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  1. My refund request was approved on Feb 11th, and I have yet to receive the money back to my account. At first my agent told me NCL will do it within 10 business days (that's what NCL communicated to them), but later they started to tell me to wait... I am anxious, because I borrowed from line of credit.
  2. His death is tragic, but won't make me panick. His story to me is just as sad as other people in Wuhan. He is an ophthalmologist, and according to himself he contracted the virus from a patient came to him for eye disorder and later confirmed with the coronavirus. He said he noticed the patient coming for eye disorder coughed badly, I guess the patient coughed right into his face and eyes. Just like perfectly healthy individuals in his 20s or 30s can die from an ordinary flu. I am concerned with the reported numbers, it obviously is not under control in China yet. As a health care worker in North America following the news since last December, I believe the risk of contracting the virus is minimal here and at present time I won't stop going to a cruise unless it's travelling to Asia. Unfortunately, I got denied to board solely because I carry a Chinese passport (haven't been outside of Canada for 2 years...). I do not like being discriminated by NCL and will not have future business with them, but I do hope other guests enjoy themselves on board. Also, I do have an uncle in China contracted the disease on January 21st, and he fully recovered after 9 days and dismissed on the 31st. Maybe it is bias that I only base on 1 person I know, I believe the patient outcome is not that bad... Enjoy the cruise, don't panick.
  3. I see, you guys are talking about China cruise tours, I can't speak about that because it was supposed to be my 1st ever cruise outside of Canada. I was talking about leaving China by airplane or by car, I always get stamped. My hubby's Canadian passport is rather clean, mine is stamped everywhere, because Chinese passport is not that flexible. So if you were talking about cruising, and I hear from the news that dropping the Chinese, HK, Macau people only lose 6% of their revenue, then all other passport holders are more likely to hide that they went to an Asian cruise.
  4. Again, because people get stamped when leaving China. Chinese did not go to China in the past 14 days are still getting admitted to US at the border. This is how they tell, I just always prepare more evidence to try to shorten their question period.
  5. Yea, Chinese passport is not that flexible, I always get stamped. The passport discrimination won't work, because many people in HK have dual citizenship like my husband. He could have got away with it just by bringing his Canadian passport.
  6. By checking the stamp when I left China? Lol. I always get pulled in at the border, they want me to show that I will not stay in the States without leaving. So, pay stub, HR proof of employment and work schedule, hotel being booked, that's just the usual thing I prepare for USCBC. I did not expect the cruise denies me before I got to the border. Of course if it's USCBC denying me, I don't need to complain here.
  7. I just hear that NCL is going to lift the ban on their Chinese crew members. hope you will respect them when you see them on board.
  8. Hi, thanks for the notice. I personally would feel humiliated if they refused me by holding a passport, and then lift the ban telling me "yes you can sail now and you cannot choose a refund". I was involved in the roll call count-down, facebook group, and then everyone knew I left the group because I am denied by my passport, and now I am coming back????lol. NCL guest relations replied to me through email that my reservation has been cancelled, and I will receive a refund. They did not indicate how much is the refund or I could get any compensation on top of the cruise fare. This department does not have a phone number. I read other posts that they will receive $300 per person for flight change, I hope that could happen to me. I prefer not to have a vacation now.
  9. I have prepared everything that can prove I have not travelled to show the at the border. They definitely can still deny me at the border when I take my flight, there is nothing I can do. But there is no such ban by the government yet.
  10. Actually, people who actually taking flights to leave China right now all have an option to cancel/delay flight at no penalty. This is enforced by the Chinese government.
  11. I tried, I actually bought cancellation insurance, however I am not eligible because I don't fit in any categories - there is not travel advisory to Miami saying not to go there. So the insurance was no use.
  12. because they told me I will be denied and submit cancellation claim, I did and made other plans?
  13. Thanks, although I really prefer a refund instead of letting me go on now.
  14. How would you confirm you do not work with Asian? It's ridiculous. So all my Caucasian coworkers should be penalized.?
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