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  1. Thanks. This is pretty much what I thought. Princess web site plans were not terribly illuminating, unless there is some secret thing I missed. The web site is the same as the deck plans in my brochure. Hubby and I don't give a damn where our bed is, but this friend is adamant about the bed.
  2. We haven't even booked yet. I am still trying to figure this out!
  3. Which deck plan are you referring to that I can tell where the fire doors are? I just checked Princess' web site and I went back to cruisedeckplans.com. I couldn't figure it out. What you said makes sense though having been on Princess a few times. As far as I have always been able to see, the rooms alternate. So if D604 has a bed on the right, then the 2 cabins on either side of that would have beds on the left, correct?
  4. It is the Regal Princess. Dolphin or Caribe Deck, BB or BA category.
  5. We are trying to cruise with friends. One of them is adamant that when you enter the cabin the bed is on the right. Is there some way to tell? I did check cruisedeckplans.com but unless someone has uploaded a photo of a particular room there is no way to know. I guess maybe I should just call the Princess? If any of you have tips I would appreciate it! Thanks!
  6. My family has always wondered about something. If anyone has an idea I would love to hear it! I grew up in the suburbs of Vancouver and for the last 21 years we have lived east of the city in the Fraser Valley. To take the ferry to Victoria, you go to the ferry terminal in Delta. Do a google maps search and you'll see what I mean. The terminal is about 30kms south of the airport. The ferry ride takes about 90 minutes. The dock on the other side is on the end of the Saanich peninsula. From there is about a 25 km drive south to Victoria. So when the cruise ships th
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