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  1. I am the OP on this thread and appreciate all the comments and discussions. They were better then I had expected. At any rate I just learned that ALL Carnival Cruises have been canceled to a specific date and ship - the Glory - will not sail again until at least August. Our sailing is in October but Carnival is offering a 100% refund or exchange with a $600 OBC if sailing is rescheduled by 12/2020 to be used by 12/2022. How would this affect the coverage I have with TI if I opt to reschedule the trip for a later, more secure date? If I went through TI to reschedule trip, would the $600 OBC be applied to new trip as well? I would be interested in hearing what TI would gave to say about this. Thanks again everyone for your comments and thank you TI for your prompt input. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. I am going on our 1st cruise and decided to pick up some travel insurance. The selections and info is almost overwhelming. The most reasonable plan comes from Travel Insured International. Has anyone had experience with this company? If so could you leave your details, good or bad would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Ok so now I am considering a purchase on Trip Insurance for this voyage. Could anyone tell me if Travel Guard is worth my time and money or should I go elsewhere? They have given me a quote of almost $100 for the trip. Is that total cost for the insurance? Thanks so much.
  4. Thanks Coevan. Same dress code for the Main Dining Hall?
  5. So wearing a suit would be over doing it? How about the wife?
  6. I just booked a reservation for the 2nd night as well. Thats after seeing some reviews on the place which all were good. Also heard of them giving you either a free bottle of wine or 50% off a premium bottle of wine when you go to eat. Think I will be getting the discount as I heard the free wine is barely better then Barefoot. I also chose the 7pm time hoping the main crowd dies down by then.
  7. In doing this, would you have to book an excursion through CCL and then show them the cheaper price elsewhere? I have found a place or two online where the excursion cost is sometimes almost half of what it costs on CCL.
  8. Just to clarify the "1st Night" of the cruise. We leave port at 3:30 PM and have 2 days at sea. So in order for this offer to work, I would need to make reservations for the night we leave port or the 1st night at sea?
  9. I have already prepaid the FTTF Package. Will also prepay any excursions that I may want to take. Still looking into them though.
  10. Has anyone had the opportunity to dine here? I was thinking about booking a reservation but would like to get some feedback before I do. The Menu looks real good and I am sure the food is great but would like to hear from some experienced dinners. Is there a dress code? What would be a good time to make the reservation for? Can I bring a "Corked" bottle of wine with us when we go or should I just get one there? Thanks for your input.
  11. Thanks O.C. This is a very good bit of information and very helpful. Just wondering if I could blow through $1000 in Cruise Cash on a 7 day adventure.
  12. How do I get that 10% Savings? Nothing about that is said online where I can purchase those gift cards. Do I have to wait until I board the Ship?
  13. It was said earlier in the thread that if running low in the CC Bar that the CC can be applied to your drinks. That was what I understood but may mistaken what was a actually said or meant. Seems like bringing Cash might be the way to go and just have it applied to the S&S Account.
  14. We go on our first cruise in October. Have spent some time here on this forum and have had a lot of questions answered. You can never do to much research. If you have not done so already, jump on the Cruise Critic Email list. They will send you emails that have tips on them which have a ton of good information. I would start planning on the finances as well. Get the Cruise Cash Saved Up and any drinking packages you may need. Most Importantly - Have Fun Smooth Sailing
  15. Ok so let me see if I have this right. Cruise Cash in all three of its forms can only have $500 in each of them. Can you transfer funds between them. Say I have $500 on the Cruise Pics and do not use it. Can I then move it over to the Cruise Bar one? If when it is all said and done and I still have Cruise Cash remaining, doubtful but none the less, how would I get this money back? Go to the Casino and ask to cash it out? Gift Cards can also be used but will only lead to another gift card with remaining funds? I can also bring cash and turn it into Cruise Cash ... How? Kiosk? Thanks for your replies everyone. They are helping me out a lot.
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