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  1. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part but I'm assuming the $6 billion + financing they closed yesterday will be an impetus to get these refunds moving.
  2. My guess is that they are holding on to the money until the quarter turns so they can file a higher cash balance with the SEC on their balance sheet as of 3/31. I'm hoping the new month will result in a flood of refunds. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself...
  3. Thanks. I've never pondered on such a situation but I guess that makes perfect sense. Otherwise, solo cruisers like myself could just have a friend share a room initially with no intent to cruise and the cruise line would be out a good chunk of cruise fare last minute. I suppose it's like most apartments, most co-tenants are severally and jointly liable for the entire amount. If you are sub-leasing a room, the landlord isn't going to care that your roommate didn't pay this month.
  4. For now, I plan on playing this game of chicken out like George Constanza did with "his house" in the Hamptons. The only thing I worry about is that my parents who are in their mid 70s live in my home with me. I'm 47 and have no underlying health conditions (except some high cholesterol for which I take some statin) so I'm relatively low risk. And I predominantly work from home and can do so 100% for a few weeks if need be. If my parents didn't live with me, I wouldn't worry one bit about any of this. Your situation and others may be different. Right now, I am slightly hoping that they cancel of their own volition but I've been REALLY looking forward to this cruise since I first got off my cruise in early December.
  5. Thanks so much! That is greatly appreciated.
  6. The response from Princess thus far seems to have been if they cancel, you get a refund (minus what airlines or insurance might pay), and an FCC of a varying amount depending on how last minute they cancel. I think it has been in the 25-100% FCC range.
  7. Great question. While I certainly have contributed to this thread going somewhat off topic, I would love to know more about the Royal situation (since I embark on 3/14) but there doesn't appear to be anyone chiming in.
  8. Excellent post. This is exactly why the government needs to address all of those questions so that both cruise lines and cruisers have clarity. I'm not suggesting it would solve all situations but everything right now seems so disorganized and void of any leadership.
  9. Peter, Paul & Mary pun or was that just a coincidence?
  10. The point is you're chasing the past, just like the government. The virus is all across the country at this point and airplanes will very much be a massive point of contagion, if they already haven't been so.
  11. I said that because the response, even if not specifically on topic, was such a non sequitur. Nevertheless, feel free to post whatever you want.
  12. The virus got started late. If it's still around next year, we'll see how many people die compared to normal flu. The worst of it is that because of all this, flu shots next year may be in shortage. You'd think the government would make sure that there is plenty enough but from what I have seen so far, I certainly don't have any confidence in that.
  13. If you've been through the airports on the west coast the past couple of weeks, I'm not sure you would conclude that buinesses "have already ended travel".
  14. No one is suggesting stockpiling at every clinic and hospital, at least beyond normal inventory levels. We're talking about a huge stockpile in a warehouse somewhere that can be disbursed when needed, like NOW.
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