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  1. Unfortunately, rather than using our usual TA, we had been lured by a terrific online deal which combined the cruise with three nights accommodation in Singapore. They have offered a total refund for the deal and it should arrive in about 30 days time. Can't argue that Princess admin must be extremely busy at the moment refunding cancelled cruise passengers. Just glad they eventually made the decision to cancel their "Asia" cruise season, what turmoil.
  2. Thank you for your answers, JF - retired RRT and Colo Cruiser. We use a TA so that is our issue. Can't believe that this info isn't available to see online. Was hoping to get advance warning of when to expect a refund for our cancelled Asian cruise.
  3. I find the Princess site difficult to navigate around at times so I googled "can i find out how much i owe on my princess cruise on their website" and this thread was one of the search results. Still no wiser about where to see payment or balances on the Princess site.
  4. Thank you to everyone who shared their experiences. Unfortunately, I won't need to take advantage of some good advice as our Sapphire Princess cruise has been cancelled,
  5. Some great info here and I no longer need it as our Sapphire Princess cruise has been cancelled. The taxi mafia might be out-of-pocket with so many Asian itineraries not going ahead this year. Sure they'll work out some way to make up the shortfall, beware.
  6. Disappointed to say our cruise on Sapphire Princess has been cancelled and so we won't need to apply for e-visas for Vietnam. Thank you for your help, Expat Cruise. Frustrated that Princess insisted that e-visas would not be acceptable when it is patently obvious that they are.
  7. Sorry to hear about the abrupt end to your cruise, cruisehabits. Hope you are adequately compensated.
  8. Thank you so much for such a detailed reply, NeilonBoard. Really resent being scammed, especially by taxi drivers. Just reread your first reply on this thread, 1200 baht sounds a lot friendlier than the other prices I'm seeing.
  9. As of a few days ago, Princess cruises no longer stop at Sihanoukville due to "ongoing construction and unfavourable road conditions". Check your Princess personalizer for your updated itinerary.
  10. When you return home, cruisehabits, please share your taxi experience to and from Pattaya. We're also looking at an overnight stay in Pattaya and trying to avoid being ripped off.
  11. Will definitely be checking out private transfer options for an overnight stay in Pattaya. Thanks for your recommendation, Expat Cruise. Get tired of the dreaded ferang (falang) prices in Thailand. Currently feeling that Princess has greedily copied the same pricing model for it's shuttles, tours and visas. Usually when we're in Thailand we rely on our feet or the baht bus to get around. Hate being treated like a walking ATM.
  12. All my research about the distance from the ship to the port gate indicates a distance of 3km. Would be pleasantly surprised if it were only 200m. Please confirm, NeilonBoard.
  13. Very pleased that our travel agent can help as the paperwork seems horrendous. Find it hilarious that any accommodation house can provide the letter of invitation, even if you don't plan to be their guests.
  14. We looked at the effort involved in getting a Russian visa and decided that even though it's expensive to go through our travel agent, there is no way we would attempt to get the visa ourselves. We need multi entry visas as we fly into St Petersburg the day before heading off on an ocean cruise of the Baltics, arrive back in St Peterburg for a couple of days touring by ourselves and then join a river cruise to Moscow. Even if we'd only done the river cruise we would have needed a single entry visa. FYI Travelling on Australian passports. Researching what to do by ourselves in St Petersburg and can't believe some of the wonderful architecture we can expect to see. Counting down to the end of June.
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