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  1. Ok so just for closure, I called in again (3rd day in a row) with a concern that our 2yr old doesn't sleep in a bed, he sleeps in a pack n play. I asked if the current room has the space for the sofa bed down and a pack n play, which the supervisor said it does not. So after a lot of back and forth, they gave us a free upgrade into a bigger room that will accommodate us all (not a suite but a room that fits 5) and now we feel better. Thanks everyone for your comments, it's helped us a bunch.
  2. Thanks everyone for your comments and help, you've helped me a lot working through this process. Ultimately I think we did ok and should do our best to forget this whole thing.
  3. I wish it was that good. We paid about $3k, was under pressure to book because my family was booking, etc...
  4. I tried to get them to reinstate the original deal but they said too bad. Ends up both of our rooms could've slept 4. I think the vast majority of their balcony rooms (if not all) sleep 4 so there shouldn't be such a steep upcharge to put everyone in one.
  5. It's not cheaper- it's twice as much. Makes no sense
  6. I called and spoke to retention, they're not willing to do anything, they basically hung up on me. Very disappointed with Royal. The problem boils down to communication. If we knew that by selecting gty, we wouldn't be connected, we wouldn't have booked at all. The fact is that nowhere does it say by selecting gty, I am giving up the option of having a connected room. For future reference, I'll be booking 2 rooms, then call in a day or so later while I'm still in the refund window and merge us in 1 room & then be able to collect the refund. Edit: assuming I'd ever want to cruise them again.
  7. Meant to add, having never cruised with the kids before, my interpretation of how the gty worked was that they'd pick the rooms, however, the two rooms would be connected. That's what I thought I was paying for. Obviously didn't work out that way in the end, which is why I feel like I'm paying for what I should've known though isn't there some responsibility on their end for making this clear...
  8. When I booked it, I selected for the rooms to be connected...
  9. Hi folks, please let me know your take on this and if I have a reason to be upset or not... We are invited with some family to join them on a cruise & we have 2 little ones under 5. Looking at the options, the prices are super rediculous for one room with us all in it, so we instead book 2 gty balcony rooms which are supposed to be connected and end up paying about half the price this way. We get our room assignments today, and they aren't connected, not even close. Different decks, opposite sides of the ship. I call in, trying to figure out a solution, they end up "making an exception" in putting us all in one room since the 2 rooms that we had could both accomodate the 4 of us. No upgrades, just consolidate us all into one of the 2 rooms. Now I feel like we should've got some kind of upgrade or compensation since we gave them a room back and they gave us nothing. I mean technically we could have all slept in one room anyway, couldn't we? And just let the extra room stay empty. We're just frustrated and kind of feel like we gave something up and got nothing in return. What do you guys think? I'm trying to stay level-headed about all of this but can't help but I feel like I made a mistake in letting them take a room back with nothing in return..
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