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  1. We were planning to wait until 2022, until last week when we got an amazing Email deal through the blue chip club for Dec 26-Jan 2. I guess technically we are waiting until 2022 for the last two days, Ha! We already have the Dominican Republic, Vegas and a week camping planned, so we weren’t even considering it until getting the email.
  2. As I understand it, you get the benefits of your new room level but you wouldn't get booking perks. For example, you get access to the retreat, specialty restaurants in a royal suite etc. However, if the suite glass got all four perks when booking and you only got one when booking you don't get the additional perks associated with booking. Unlimited internet and the premium package aren't included in the sky suite perks. Here is what I pulled from Celeberity suite FAQ. Our suite experience will now include: • Sky Suite guests can access Michael’s Club (
  3. Fantastic news. in your experience, do you get a call from the suite concierge when Your winning bid is just a few days out. thank you.
  4. When did you get the notification gizmo? We are on sillhoutte this Sunday also. We have two offers expired and one pending since this morning but no notification or CC charge.
  5. To those who have sailed on ships with a low capacity, what was the impact on services offered? Were all bars open, did the casino close early etc. Thank you
  6. Has anyone ever heard how low the occupancy rate would have to go before Celebrity would cancel a cruise? We are on the Sillhoutte this Sunday, 3/15, and Two days ago there was 125 open cabins and last night 346. I imagine when I look tonight the numbers will Be even bigger. With 1400 or so cabins they were only at 75% and the number of cancellations going up rapidly.
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