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  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I'm on the red itinerary and very excited!
  2. It sounds like if you have less than 3 weeks to sail date, you can still fax this in and get the OBC is what I'm reading from many folks???
  3. Anyone try the Cranberry Coolers who can provide their thoughts?
  4. It seems like since many of the cruise lines have added massive capacity, they've never known a time when a recession, let alone a severe one has impacted the industry. I'm not sure if the last financial crisis is a good comparison but thoughts from those who saw all that going down might be a good perspective to hear. Obviously, cruising is a luxury good and it's demand very elastic. Will fares go down a lot? Will they dock many of their ships? Etc.?
  5. I was recently able to this in the last couple of weeks.
  6. So glad to hear this. Have a great free cruise!
  7. So how were they issued in the past? Did one buy them like they buy a coffee package today? I don't understand how some people mass more than 1-2? I would think you'd use them prior to acquiring any new ones. Unless they were given out via elite benefits and are leftovers?
  8. BTW, Salvorte's was definitely on the list of final considerations and would definitely like to try sometime.
  9. I plan on going to Invitra Bistro in Cabo: http://invitabistro.com/menu/food/ And Abbraccio in PV: https://www.abbraccio.mx/storage/2020/01/ABBRACCIONOV19.pdf That's the plan anyway and I have 2100 pesos to spend off. As for breakfast, I do plan on utilizing the ship for convenience.
  10. As with most people, I have various kinds of shoes (formal, smart casual, sneakers, etc.) but the ones I predominantly in most all occasions well over 90% of the time for the past 20+ years is this exact shoe: https://www.amazon.com/Rockport-m77353-Mens-Margin-Oxford/dp/B000EY5ORQ
  11. Is there a chance that partiebarbie & LARGIN saw Cruise Raider using his/hers? Or are they just still that prevalent out there?
  12. I like to travel very light and only take the shoes I'm wearing at the time. I have an excursion in each of Cabo, Mazatlan and PV but they are just city bus tours. I don't plan on going to the beach or anything like that. But I did notice during my time in Ensenada that there is a fair amount of unpaved roads, though admittedly that was further out from the city or port area. Any reason (aside from rain) that I should worry about getting my shoes really dirty? Like regular amount of muddy puddles that I may have to navigate around and things like that?
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