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  1. My previous 3 TransPacific been around $1300 one way for Premium Economy from LAX to SYD via TPE on China Airlines (Taiwanese Airline / part of SkyTeam). They have the same Premium Economy seats as Air France (hard shell seat so if the person in front reclines, it doesn’t recline into your space) The legroom and seat width was similar to a domestic first class seat.
  2. I’m just saying that in the concept art it looks too cramp with 2 pools. It looks really narrow. Even in the actual videos and photos from Navigator the pools look really narrow. It does look nice but extremely narrow of a pool. If you have people sitting on both side of the individual pool, there’s really not much room to swim in.
  3. The concept with 2 pools side by side looks pretty cramp and have too much going on. The single larger pool seems to be a better choice. Plus there will be another outdoor-ish pool under the Northstar.
  4. The “inside” pool on the other Quantum / Quantum Ultra class ships will be a 2nd outdoor pool on this ship. They got rid of the glass canopy for this ship.
  5. In the past, I tend to do Walt Disney World pre-cruise if sailing out of Port Canaveral / Tampa and post-cruise if sailing out of Miami / Fort Lauderdale. Most often I like to do Disney before a cruise because I tend to spend the most money at Disney so get the expensive part of the trip out of the way first.
  6. What constitutes as being “below” Voyager Class? I ask because Radiance class can be either above (in terms of age) or below (size and capacity). I think there is a market for Radiance class ships as it still offer many of the experiences and amenities of the larger ships.
  7. Also when shopping for hotels with a package... make sure they have shuttle to the Port of Long Beach / Carnival Terminal. There are a lot of hotels that offer a package, but only have shuttles to the San Pedro port.
  8. Most of the hotels are pretty pricy around the port... but Hotel Maya is nice and they often time have a stay and cruise package. There are also two Best Westerns that offer stay and cruise packages. Last time I priced it out, it was cheaper to just stay at the hotel I wanted by Disneyland and just pay for parking at the port. Back in February the prices for the packages were crazy expensive. Even the nightly rate with out parking plus the parking at the port came out cheaper than what the hotel wanted for a package. I would shop around and price out how much it would be to stay at a hotel you like plus parking vs a package.
  9. MDR food on Royal Caribbean can be really good or really bad... but there are always those classics that are always good. I can always find something I like on the MDR menu. I do spent most of my time at specialty dining such as Solarium Bistro, Wonderland, and 150 Central Park. I think it’s worth the money for an upgraded dining experience.
  10. I cruise on Quantum class pretty frequently, including Spectrum. I have never really see anyone use that area. As with any public area, it has the potential to get loud and rowdy, but I never had an issue with the port side cabins. I’m also not going to say it’s 100% quiet because other people had complain on noise and I’m probably out of my cabin when there was something going on there.. but every time I look, I rarely see anyone there. On Spectrum it’s just an outdoor dining area... but, I never actually seen anyone had a meal there.
  11. Port side, you can tell by the direction the lifeboats are facing.
  12. Harmony of the Seas have one of the best stage production of Grease that I’ve seen. They basically took the best elements from both the original stage production and the movie to make their version of Grease. In addition, as stated earlier, they also have a 2nd musical production call Columbus. Columbus have one of the most elaborate set pieces at sea and is really well done. Royal Caribbean Productions does an amazing job putting together original musical productions on their ship. I use the word musical because it isn’t like Carnival and other cruise lines where it’s just a medley, or a mashup, of random songs... but there is actually somewhat of a plot or theme that ties everything together. Royal Caribbean have some of the best collection of musicals production at sea, some of them are the full production as you would find on the West End or Broadway... intermission included. For example, Oasis has Cats and Allure has Mama Mia. Other ships such as Anthem have “We Will Rock You”. Prior to COVID-19 shut down, I would attend broadway shows in New York pretty frequently. The entertainment on Royal Caribbean can go up against most broadway productions that I’ve seen. They spend millions on the shows and it shows. Also don’t knock on the ice skating production and the aqua show. Harmony of the Seas has one of the best ice skating show I’ve seen, both on land and at sea. It uses state of the art projection mapping to add a whole other element to the show. In addition, the main show in the aqua theater is better than most of the cirque show’s I’ve seen. They’re both high energy productions that is worth the time to watch. As someone that attend live theater frequently on land... I’m always WOWed and blown away with what Royal Caribbean Productions been putting together over the past few years. Especially the Super Hero show on Spectrum of the Seas. Also I personally think the food on Royal Caribbean is way better than Norwegian. I’ve been on Norwegian once and it was onboard the Epic... that was my first and last Norwegian cruise. There was no reason to go on Norwegian when Royal Caribbean offer a much better overall experience. I’m also Platinum on Carnival, only because Royal Caribbean doesn’t sail out of California. Carnival is great with “Reno” style entertainment... they’re entertaining, but won’t pass for a Vegas production. However, hands down, Royal Caribbean offers the best experience overall and I do fly all over the world to experience all that Royal has to offer. By far over 2/3 of my cruises had been on Royal Caribbean.
  13. My point is they were approved but they are still not open. They are on their own schedule and trying to do what is right. You have to remember, they are also the one that shutdown first, before any government agency or public ask them to. They have their own internal requirements they have to meet before they start operation.
  14. Cruise lines have absolutely no choice but to not operate. There is no public support, outside our community of loyal cruisers, for cruise to operate. It will be a PR disaster if a cruise line were to operate during a pandemic. It all comes down to there is no way to spin cruising as essential or important.
  15. In Disney’s defense. Disney World, as far as the theme park aspect, just “planned“ to open at a later date... like how cruises are planning to operating at a future date. They will most likely postpone that date. Technically they can open if they want to but haven’t. Disney is the first company to shut their theme park operations globally before they were forced to by the government. Same is true in California, while rival theme parks and attraction are reopening, Disney had decided to keep Disneyland close for a bit longer.
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