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  1. And sadly, I have to add, my fellow cruisers to that list. Even if the cruise line did everything in their power to the best of public health protocols to make cruising safe, I fear that I can no longer trust my fellow humans to care enough to abide by the individual requirements to make cruising safe.
  2. Sad news from the experiment by Hurtigruten. https://thepointsguy.com/news/covid-outbreak-hurtigruten-norway/ To answer the question from the title of this thread, my answer would now have to be one of the following: Not anytime soon. Later than I want. Much later than I want Not until there is a viable treatment or vaccine.
  3. I agree about the shorter cruises with fewer ports. I would not be against a longer cruise with fewer ports. I just don't know if I'd like to cruise with the situations discussed in this article. Thanks for the clarification.
  4. I agree, unless you already live in Europe. There could be Europeans who would accept these conditions if they want to cruise bad enough. Just wondering if some of these guidelines will be incorporated into cruising in general going forward, no matter what the length and where in the world, once the CDC and CLIA start negotiating on the future of cruising. Do people just see the cruise industry floating around the world, empty of passengers, till who knows when? Do any of these conditions make cruising safer, in your opinion?
  5. I actually received it last night and waited to see if it showed up on any threads before I posted it. Yes, it is curious that no one is commenting. I agree with you about the cruise length. I will do a 7 night last minute cruise in the Caribbean if I happen to be in Florida, not ready to go home and I get a deal. I'm not planning a 3-7 night cruise. My other concern is the talk about HAL's pools with the retractable roofs. Why is that anymore of a problem than a lounge or theater?
  6. I got an email from Cruise Critic with an article about the EU Guideline for Cruises. The first topic is distressing and impacts HAL. It's going to be interesting to see if any of these situations end up on the table with the CDC. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5434/?et_cid=3343001&et_rid=271420012&et_referrer=nav_site_login_us
  7. My cruise was canceled when HAL announced their 30 day pause on March 14. Our sail date was March 28, so obviously we were paid in full. We chose the FCC and HAL notified us May 7 that our FCC was ready and I did verify that on the website (Thanks to the CruiseCritic poster for telling me HAL had added this feature to my account on the website.) I noticed, today, that HAL had credited my card with my Port Taxes and Fees on June 4. I did not receive any communication from HAL that they had done so. My ordeal was painless just because I didn't have much money at stake. I feel for those of you that are waiting on many thousands of dollars. I just hope you won't have to wait much longer.
  8. Absolutely! I would too. I do believe they are trying to identify her. Initial information is that she works in the healthcare field, which is really disheartening and, if true, means she may have to dust off her resume. Drifting is easy when there isn't really any information on the topic to discuss. Has anyone found any published news to report from the CDC meeting?
  9. I saw a video this morning where a lady called the people wearing masks very ugly names and then went over to them and coughed. What is wrong with a person like that?
  10. Actually, we don't know the long term health ramifications to having had Covid.
  11. Yet, I bet they wear their seatbelt. If they are driving a fairly new car they have the improved safety features of airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, shatter resistant glass, and accident avoidance technology. So, with all of these safety features, you can still die and you can kill some other people too. Wearing a mask is no different. It's a safety feature that helps those exposed to you, not die. Just like those safety features in that new car.
  12. My husband and I have separate emails attached to our Mariner Accounts, so he got an email for his FCC and I got one at my email address for mine. No refund, yet, to credit card for port fees and taxes.
  13. I'll be there!!! Monday morning quarterbacking rubs me the wrong way and I felt like I had to speak to that.
  14. With all due respect, this isn't really your business. I come from a background of caring for elderly parents and grandparents too. One lived to be 78, one died at 88 and one died at 102. @Kindergirl, nor her parents, owe any of us answers to your questions, no explanations of what they did before this last cruise or what they will do in the future. They will make the best decision for themselves, whether you or I agree with it. From what I understand, @Kindergirl's parents would have gotten home by themselves, if they hadn't had her help. She was worried about them and wanted to help them in any way that she could. She reached out, we gave her advice and suggestions and she talked plans through with her parents and they accepted the help of strangers. Was it required to get them home? I don't think so. I think she was doing what most daughters would do, help their parents when she was in a better position than they were to work out the details.
  15. @KindergirlIt sounds like you have some good plans in the work! I hope the Visiting Angels can work for now and in the future. They can be a big help for them and peace of mind for you. I got some help for my grandfather when he was in his mid-90's. He gladly allowed this lady, a RN he knew, to come over and help with cooking, laundry and driving him to church and appointments. She was to come over after breakfast and stay until she cooked his dinner. Shortly after she started, I was visiting from out of state and she was sitting at the kitchen table while he made their lunch! He didn't like her cooking!! Sadly, he just kept shortening her hours until he was almost home alone again. Those wily, stubborn, self-sufficient seniors! Eventually his health (at age 100) took a turn where he needed someone to stay with him 24/7. We discussed all his options (his mind was better than mine is now) and he decided on assisted living where he happily lived for 2 more years. I, too, always got the "I'm fine" when I would call the members of my family I cared for. There is nothing better than having someone put their eyes on them! I especially think during this virus, that would be even be more important. Thanks for keeping us updated and I hope things progress so you can begin your trip home soon. I'm sure your partner misses you.
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