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  1. Does dinner take the entire two hours? I have MTD booked from 630-830pm on our upcoming May Oasis sailing. I just booked a few shows that start at 830pm so I was curious to know if we will be able to make them on time?
  2. Does anyone know if the wings at playmakers are different/better than the ones offered on the menu for room service?
  3. I got it for $17 during the Black Friday sale. Can I get two bottles of water at a time with this package?
  4. Has anyone ever had a room on deck 14? I just got assigned a room there on my gty booking and wondering if it will be loud from above? It’s also a connecting room, will I be able to hear my neighbors more through the door? Thanks
  5. Darn...ok thanks for all the help! I think I’ve asked enough questions for one night lol
  6. Hmm..it’s a connecting room. Can I call to have it changed to a non connecting room or do I have to wait until it shows up on my setsail pass?
  7. Ok just did it..so the last 5 numbers after the dash is my assigned cabin? It Starts with 14xxx
  8. I booked a GTY balcony for my May 2020 Oasis cruise. I just looked at my SetSail Pass in the RCL app and it says Deck 14 but my stateroom still says GTY. Is the deck 14 just a place holder until they assign me a room or will I definitely be on that deck? Thanks
  9. Has anyone ever seen any discounts on board for the 3 night dining package? The cruise planner price has stayed at $99 since I booked the cruise back in August. Thanks.
  10. Are there a lot of Uber/Lyft’s available leaving the port or would we be waiting a long time for one when we return from our cruise?
  11. Hi, I booked a tour at 1130am and the meeting place is a 5-10 minute walk from the cruise port. How long does it typically take to get off the ship and out of the port? Thanks
  12. Oh I get it so it’s 50% off the prices in my cruise planner. For example chops is $50 in my cruise planner so it could potentially be on sale for say $25 on board. Thanks for the clarification!
  13. I hear that a lot of people are offered 50% off. What is the actual price after the 50% off? Thanks.
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