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  1. Hi Everyone! First Christmas Cruise this December out of New Orleans (I hope). Wanted to see if there are other LGBT cruisers going on this amazing trip.
  2. I just went in October. The food was fine- nothing to write home about. But the ship and crew were excellent.
  3. I just went on a cruise at the end of October on the Gem. We ate once in the MDR (had pork- tasted good, but the portion was TINY). We also ate at Magenta's, where I had the lamb and that was amazing. Also tried O'Sheerans (spelling?) twice, and the food was pretty good. It was bar-style, nothing fancy. But we weren't looking for anything fancy. Otherwise, mostly ate at the buffet because I never knew what I wanted and knew I could pick and choose what to get there. Plus, I LOVED eating out on the back deck in the open. Maybe I have an easier time with food selection, but every time I ate at one of the sit-down restaurants, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted. There were always at least two options that I had to pick between. It may not have been 5-star quality, but it was certainly edible and I enjoyed not having to cook. And I don't eat any kind of seafood, so that narrowed it down by several selections.
  4. Just trying to see if anyone else in the community is going to be going on the Boston->Bermuda Trip between April 24-May 1 of 2020. I really enjoyed my last trip, but the LGBT gatherings were so poorly organized. Literally, it was show up to a certain area with NO indication of who was there for the gathering and who was there just to get a drink. There was also a lounge on each side of the bar, so it could have been one of three places. Looking to meet some new friends on this trip.
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