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  1. Agree, I cancelled our October cruise last month and got a full refund. Will look to do this cruise again sometime in the future...
  2. We are arriving two nights before our cruise and taking the ferry over to Moorea to stay. Its not a bad idea to get in early. Not sure about ATN's history, we took it once before and it was fine.
  3. French Polynesia has now joined Greece allowing independent excursions at the various ports, see below from their Website: Exceptions where guests are allowed ashore to explore on their own: Greece and French Polynesia/Tahiti. Now, can start looking into private excursions for our upcoming trip in October. Just hope this doesn't change back. Doug
  4. Shirley, please join our small roll call for this cruise. Doug
  5. That's good to hear. We have booked our first two Windstar cruises for this October to French Polynesia and next May to Alaska on the Sea Breeze. And, I am still concerned for both, but especially this October's cruise. Customer service is more important than almost anything relating to a cruise in my opinion. And, Windstar gets such high marks from almost everyone here on CC. Thanks for your comments. Doug
  6. Windstar Star Breeze 11 night Society Islands/Tuamotu islands October 17, 2021. Plus two nights at the Sofitel Moorea prior and one night after at Manava on Tahiti. While we prefer private excursions, we will put up with Windstar excursions to just get back to cruising. Looking forward to comparing Windstar's totally renovated motor cruise ship to the fabulous Paul Gauguin we traveled on a few years ago.
  7. ...cruisers would ride or is it beggars?
  8. I will chime in. We really look forward to hopefully South Pacific this year on the virtually new Breeze and follow up on the Breeze in '22 to Alaska. Love having this small luxury ship at least part of the time on the left coast. And, my apologies to Jazzbeau on my previous post. I had to go back and read the forum rules to see that I had encouraged emails that was improper. It had been too long since I had read them. Will not happen again. Doug
  9. Yes, as I said in my initial post, this is the Star Breeze. We are reluctant to sail on the Sailing ships due to cabin size and my Wife's feeling her sea sickness will be worse in open waters. And one of my initial points was that I was comparing Paul Gauguin to Star breeze, two similar size cruise ships, not sailing ships. And, of course this is based on the cruise sailing, I have my doubts as well. But that doesn't mean I put my head in the sand and just wait this out. We have our vaccines and are ready to cruise if this one goes. And if it does, this is a great price, which was the only point I was making. There are countless posts about whether any cruise will go this year, but that was not the thrust of this thread. So let's stay on topic, thanks. Doug
  10. I started looking at Windstar versus Paul Gauguin to do a Society Island and Tuamotu cruise. And, what led me to Windstar was their price and the fact that they had just completed the major renovation of the Star Breeze. So, when I called my TA, she quoted me a price based on a promotion they were doing with Windstar. So, I thought I would share what I got versus the price shown on Windstar's website: Windstar 10/17/21 11 day Society Island and Tuamotu S1 ocean view cabin $4,299 plus 133 tax = $4,432 per person and there is a perk offered currently by Windstar Our TA price S1 ocean view cabin $3,032 including port tax $410 rebate from TA, no perk available from Windstar with this promo And, only a $290 down payment. This was too good a deal to pass up, and thousands less than a comparable PG cruise. So, it pays to shop around. As you probably know, I am not allowed to share the TA name, but it pays to shop around. Good luck, Doug
  11. Yes, I just checked and Dr Poole is offered on our stop in Moorea. Since we have already done a jet ski tour there and a fantastic atv tour of the island, this may be our best alternative for Moorea. Thanks, Doug
  12. OK, I may have to look at Jet skiing in Raitea. Last trip we took a full jet ski tour around Moorea and while we liked it, the young guy guide went full out almost the entire trip. It was too much, we were with 3 other couples,younger, that seemed to enjoy the speed. We would have enjoyed a more leisurely trip with some speed but not for the entire time. And, I know Patrick's tour sounds somewhat hokey, but if offered I think we would take it for a change of pace. Windstar is offering a tour for 6 hours that sounds similar to Patrick's. We did enjoy a private tour of a Vanilla plantation with the owner that Vahine arranged. But, once is enough. And, once was definitely enough for the Pearl visit, where we saw everything and then the entire boat waited on a couple for a good 20 to 30 minutes while they bought pearls. Eating in to our time to do other parts of the tour. Dr. Poole is a great suggestion, not sure Windstar offers him. And, if things open up and Windstar relaxes its protocols, we will definitely be booking independent. Doug
  13. Great input, we will go with the deep water snorkel unless Ato is available. We can handle strenuous, and we would get bored with the Blue Lagoon also. I may reach out to Ato, as well, and encourage him to approach Windstar. We loved Pure Snorkeling on Bora Bora and will look to do a similar excursion with Windstar. Does Windstar use Patrick on Bora Bora? If so, we will also do his excursion on our other day there. We previously did a smaller tour, similar to Patrick's, on our previous trip. And, we will do Windstar's Aquarium tour on Rangiroa. We would love to be able to get off the ship in Raitea and have lunch at the restaurant that the couple that used to be at Vahine private island resort and now have their own restaurant on Raitea. He is one of the best chefs we have ever experienced. I know he has a restaurant now on Raitea as I play pickleball with a neighbor that has a second home on Raitea and knows them very well. However, I know that we probably can't do that unless the protocols change. Possibly do a river excursion on Raitea? We are not looking for Pearl stops or Vanilla as we have already experienced that with Marc for Pearls on his tour on Huahine, and we did a private excursion to Tahaa when we were on Vahine to go to the vanilla plantation. Thanks again for your advice, all is welcome! Doug
  14. Petoonya, thanks for the input. We do plan to do the Coral Garden tour from the Motu and already have rash guards and water shoes from our PG cruise. As to Fakarava, Windstar offers a 4 hour snorkeling tour at Blue Lagoon or a 1.5 hour snorkeling tour at Pufuna for about the same price. I am leaning toward doing the Blue Lagoon for the extra time and Windstar calls Pufuna strenuous and Blue Lagoon moderate. What has been your experience? Thanks, Doug
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