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  1. Yorkvillain -- thank you for the thread and everyone who has contributed to it. SofN was also my first cruise with RCL. I had one one with Carnival and was so not impressed, new travel agent convinced to try Royal. Those steps up to the Viking Crown holding a dress down while climbing up and then with a drink on the way down -- LOL
  2. Enjoying the quips, pics. Thank you for the laughs everyone. Great thread.
  3. Enjoy your trip ckrobyn!. We've got the storm coming in tonight/tomorrow all day (if we get it). Who'd think we'd be adding N95 or other to our packing lists.
  4. This is a great decision. They deserve it. There are a lot on unnamed heroes in both situations. They people (animal rescue) that saved all the animals they could. Re-united pets with the family. Took in the injured and gave them life and hope. The first responders to these souls are truly heroes. Thank You.
  5. LOL -- It's going to be an ear-worm from now on for me!
  6. As posted above -- it's now 7:25AM here --- John, nice pics - but go to bed!! :)
  7. Taking over the chat for a moment to say HI to Merion_Mom! Enjoy your cruise :).
  8. WooHoo -- another Live and Great Review by John (and Laura)!! Looking forward to traveling with you again.
  9. Thanks John for the great pics/report. Always a joy to read your thread. Awe Bella! Think it's a tie who is happier to see / hug who 🙂
  10. John, if you happen to run into John and Marilyn again -- say 'hi' from me (Catherine aka jaspercat). Thank You!
  11. Oh My those chops look sooooooooo good! I never liked lamb until I had it on the Oasis years ago. I love Cherries Jubilee :)
  12. Hi John and Laura - a bit late to the party - look forward to your review. Upon catch-up saw the adorable Bella. Blanket Bella is too cute. Saw posts that people were asking if Mike S was the CD (sorry I skimmed a lot to catch up, so you might have replied) -- I absolutely love Mike (and not 'cause I'm Cdn too) -- he was a super CD when I sailed with him before he left and was pleased to see that he had returned. Nice pics of your cabin. Food porn!!! OMG that filet (from tonight (Sun) CK) looks so good!
  13. Well now I don't feel so bad with my cheapo when it did the same darn thing on my first Oasis cruise! On that one I was on the Boardwalk, Deck 10 about 5-6 cabins from aft and grabbed the camera to score some pics.
  14. Awesome view from that cabin Andrew. That definitely looked like Chutney, but what flavor - who knows. IMHO it seems out of place on a cheese plate.
  15. OMG -- that ice cream party would do me in. The ones that look like toasted marshmellows could use a bit more browning for my liking though 😄 Awesome sunset photos, a few pages back, Andrew.
  16. I'd at first love the idea of an extended cruise, but then would be stressing about the cat and if the cat-sitter could extend their stay, did I have enough food for both of them, etc.
  17. Awe Bella, good pic of her and your view. Thanks John for keeping all of us updated on things.
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