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  1. Please reply to the question which was asking do you ever need accommodations with closed captioning?
  2. Thanks for the date and cruise. Unfortunately, that leaves me in New Zealand for another 3 weeks after the America's Cup is finished. (it ends on March 21). I would love to stay but having lived there for 13 years, I really don't have a lot of reason except old friends and visiting.
  3. great idea but I need to leave end of March. I am going to America's Cup which ends on the 21st of March, 2021. Australia is a good alternative. This year the Maasdam goes from Sydney to Auckland and on to San Diego, however, on March 1. . That would be ideal for next year but need to leave later, but no ships for 2021. Sydney, Australia is about 1400 air miles from Auckland, NZ, need to get another ETA also. Rather, if able to go from Auckland. May end up flying but where is the fun in that?.
  4. Essiesmom, do you know if something like this exists for repositioning cruises or Transpac cruises?? That is a super web site but for now, I really need a 2021 cruise from NZ to California or West Coast.
  5. Wish I had been on your cruise. I thought about this but figured that the ship would put the kibosh on it. I like to play about 2 hours every evening when on a cruise.
  6. Hello, thanks for the help. I needed to be more specific. I am going to be in NZ for the America's Cup and that is over on March 21. I really don't want to stay until the middle of April if I can help it and just looking for something better than a flight..
  7. Looking for a transpacific cruise for Mar or April 2021 from Auckland to West Coast of California or Seattle. Any body??
  8. Just off the Rotterdam, same deal. Complained that this type of table is terrible and not real Texas Hold'em
  9. Carnival Corporation Settlement On July 23, 2015, the United States and Carnival Corporation entered into a Settlement Agreement resolving an investigation into numerous complaints conducted by the United States under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Among the complaints were allegations that the company failed to: reasonably modify policies, practices and procedures to accommodate individuals with disabilities; ... afford individuals with disabilities the same opportunities to participate in the programs and services, ... and provide effective communication during muster and emergency drills. Relevant elements of the agreement with respect to access for people who are blind include: The agreement specifies that the Carnival Corporation (owner and operator of Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, and the Holland America Line) will not engage in any practice that discriminates against individuals with disabilities in violation of Title III of the ADA. Carnival Corporation will designate an ADA Compliance Officer who will be responsible for compliance across the three brands. Carnival Corporation will also appoint an ADA Responsibility Officer for Carnival Cruise Line and for Holland America Group (which includes Holland America Line and Princess Cruises) who will have responsibility and authority to resolve ADA complaints for the respective brands. In addition, each covered sailing will have designated ADA Shipboard Officers available to address ADA issues that arise at sea. Carnival Corporation will hire an ADA auditor to conduct surveys and audit each ship for compliance with the ADA Standards for Accessible Design in areas open to the public and in designated accessible cabins and suites. The ADA auditor will develop a plan to remediate barriers to access on each ship in conjunction with the Company’s dry dock schedule, conduct on-site inspections to verify ADA compliance, and file a report annually with the Department of Justice. Carnival Corporation and the Covered Brands will improve the accessibility of its websites and mobile applications by bringing them into compliance with the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, Level A and Level AA. In addition, Carnival Corporation has created new standards to ensure ADA compliance. These include: - Accessibility Requests and Complaint Procedure - Dissemination of Information Regarding Accessibility - Training - Accessible Airport Transfers - Embarkation and Disembarkation - Shore Excursions - Effective Communication - Dining The Company's ships include places of public accommodation, inter alia, cabins, dining venues, specialty restaurants, bars and lounges, swimming pools, performance and movie theaters, internet cafes, spas and beauty salons, gymnasiums and outdoor jogging tracks, medical and auxiliary services (i.e., infirmary or medical center), and youth programs. Title III requires that the Company shall not discriminate against individuals on the basis of disability in the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations at any place of public accommodation. The Company shall furnish appropriate auxiliary aids and services where necessary to ensure effective communication with individuals with disabilities unless it can demonstrate that taking such steps would fundamentally alter the nature of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations being offered or would result in an undue burden. This includes an obligation to provide effective communication to companions who are individuals with disabilities. "Effective Communication" means communication with persons with disabilities that is as effective as communications with others. Effective communication is achieved by furnishing appropriate auxiliary aids and services where necessary to afford an individual with a disability an equal opportunity to participate in or benefit from a good, service, facility, privilege, advantage, or accommodation that is afforded to other individuals. The Company agrees that individuals with disabilities will be afforded the full and equal enjoyment of the Company's goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations, and will not be excluded, segregated, or otherwise treated differently than individuals without disabilities.
  10. You do sound like the last 20 people that worked on cruse ships in I.T. Really helpful.
  11. If you are against helping those that are hard of hearing just say so. You needn't quote law, statistics, and every reason that you can think of to not help. Most ships do. I would like to know what got up your nose? However, since you have made your position clear, you needn't answer or be on this board any longer. Just state that your are against it, and cruise ships have a law all their own.
  12. DOT changed this so that all disabled passengers have equal AIR access. However, laws at sea are very murky. I.e.. Jurisdiction Most cruise lines register their ships with foreign countries and fly foreign flags. As such, the law of the country of registration may apply to events on such cruise ships. Additionally, for cruises departing from a U.S. port, the laws of the state where the ship departed, U.S. federal law, and various international treaties may apply as well. Special maritime jurisdiction may apply pursuant to 18 U.S. Code Section 7 when an offense is committed by or against a U.S. national in a place outside the jurisdiction of any country, and cover foreign vessels that have a United States arrival or departure port. Florida Statute 910.006 offers Florida law enforcement special maritime jurisdiction when an offense is committed and the victim is resident of Florida, the suspect on board the ship is a resident or citizen of Florida; more than half the revenue passengers aboard the ship originally embarked and plan to finally disembark in a Florida port; or the crime could have caused a "substantial effect" within Florida. So you see, we can never solve the hearing problem by changing the law. It has to be consumer driven.
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