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  1. Does Princess still have formal nights that require a jacket for men at dinner?
  2. Every time I have used Park n Go, I have pulled the car under a canopy. They helped put our luggage on the shuttle and they Valet parked my car while we rode the shuttle to the pier. I booked early on the Park n Go web site.
  3. I would second renting a car. You can get maps and information on line or at the volcano house in the park. The drive down Chain of Craters road is fantastic.
  4. I will say that after multiple cruises out of Port Everglades, Our experience with Park and Go has been exceptional in all aspects. I am sorry your experiences have not been so good.
  5. We always use the Park and Go on Eller drive. It is very close to the cruise port and there shuttle service has always been waiting for us when we left the ship.
  6. We were in Barcelona at the end of October. At that time the protests had died down, but a lot of graffiti spray painted on walls. We stayed in Espana Hotel off Las Ramblas. Very nice hotel, but the room was very small compared to US rooms. The street it is on does not look the best, with homeless sleeping in doorways. The hotel has a very expensive breakfast, but right down the street is an excellent bakery that is open early every morning. Be very careful of pick pockets! One lady in our party had her pursed snatched, while many attempts were made on other purses. I never carry items of value in my pockets, but had at least 3 people try to do the bump and grab.
  7. Just a quick notes: We flew back from Barcelona Nov. 1. The flight was a Delta code share with Air France. We had to check our own luggage in. It was all self serve and took a little time to figure out. They did not post gate assignments until less than an hour before boarding. All we knew was what concourse we were in. Most stood around the departure signs waiting for notice of the gate assignment.
  8. We just returned from a cruise a a 3 night Pre-Stay in Rome. We staed in an incredible little hotel called the Telegraph Suites. https://www.telegraphsuites.it/ Very small and hard to find. From what I understand, books up very quick. Old buildings that were reconverted. They have a small rooftop terrace for drinks and Tapas. Excellent staff! The entrance is off an alley, but do not let that fool you. You will be within walking distance of many historical sites. Restaurants everywhere. IMO, you want to get away from the named brand hotels and experience the local ones for a true experience. When in Rome....
  9. The last time we disembarked at Port Everglades, we used Mobile Passport and sped right through. Are they replacing that with facial recognition? They did that at Atlanta airport. I believe most countries have a separate line for their own returning citizens.
  10. So sorry it took so long, but like you stated, it is out of the hands of any cruise line. I would guess to say the is slows the ship down turning over for the next cruise.
  11. We had just the opposite. People were walking out on the HAL shows but really enjoying the Celebrity shows.
  12. I have to agree about Celebrity. We traveled RCCL back when we were raising our daughter and exploring the Caribbean, but now we are finding Celebrity is for us. We just traveled on the Constellation in the Med. and it was outstanding.
  13. I have cruised with RCCL the most over the years (been cruising since the 80s), but have recently enjoyed Celebrity.
  14. We are in the early stages of planning a land trip to Australia and New Zealand, followed by a trans pacific cruise back to the US. My Wife is Gluten free. We were wondering if Gluten free food was available In the restaurants while we were on the land portion of the trip. We have had some problems finding gluten free foods in some countries. Thank you.
  15. We were on the Zuiderdam two years ago for a Panama Canal cruise. I will have to say that the two Piano players (Danny and Ion) were the hit of the cruise. They had the piano bar rocking every night. We would leave other shows or activities early just to get a seat and stay until the last number. My point is that HAL has the capacity to find great entertainment. However, after our HAL cruise last year it seems like they have dropped the ball.
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