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  1. I use cruisemapper.com and ***** for free.
  2. This is how @Peter118 spent his sea day after five port days in a row. IMG_2837.MOV
  3. Thank you for clarifying. I’m a bit of a newbie. Sea day I also enjoyed my BP 4x by lunchtime starting with a mimosa 🙂
  4. Inquiring minds want to know what BP means in this context.
  5. After 5 port days in a row we were exhausted and just laid on the upper pool deck, drinking, eating, napping, dipping in pool and repeating, not necessarily in that order, knowing that soon we would be back at work. More sea days I may have had the energy to see what else was going on. The solarium is great too.
  6. They must have some good sales at the end of the cruise because the shops were very crowded on our last full day, a sea day. There were some nice Kate Spade and other very attractive bags on sale. The only thing we bought was a model replica of the Summit 🙂
  7. I totally agree! And 8 pounds seems reasonable to me!
  8. Just came back from a Summit Cruise. Select was on deck 4 and timed dining on 5. As a side note, personally I love the timed dining (late seating). As the week progressed, we built quite the rapport with our servers, sommolier and the diners nearby.
  9. I was curious about this excursion before my 2/8/20 cruise on the Summit and now I have done it so I am posting about it for others. This was an excellent excursion!! Really packed in SO much! The best excursion of our cruise! The outfit that the Celebrity used was Carnival Sailing (not related to Carnival cruise line). We boarded the catamaran a short walk from the ship. The crew was fantastic. I would suggest not doing what we did by sitting in the back by the motor as I could not hear the narrative while sailing along the rugged coast to Pigeon Island. I wish these catamarans would put a few more speakers in because this is not the first time I've had trouble hearing. It maybe took about 30 minutes (I did not time it) to get to Pigeon Island and the bay which was was lovely and picturesque. The boat had snorkeling gear for those that wanted to snorkel off the shore. You could opt for just hanging out at the beach and/or snorkeling or you could hike on your own on a marked trails. I would highly recommend the hike up to Fort Rodney! Be warned it is pretty steep and not that easy. Would not recommend in flip flops. I did not have hiking shoes but I had some soled water shoes that surprisingly did the trick. Once we got to the top the views were spectacular! One of the crew, Elijah (Eli for short), approached us and took pictures of us together then asked if we wanted to hike even higher up, which we did. This was rigorous over many rocks and very steep. Even more unbelievable views from the top! Since we would not have done this without Eli's help, we gave him a good tip. The catamaran ended up being there longer than an hour so we even had a chance to take a dip in the beautiful ocean when we got down to the beach. Then we did a long sail down the coast to the Pitons and had an excellent lunch prepared by the crew. Can't remember what we had but it was great and plentiful. By now the rum punch was out, very strong and good! We viewed the Pitons, took pictures, then went to a spot for a swim and snorkel off the boat if you chose. We snorkeled. While I was snorkeling, someone named Sunshine approached me in a kayak. I was confused because I though he was with the boat, but he was not. He said he would take me to see the fishes. I held on back of the kayak looking down in the water with my mask and saw amazing fish, schools and schools of them. Then we picked up my fiance and he got to see too. I found out later that this guy comes from the village and tries to make some money by giving these little tours. We gave him some money. We then sailed into beautiful Marigot Bay on our way back to the cruise ship. Rum punch flowing and music. This was such a great tour although I felt like we in particular took advantage of the extra's by taking the long hike with Eli and 'seeing the fishes' with Sunshine. These guys work hard so I was happy to give them some money for being our personal tour guides.
  10. I definitely recommend the unlimited digital package! Especially if it is your first cruise. We got it on sale prior to our cruise for $100. Only one of us needed to sign up. This was our first Celebrity cruise and my fiancé’s very first cruise. We ended up with 52 digital photos we can download and get printed anywhere we want for I’m sure a lot less expensive than the ship’s prints. We have quite a variety of pictures... most ports, a few at dinner and many from the ‘stages’ they have set up. The background was a surprise on some of them, meaning they use a green screen at the time of photographing. I liked all but one of the backgrounds. It was the Summit Valentine’s week cruise so got some really great Valentine themed pics. I’m happy we did it!
  11. Our cruise out of Venice is 20 months out and excursions, dining, etc. are available!
  12. Don’t really weigh myself but we both lost at least 10 pounds prior to the cruise (my clothes were getting baggy!) so whatever we gained didn’t seem that bad. We ate and drank pretty much whatever we wanted, without gorging, did not workout on the cruise but were very active snorkeling, swimming, etc. on port intensive cruise. Just got right back to regimen after cruise and feel good. I would recommend losing a few pounds prior if worried about gaining. There was no way I was going to diet or watch too much on the cruise. The food is great plus we had the premium drink package. Our cruise was a week long, so a longer cruise we would need to be more careful.
  13. We upgraded from 2 to 4 perks which included upgrade from classic to premium on 11/12/19 which I assume was some Veterans Day sale. I had read about the surcharge issue. Was never notified and not sure how I would see on my invoice if I was charged. When I called Celebrity to inquire they said I would receive an OBC of $14 pp per day, so $196 and I wouldn’t see it until I boarded. They also said I could get that $196 refunded if I didn’t use it on board. Fast forward to 2/8/20 on the Summit, there was no OBC on our account at all. Guest Services knew nothing about it but contacted ‘home office’ and said I was told the wrong information but as a ‘good will’ gesture would give us a $200 OBC but we cannot get it refunded. So now we have $200 basically will need to just spend in a shop because all our shore excursions were paid for and done by the time this was figured out. I’ll admit it took us a few days to even make our way to guest services otherwise I would’ve cancelled and rebooked shore excursions with the OBC. Maybe I can convince my SO to book another cruise while on board and use it towards the deposit. I guess life could be worse but I wonder what went wrong in this process and were we really due the surcharge refund to begin with. I would rather just get a simple refund.
  14. I happen to be on my first Celebrity Cruise right now on the Summit in the Caribbean! On the app there is a button under dining called ‘Hungry Now?’ so you can see what is open at any particular time. There is always something. While the Oceanview Cafe is open 6:30 AM - 12:30 AM, there are a few 1-2 hour gaps it is closed. There were times we were hungry after excursions (even if the excursion included lunch). One time we got burgers at the Pool Grill, which were excellent I might add. The OVC is open for snacks from 4-5 so we popped in there and had empanadas, pizza and mini smoked salmon baguettes. We did not try the OVC for late night since we have 8:30 dining. For main dining, there were nights we could not decide what to get, so ordered multiple appetizers and entrees. The portions are not massive so you have the opportunity to try a variety. Last night I had one lobster tail and duck a l’orange and my fiancé had 2 lobster tails and beef Wellington. We have been very happy with the MDR. We ate at Tuscan twice and while good, I found some things to be overly salty. Agree with others about dieting beforehand. We started after the holidays and lost quite a bit so hopefully it won’t be that difficult to shed a week of cruise eating!
  15. I requested mine online about the 45 day mark and they were mailed to me quickly. On the subject of luggage tags, how important is It to buy the plastic tag holders I see sold on Amazon? Or are the tags themselves sturdy enough?
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