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  1. I always taken the skytrain between the airport and the port. It's super fast.
  2. It was sold as a Studio Balcony. All Quantum class and Spectrum have Interior Studio and Studio Balconies. Spectrum have more Studio Balconies. Only 1 point per night for the studio. As a solo cruiser you earn 1 point if booked in a studio 2 points if booked in an Non-studio interior, ocean view, or balcony 3 points if booked in any types of suites.
  3. I just got off Spectrum of the Seas and was in one of the aft studio... I can confirm that it is a Studio in terms of the bed size and storage space.. it's a smaller bed... but you get a full couch and some extra space. I was in 9322. It have the same amount of storage space as the regular studio balcony room... there is also no dresser that you see in regular balcony rooms.
  4. I don't think the cabana have AC either, I rented one before and its just a wooden structure with shade and seating... It's probably best to visit in the morning before it gets too hot. I don't think the new buildings will have AC either since they're all open air.. I've seen renderings with elaborate large ceiling fans, but no AC. The one place that *might* have some AC is the first aid station. There are some shaded area like the bars and the dining areas.
  5. The solo rooms on Virgin looks decent if you're in the oceanview ones... the inside solo cabin looks a bit cramp. Some Royal Caribbean ships have solo rooms too, the best ones are on Quantum class ships because you have the options of either interior or balcony solo. Some, not all, Oasis class ships have outside solo while some Radiance class have inside solo... it's really a mix.. but the Quantum Class Single Balcony are amazing...
  6. I did Key on a Anthem for 2 sailings and both time the key hours were different. It’s like 3 or 4 1 hour sessions. Most are at 9am with one or two at the end of the day or at night. It appears regular riders loose an hour on days they had Key at 9am but when they do Key at night it’s an extra hour.
  7. Chops should only be open for Key on embarkation day only. If the Key guest missed the Key lunch, they can go on another sea day for lunch. It shouldn’t be open for Key every day for lunch.. unless it’s Royal “testing” out another feature before they roll it out fleet wide.
  8. Theres a reason why everyone else uses small ships.. and it isn't they want to use old ships.. just most major cruise line haven't built any small ships in the past decade or so. I didn't book the Havana sailing because I've been to Havana twice with Royal Caribbean, once on Empress of the Seas and the other on Majesty of the Seas. The biggest reason why I didn't pick Havana isn't the port or the ship, it's more I want to read the reviews first to see how well Cuba handles a large ship. Going to Havana isn't like going to any other ports in the Caribbean... when you get off the ship, you have to go through immigrations... you have to line up for them to check your Visa and Passport. Next you have to go through an X-Ray and they screen your bags to make sure you don't bring any prohibited items into Cuba. Finally most people get money exchanged at the currency exchange booth since US Dollar and US credit cards isn't accepted anywhere in Cuba. You might be able to exchange money at hotels, but theres really no hotels around the port. On the way back to the ship, you have to get your passport checked again and than you have to go through another set of screening run by the Cuban to check if you are bring anything back to the ship that you shouldn't. This is the part where they'll ask for receipts and stuff of any cigars you had purchased... and for Royal Caribbean, they have you go through another security screening to make sure you're not bringing any prohibited items on to the ship. The first day in port it can be a while before you actually get off the ship and actually step into Havana... however the process is much faster later on in the day but it's pretty much the same. Every time you get off the ship, you have to have your passport check, go through a screening... and on the way back... passport checked again and go through 2 screenings to get back on the ship.
  9. I’m pretty sure VV measurement includes the balcony whereas other cruise line gives the measurements of the actual room and a separate measurement of the balconies. The smallest balcony cabin on a modern Royal Caribbean ship (voyager class or newer) is 179 to 182 sq ft with a small balcony of 40 to 50sq ft making it a total of 232 sq ft. That extra sq footage is enough to put in a separate couch and bed. The aft facing terrace room looks like the same size as all the other terrace, except have a massive balcony in the back. If VV terrace size rooms are truley bigger, they did a really bad job at the layout if they can’t manage to cram in a separate sofa or even a love seat.
  10. The rooms are tiny compare to other modern ships... most new ships have a separate sleeping and sitting area... however, with the smaller rooms.. they have to get creative. It's not a new concept. I remember when Royal Caribbean's Sovereign Class ships came out... the beds are placed against the walls (one by the window and one on the adjacent wall).. during the day, they place a cover over the bed and the backrest comes down and it formed an L shape couch in the room... at night it turns into either 1 big bed or 2 smaller beds. It's not a new concept, it's been done before. Just it's labor intensive and eventually Royal Caribbean just kept them as beds all day long.. and now they removed the back rest so if you go on Majesty of the Seas (the only Sovereign class left in Royal Caribbean's fleet), you wont even realize that was the concept when it first came out. the photo was a stock photo that they used in all the brochures and I just found it on Google.
  11. Scarlet Lady will be my 80th Cruise... Majority of my cruises are Royal Caribbean 44 out of 73 previous cruises plus 6 out of 8 future cruises are with Royal Caribbean... the rest are Carnival, Princess, Disney, and "other". It may seem like I'm jumping ships from Royal Caribbean... but I have too high of a status with Royal Caribbean to jump ship. I can say the only cruise line I won't go back on is NCL.
  12. You could always do a Back to Back to Back and visit Dominican, Havana, and Costa Maya.
  13. Well they may not offer a drink package... but during booking it says specialty dining, internet, and gratuities are all included... Plus they also include a lot more complementary beverages than other cruise lines, the big one being sodas. They need to make some onboard revenue from somewhere and the casino, gift shops, "streaming" internet, and spa can only make so much... They know their demographic and they know they can make more money off of selling drinks individually. Plus we should at least wait to see the drink prices and their definition of "reasonable" before jumping to conclusion.
  14. The "taxi" in St. Thomas is more like an open air bus ride.. but that "bus" is more like benches on back of a modified truck... think the Safari ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom but with out the doors. They also have passenger vans, but you'll more likely find the open air taxis. It's a flat fee per person but it isn't much. $4 per person each way for a ride to the main shopping area. If you want to go elsewhere on the island, the prices would be higher and pretty sure everything is per person. All aboard is normally 30 minutes prior to the departure time... but if you're touring on your own, it's a good idea to be back to the port terminal at around 2 pm.. you can still shop around the port before actually returning to the ship. It's best to check the all aboard time on the gangway before leaving the ship... sometime there might be a change to the schedule last minute and sometime the all aboard time can be earlier or later than posted. My last cruise we were suppose to leave Port Canaveral at 7PM but morning of they decided to changed it to midnight so "we can enjoy more time at the theme parks" but they really mean "we need more time to fix something on the ship". So who knows, just check the all aboard time before you leave the ship and make sure you are back on the ship, or at least in the port, a hour before that time. Not sure which food tours you are looking at, but make sure they're family friendly. There are a lot of food tours that feature food that aren't really kids friendly or they also focus on local adult beverages. See if the tour operator do anything that would ensure that your whole family can take part of the experience. I honestly would just spent the money at a local restaurant and also buy some local snacks from the local stores.. it would come out cheaper than doing a tour.
  15. On some sailings, they actually have a Disney Springs Shopping Shuttle but for some reason this shuttle is $20 more than the Disney World Express shuttle. I would just rent a car... that's what I did, I was able to get a car from Hertz and also from Budget for under $40 plus gas and toll... plus you're on your own schedule.. just make sure you make it back in time before the ship leaves.
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