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  1. It appears like you are the advance planner in the family, which is a good thing for the family. In general Europe is wonderful. The problem is that many of the details seem to change weekly for Greece and other European countries. Also, different Greek islands can have different regulations ... being an advance planner in 2021 is a difficult responsibility. My advice would be to wait as long as possible prior to a family commitment.
  2. I think you are on to something ... there is much to be enjoyed on ship! As we cruise more we realize we've been to a lot of ports. The essense of our travel doctrine now is to "enjoy the journey" and not just enjoying more ports. There are many ports we've been to and don't really care for enough to make a return visit ... for various reasons ... We enjoy meeting our fellow passengers from around the world and visiting with crew! ... 😇
  3. My wife loves a Kir Royale, also made with the Chambord in your French Martini mixed with a top tier Champagne ... we usually have a Dirty Martini but will try a French Martini on our next cruise, based on your recommendation! ... 🙂 ...
  4. Unfortunately, as much as I love Azamara, they are much like most that are 'selling something' ... they will focus on the 'selling something' part and let you sort out what works where you are located ... just busness as usual ... 🤑 ...
  5. Yes ... statistics have shown most C19 comes from "community spread", meaning family, friends, neighbors ... not from vaccinated and C19 test proven passengers.
  6. Yes ... good suggestion ... we usually get it from the bartender at the bar we will frequent the most ... we are remembered for this good deed!
  7. The music and entertainment on White Night is truly worth waiting for ... but ... it can be difficult to find a table if you aren't there when it is getting started.
  8. Yes the TV is a better option for Muster Drills! Your comment reminds me of my favorite Muster Drill ... 🙂 ... we were doing a back-to-back and didn't not have to attend a Muster Drill for the 2nd leg of the back-to-back ... by that time I had a favorite bartender and he poured me a 'very dirty' martini during the scheduled Muster Drill! ... 🙂 ... what a joy to be at the bar instead of a Muster Drill gathering!
  9. UK stats are better than I suspected ... as you say ... but ... it depends on where you get your figures ... https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations shows UK at 40.75%/18.66% for percentage vaccinated 2 jabs/1jab as of June 5, 2021
  10. Bar service is faster with drinks for everyone ... there is nothing to sign so often the bartender is making your regular as soon as he sees you ... fast and easy!
  11. Some good info provided in the comments from the thread you started ... also, my DW just suggested to wait for the last day of shopping provided ... you can find some deals!
  12. This is perhaps 'a bit' wasteful since I actually like most of the Azamara House Brands ... but ... notice I didn't say 'obsoleted' ... they are still used and perform well! ... 🤣
  13. We call our extra onboard credit our 'funny money' ... 🙂 ... my wife has so many top tier purses bought onboard that we now usually spend instead on an upgraded high end drink package just to use it all!
  14. I like a tablet instead of a Kindle also ... it gives me a computer at my fingertips and I have a skype telephone number loaded on it that we've used for years ... it has on occasion been very handy.
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