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  1. I was looking at renting a car in Livorno also, does Sifracar set up right when the ship docks (I believe at 7) or do they set up later b/c google searches keep showing they don't open till 9am. Also is Sifracar the Hertz affiliate in Livorno? how was driving in Italy? any unexpected challenges? thx
  2. As an experienced cruiser in the Caribbean and Gulf planning our first Med Cruise has been an interesting learning experience, with everything to see and do it's almost like planning 6 separate trips and the cost too... headed to the Med in summer with stops planned in Livorno, Genoa, and Naples. As i looked through the offerings from the cruise lines it seemed like picking and choosing between items that the family really wanted to do but logistically they didn't seem to far away. I'm tempted to rent a car in port and do a truly DIY experience. Was hoping to get some feedback on pros and cons of those who have thought of this or attempted this themselves. Perhaps there is something I'm not thinking of when it comes to this idea.
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