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  1. Since our first cruise we've probably average a cruise every three years. We always miss it during the time in between.
  2. I haven't heard that they've picked a new name yet. They are keeping us in suspense. I remember watching a Steelers/Ravens Monday Night game on the Oasis. I was amazed at how the teams jerseys suddenly appeared. I was a fun evening!
  3. That is exactly my point! I guess, if I want to be positive or hopeful, I should post those comments on a different site...
  4. True, but sometimes a disagreeing response isn't just not necessary or helpful.
  5. I know that everyone is frustrated. We all want to get back to sea. I hate it when someone makes a post that should be viewed as positive and then they are immediately bashed for being overly optimistic or a dreamer. I realize none of us want to be disappointed again as more and more cruises are cancelled and delays keep getting extended. But, there are those who are making it through this by clinging to glimmers of hope. We all have to get through this in our own way, and it sure doesn't help to berate and mock those posters. Remember, we will all be back to sea together; the optimist, the pessimist, the realist, the dreamers. Please reserve all negative and nasty posts for those post regarding tipping and MDR attire... LOL Just kidding! Come on people, let's get along and get through this together!
  6. Thanks! We were having trouble with some FCC showing up on our account, so I was checking on it. What a nice surprise! LOL
  7. Both our cruises state that we have a zero balance due! I'd would normally be happy to see this, but unfortunately we should still have a balance on each of them. Hope this is just an issue with the site....
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