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  1. Sorry, newbie here, don't know which port...not sure how to find that out
  2. What are recommendations for places for lunch while in port?
  3. We will be there the same day! Getaway?
  4. We will be in Harvest Caye (me and two kids - 15 and 11) on 3/20. I'm not in love with the idea of a private island and would like the kids to experience a little of Belize. Thinking of taking the ferry to Placencia at that appears to be our only option to do this, other than a ship excursion. What is there to do around Placencia? Can we just hop off the ferry and walk around...is there shops, beaches, restaurants? Any other ideas? We have a really short day in Costa Maya the day before so are just doing a beach day there, my 11 year old probably wouldn't love another full beach day.
  5. I've been reading all the reviews on the different beach clubs and my head is spinning. We will be in port on March 20, just from 7-2 so though we would do a short beach day. It is my and my two kids, age 15 and 11. Looking for somewhere we (or at least me) can relax in lounger but has things to keep the kids busy - snorkeling (will need equipment), kayaks, sand toys. We will have lunch there and I will likely have a drink or two. I don't mind paying for an AI if I have to. What's your best bet?
  6. Not take my bags on the ship? Do you mean I not take them on myself? So leave them with porter (like a sky cap at the airport)?
  7. My kids (age 11 and 15) and I will be sailing on Getaway out of NOLA on 3/15. I have been on only one cruise and that was 15 years ago so I have a few questions that I can seem to find the answers to. Our eDocs say boarding begins at 12:00. What time should we get to the port and what does that process look like? I have done the online check in for all of us. How long does it take to get off the ship at the different ports. We have some private excursions scheduled in Cozumel and Roatan. Do we need to get in "line" early or does it go pretty quickly? Is the
  8. I ended up doing the same...will be there March 17!
  9. This is great! I am looking a booking private tour for me and my two kids with Rony's...a little pricy to do it this way but we have some specific things we want to do and they do have these in a prepackaged tour. With their options for monkeys and sloths I see Mayan Jungle and Daniels. Do you know what the Mayan Jungle one is? There are three zip line options (South Shore, Mayan Jungle, and Pirates of Caribbean), any particular one you recommend? We are also thinking of doing the Eco Walk Suspension bridges. Have you done this? Thanks!!
  10. I'm looking for similar and came across a recommendation for 2K Adventures. I have NOT used them but the reviews were good and they have a package that included these activities. Considering booking with them.
  11. I'm looking for the same...would rather use a local company than the cruise excursion. I would like the same things you are looking for (except lunch isn't necessary). Read through some posts here and have come across cozumelcruiseexcursions.net (seems there is also one by the same name but .com, not sure which one is actually better), cozumelh20.com, and mystic snorkel. Would love any input people have! I'll be with my kids age 15 and 11, they haven't snorkeled before.
  12. Have you all been yet and figured this out?
  13. Are the only dispensers at the buffet? I also drink a lot of water, planning on bringing my refillable water bottle but wondering how convenient it will be to keep filling it.
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