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  1. I've booked two cruises on Carnival right in the middle of the pandemic, with non refundable deposits, no FCC, and no free Cheers package. I took a gamble on April 2021 as I figured a vaccine would be out and things would be back to normal by then. Still feeling good about that sailing at this point. Carnival isn't going anywhere. Enticing folks to book cruises who haven't booked for a while (target marketing) is a good business decision IMO and makes perfect sense. Some "me too" folks are bitter about that but it makes sense from a marketing and strategic standpoint and in no way reeks of des
  2. Seascapes, landscapes, sunsets, and being unplugged. It's nice to have relaxing conversations with the Mrs. where we can really focus on being present and enjoying a truly relaxing moment. True intimacy is in short supply on land with so many life distractions but abundant while cruising. My kids also have a blast interacting with the other kids and aren't staring at their phones/computers/screens. All these things please me immensely.
  3. Don't forget about the bubble waters, sports drinks, fancy coffee drinks, milkshakes/spiked milkshakes, sparkling waters/large format waters at dinner and a few others I'm probably forgetting. Point being, there are more benefits than just booze and all the non alcohol drinks don't count against your 15 alcohol drink limit either. Plus no schlepping around soda at embarkation and also cold beverages on demand when/wherever. Makes for a more relaxing vacation to be sure. I've never regretted buying the Cheers package. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I suppose that's a added benefit to the
  4. Actually, the leading vaccine took no US money and their success had zero to do with "Operation warp speed" even though it was described in such a way as to suggest it. These are the two scientist we should thank. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/10/europe/biontech-pfizer-vaccine-team-couple-intl/index.html More info: https://fortune.com/2020/11/09/pfizer-vaccine-funding-warp-speed-germany/
  5. Just logged in and yes, available to purchase April 2021.
  6. I would say it's a near certainty with the incoming administration. I'm part of a large cigar group and they are also very excited about normalizing relations and lifting travel and embargo restrictions. At this point it makes no sense, we trade with other communist/dictator countries, many who have done some pretty atrocious things, yet are treated differently. It would be nice to see some consistency. I'd book a cruise to Cuba without hesitation.
  7. I've read some of the purposed ideas. Agree, many aren't feasible on a cruise ship. The vaccine is a game changer IMO. A lot of the most ridiculous stuff will get scrapped and people will be less anal-retentive in general so I suspect things will be more relaxed after the first few cruises and as vaccine availability is increased. With a covid test pre-boarding and a 90% vaccine availability, I'd have nearly zero worries and would be comfortable even without masks. 100% vaccine and they can scrap the covid tests altogether and I'd still happily cruise (vaccinated of course). I just hope they c
  8. I had a feeling a promotion like this was coming! Awesome for everyone able to get it. Unfortunately, no offer was extended to us. Just feeling super excited about our April cruise now that a vaccine could start to be distributed before the new year! Hopefully, booked/paid cruise passengers are included in the higher risk groups. It would be great to take a mostly normal cruise next year and be able to completely relax. Really pumped for the industry and sick of all the haters! Cruising is back bic**es!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁
  9. Exactly! Folks that have high compliance in their bubble areas (mostly liberal areas) will be very surprised when they leave their bubbles and realize there are a lot of places where it's the polar opposite and masks aren't enforced in even the slightest, even if there are "mandates". Folks from these states, counties, and cities will be cruising also. They too are looking to "make a few examples" of busy bodies who think they are the mask police. The term "maskholes" doesn't exist for no reason.
  10. Your condescending gibberish doesn't make sense. If the kids clubs need to remain closed to "protect health" then shouldn't the cruise ship remain closed to "protect health"? How about bars, shows and restaurants? Pools? Maybe we can all just stay in our cabins and get food delivered so as not to have contact with anyone and remain social distanced. Maybe a few hours out on deck, each cabin, per day, like a prison? That's not the product I paid for and the kids clubs are the main attraction for kids. They are on vacation too. It's my choice where my vacation dollars go and frankly, I couldn't
  11. If kids clubs aren't open, I hope they offer folks a 100% refund since they have changed the product. No point in even going if the kids will be bored and can't hang out with other kids. That's a major change in product that folks should be able to opt out of if it wasn't disclosed at booking. Couples isolating is one thing, everyone else wants to mingle and socialize. I'd definitely be expecting a refund if a cruise I booked had no kids club. That's a deal breaker for me.
  12. Probably not, wouldn't be the same product or experience. I enjoy talking to fellow passengers, interacting with the crew, and my kids love the social aspects of cruising as well. We love cruising but if things weren't the same, it wouldn't hold the same value for us as a family trip.
  13. I have zero problems cruising and don't feel even the slightest bit of guilt.
  14. You have waaaaaay more confidence than me in your fellow Americans...lol. Considering your location, you might be used to nearly universal compliance with the odd flag-waver here and there who doesn't comply because "muh-rights". Outside of these bubbles, it's a different matter entirely. It can be the complete opposite in fact, people with masks are the odd duck out. A buddy of mine had to go out of state for some training and ended up in one of these areas where it's not taken seriously. Of course he ended up catching covid (thankfully a mild case) along with everyone else at the
  15. I hope February cruises are a go! That would give me more hope for my April cruise! A vaccine will be widely available near the end of January if things continue as they are and the military is used in conjunction with the major healthcare industry to distribute them quickly/effectively through drive through locations like they are doing currently for flu shots and covid tests. Ignore the negative Nancy's, we'll be back on board before you know it and partying at sail away with a drink in hand! Yeah buddy!
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