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  1. I'm confused by both of your posts. I have a Princess FCC that has an expiration of sail date by 5/1/22 which conflicts with both of your situations. Are the FCC really that disparate from one another?
  2. I've never been on one but the 3 extra sea days would be something I would very much frown upon and would much prefer doing the same itinerary out of San Pedro and save myself the time and expense of those extra 3 days. Perhaps I might feel differently if I were retired.
  3. If you already have the OBC posted to your account, when checking out on your excursions, the payment method should automatically default to your OBC until it is all used up. At least that's how it was before the pandemic. Princess may have changed that in their relentless desire to hoard cash from any source they can find.
  4. Sailing solo and not including gratuities, wifi, drinks, etc. (just fare, port fees and taxes), I would say the following for a ceiling (not "ideal" as that would zero) on obstructed balcony: $150 per day for a repositioning cruise $250 per day for a Mexican cruise $300 per day for Hawaii $400-500 per day for Alaska $600 per day for world cruise Other itineraries like transatlantic or canal or whatever would be on a case by case basis. I haven't looked much into Europe but that would probably be like an Alaska trip. Also, prices are often dependent on ship as well and I would personally pay more for a Royal class than the older ships.
  5. Another great thing I forgot to add about the likely new experience is that muster drills in their inefficient and nauseating form will likely be eliminated for good.
  6. I not only would cruise but would pay a huge premium for a socially distanced ship, even beyond the pandemic. And masks are great. You don't have to feign smiles at strangers or are obligated to make meaningless small talk with people I have no desire to engage in any conversation with. The only part that bothers me is what the port experience and excursions would be like.
  7. If so, does it matter if it is a refundable or non-refundable deposit?
  8. Wow! This is still going on. Can someone just let me know the general sailing date ranges of what's still not refunded. I mean are they still behind on the pause cancellation refunds from March and May?
  9. Yes, both groups are very difficult to comprehend but I agree they are out there.
  10. But how much of those are cash bookings vs. utilization of all of the FCC that have been issued recently and continue to be issued, most all of which have an expiration date within two years.
  11. You're like Princess' favorite punching bag. Such a shame as you seem or seemed like such a good cheerleader and TA for them, and for your clients. This thread an oldie but a goodie! I'd spend more time reading it but I don't think by blood pressure could handle it.
  12. I certainly can let it go, but for the record, I don't ever try to keep any thread alive. That's another thing about human beings I'll never understand.
  13. Once again, I am all for live and let live. I'm just trying to satisfy a curiosity that apparently can't be satisfied according to you.
  14. I totally hear what you're saying. But I guess I just don't fathom the logic. And the fact that it can't really be explained is what's perplexing for me. Mind you, I am not trying to get anyone to change their minds by any means. Just trying to understand. Like your RV example, I agree with you, it holds no appeal to me either. But I very much understand the thinking behind it and WHY some do like it and the advantages that it possesses to other forms of vacationing if that is their thing. I just don't with the concept of cruises to nowhere.
  15. All of that I perfectly get, but why? What is it about getting cramped in a very small cabin, with a very tiny bathroom, and mediocre food, and mediocre entertainment at best, and virtually no shopping so appealing? I'm not trying to bash the cruise lines as I understand why the product is what it is, I just can't understand what the appeal is when you can get all of that in a more luxurious format for arguably less. Is it just the mental thought of being on a ship or on the ocean THAT cathartic?
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