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  1. Has anyone gone deep sea fishing in Amber Cove or La Romana? If so, which tour and did you like it?
  2. Yes, I'd like to do that...but my concern/question is what time do they start? If port time is 7am, and cruise departure is 3pm, are those longer excursions even possible given they take 6+ hours? Are those longer excursions starting at 7 in the morning, because that's the only way this is possible?
  3. Yeah, I saw that one and it was very intriguing, but I was thinking I might want to see more of the island than just the greater city area....
  4. Right, but do those tours right there at the port START at 7am? And do the tours from other pre-book operators start at that time? It seems a bit early... Because anything starting at 9 or later means you wouldn't make the ship...
  5. I've been on the original cruise you have planned. I'd recommend sticking with that plan - every port is fantastic, I strongly recommend visiting Mt. Gay rum distillery in Barbados.
  6. My port time is 7am-3pm. From what I can tell, a lot tours that cover the whole island are 6-7 hours? Which seems to consist of the entire port time...and I can't help but wonder if those tours actually leave around 7am? What's the best way to see a lot of the island with a limited time window like this?
  7. Hi, if you've been to Bonaire, especially more than once, what are your favorite excursions/tours you've embarked upon? Any really great tours of the entire island? Thank you!
  8. Hi all, Figuring out my next cruise itinerary. It's between 1 with Curacao, and 1 with Bonaire. Please help me make the decision here! Why do you like either of these islands? Is there an excursion (independent or cruise line, I'm open to both types) that really made it awesome for you? Thank you!
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