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  1. Assuming the ships will head towards where they will need to be in 60 days time
  2. Don’t know about Adventure but I know that Explorer didn’t have anything for summer 21/22
  3. What ships are we expecting to see itineraries for?
  4. I see one on Independence from Port Canaveral in November 21
  5. Seems logical if things don’t improve/get worse - could just pick up the itineraries that Indy was going to be doing.
  6. Interesting, I wonder how long they will push it back for
  7. So do we think that Quantum is getting pulled from Asia for at least a year then?
  8. This is true and why I think it is unlikely - however if this is still going on in 21 RC are likely to be looking at long term solutions. Sending them to Europe directly, as you said, is probably more likely - although where they would sail from im not sure. Maybe another ship from Southampton? Barcelona?
  9. I’ve seen her popping up here and there in Europe also, if RC decide to move some ships from the China area to be deployed in the Caribbean we could see another ship in Europe possibly. It’s a long shot but possible
  10. Not yet there have been rumours for just about everywhere but nothing confirmed, with the situation at the moment plans could be changing for ships anyway if they have other ships they might send to the caribbean
  11. Maybe waiting to see how the situation with China plays out for a bit, or just some changes going on
  12. Nope, appears to have gone. Probably another revised one coming up soon then
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