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  2. https://www.msccruises.co.uk/news/embarking-guests Anyone who has travelled to, from or through any towns under lockdown (quarantine) by the Italian Government, as designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the past 14 days, are also denied access
  3. You didn't and that was exactly what I tried to point out: Cruisers can fly to the U.S. and will not be stopped but they can not embark their cruise ship in your proposal so they will stay in the U.S. for the period of the foreseen cruise and than return by plane to there country if origin. Unless there is a complete (air/sea/land) lockdown the virus will keep on spreading just like other viruses we were never told about.
  4. You will also close all your U.S. international airports???? and of course all commercial shipping to the U.S.????
  5. I don't understand why you are all saying it is not necessary to make reservations because without the reservation there is NO guarantee you will have a seat. It is not that is that difficult to make the daily reservation for the theatre?!? It is like driving a car? Is it necessary to have a drivers license? Yes Is it possible to drive without one? YES but..... The same here: Indeed, you might find seats without reservation but one is asked/encouraged to make his reservation and not the other way around (IMHO)
  6. We were on Meraviglia in July 2019 on a Northern Europe cruise (Germany/Denmark/Norway) and on both sea days, even in northern europe where the weather was soso, there was not a single lounge chair empty by all pools at 10am. Crew will not do anything about chair hogs, but maybe will help you to find some empty chairs for you, but don't count on that. So in short; sailing caribbean on a sea day IMHO all chairs will be "reserved" by 09am. Hope it will ever change...
  7. from msc website: There are three quick and easy ways to book: connect to the free onboard wi-fi network with your smartphone or tablet, use the touch screens on different decks of the ship, or ask at the Reception.
  8. I would put it the other way round: It is necessary to do the reservation for the shows, BUT; if you have no reservation for 1 of the 3 daily performances you can still try to grab an empty seat without any guarantee of succes. making a reservation will only take 1 minute of your time and is very easy to do.
  9. Are you sure? $33,33 tip/day is a lot less than if you tip directly? That's $233 TIP per week cruise for a cabin steward per cabin. He takes care of 10 cabins so in your opinion he gets $2333,00 tip per week. Than you tip the same to the waiter and his assistant and the same to your favorite bartender(s)...
  10. A little more reading on the forum would have brought you to a very complete review with pictures of drink list on page 9. Enjoy.
  11. Who said they do the job for 233$ per week? The DSC is extra added to their salary. That's a 1000$ per month. Tipping money per crew member. Extra money, not their basic salary!
  12. SirWolf you're right, he passed a line, but: it is not very transparant how MSC splits the DSC once they have the money on their account. Meraviglia can handle 5700 passengers. Lets say 4000 of them are to pay the daily 12,50$ then MSC receives 350.000$ for a week cruise...I don't know how you feel about that amount of money, but for me that's a lot of DSC for one week to split by 1500 crew. Plus the 15% service charge on everything they sell us... And that's only meraviglia. They have 19 ships sailing. So I still feel we, the passengers, may judge how our extra money is spent. If MSC would be more transparent about the DSC that would help. Best regards and happy sailings, C
  13. check this: all info about drinkmenue is in this review starting from page 9
  14. Doesn't matter since white night party goes late in the night/morning while the cirque show will only "take" about 1 hour of your time 😊 you still can join the party after the show! KR, C
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