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  1. Our 10-day cruise in the beginning of July leaves from Venice... Should we really be considering to cancel this cruise? What do we risk if we don't? We have booked through a TA (no X-flights)...
  2. Thanks swordfish! I saw on the internet that espn will cover this tournament... so hopefully ESPN is one of the channels that is available during our cruise on the Meditterenean! Any chance that you can view it in public areas on the Constellation?
  3. Hello, We're cruising the Constellation this summer during the european championship football (soccer for the Nothern Americans 😁). Will it be broadcasted on the ship? If so, where would that be? The big movie screen? Or is there are bar where they broadcast sports? Thanks and have a nice weekend!
  4. Hi there, Through the cruise planner I was able to make reservations for the select dining (for the nine of us). As you suggested, I contacted Celebrity and I received this response: '...must see The hostess in the open dining.' So I guess I'll have to go to the main dining room on embarkation day.
  5. Thanks for to quick replies! And @Bo1952: on holiday, in summer, on our first cruise... i don't think we'll be stressing out too much if we have to wait a while 😉😎
  6. Hello to all! Short question: this summer we will be cruising on the Constellation. We are 9 people (6 adults and 3 children), will we be able to sit together at one big table at the MDR (select dining) or in the buffet area? Tnx for the info!
  7. I assume this must be the case. Nevertheless it's at least not professional that X has not anticipated, making it impossible to book those occupancies after the 'revolutionization'. Now a bunch of people who have booked a cruise that costs a lot of money are left in uncertainty. A negative feeling that could've been prevented. Now, for those who are aware of this situation, it's wait and see until next week.
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