). Thanks for any info from those who have done it or seen it before!
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