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  1. Jimdee3636 - I'm glad you asked this since I've been wondering the same thing! Although I'm Diamond level w/Cunard, a full world cruise seems like too many days at one stretch for me so would prefer to do segments (and some of the segments look very appealing!) I have an October 2020 QE voyage booked (Japan) which I may cancel and move my deposit to a segment of a world cruise. With all the positive responses for doing a segment, I'll while away pleasant hours pondering!
  2. As a long-time ballroom dancer, solo traveler, I'll chime in about hosts and dance cruises. As many have said, the dance hosts on Cunard are generally mediocre, from the perspective of a trained dancer. They are there to dance with the women, chat with them a bit and allow the women to enjoy the music and dancing, regardless of how "well" they dance. I think that's important to keep in mind, since the majority of people who want to dance with the hosts are not "dancers", although the "dancers" are more conspicuous by their steps and poise. Being a host is not an easy job, since they are all of retirement age or older; the physical demands are much: pre-dinner sets; dance classes; about 3 hrs of dancing (8-11); all of which include dancing with people of varying ability which may require a gentle pushing/pulling of their partners. They take limited breaks, and it gets quite hot (I still remember one seemingly quite elderly British host who would put a crisp handkerchief against his sweaty hand so the women didn't have to touch his sweaty hand, but he nearly always had a drop of sweat hanging from his nose...) They are considered (correctly or not) to be representatives of Cunard, so they have to be pleasant and sociable at all time - on deck, in the Lido, etc. They share cabins with other hosts. So, it's not as great as it sounds "travel the world and all you have to do is dance with ladies". In terms of cruises with dance groups, I've been on three ships with groups - twice as a regular passenger, detesting the way they take over the floor and the seating area and once as a member of the dance group (since it sounded like a great idea - cruise with the group's dance hosts, plus dance with the ship's hosts). One of the larger US groups is dancers at sea (google that and you'll likely find their web site). They have a list of cruises that they'll be sailing on for at least one year ahead. The one time I was a member of their group was enough to decide never again. So-so hosts; annoying women (groups of women vying for the attention of the hosts, resenting anyone younger or better dancer, etc.) Over the past few year, Cunard has evolved to be my cruise line of choice (i have two voyages booked for later this year) and I bring my dance shoes, go to the Queen's Room on the first few nights to check out the hosts, and then stop by once in a while during the rest of the trip. I'm pleasantly surprised if I have an enjoyable dance and otherwise, am entertained by the music and the spectacle.
  3. I'm leaving next week for a 32 day circumnavigation of South America on a HAL ship, so have noted your choice of Valdivieso Chilean sparkling wine from Jumbo. I'll buy a few bottles for my balcony!
  4. Catl331 - thank you for the photos - very useful! I do like sun and the wide open view from the back of the ship, so these look like a great spot ! (The main/Lido pool is definitely not for me! Too many people.) I've been on several other HAL ships but will be my first time on K'dam so am looking forward to the Coke machine, classical music venue, and all the other places to explore.
  5. I''ll be on the K'dam for the first time in March for a 32-day cruise around South America and have heard that the Aft (rear) pool is adults only...but have also heard that rule isn't enforced. I considered the Retreat cabanas but they're smaller on the K'dam than the other ships and I like to have a little space. On the deck plans, there are curved deck areas above the aft pool that look perfect for me so I'm hoping they won't be "reserved" with books at 8:00 am!
  6. Thank you - glad to hear that the wind shouldn't be a problem! When I said "at the railing", it looks in the HAL chart like the cabanas are in a square U-shape, so I was thinking that the cabanas along the two "legs" of the U are against the railings (# 1-7 on one side and # 16-21 on the other side) and that the ones along the bottom of the U (#8-15) face aft. OTOH, maybe I'm making the wrong assumption and these "side/leg" cabanas don't look out over the ocean?
  7. I will be on the 3/15/20 32 day voyage from Ft. Lauderdale to Callao and have a question about Retreat cabanas. From researching this site, I know you have to reserve them before boarding, by the week, and I have the chart of locations and pricing. I would get a 2-person cabana along the railing since it's just me. My question is: how windy is it up there? There are many sea days, and typically the sun deck or other top decks are extremely breezy. Are there any 2-person cabanas that are slightly sheltered from the wind? Thanks for any input!!
  8. I agree with BellBoy about the single cabin closest to the crew area door - frequent usage so the noise of opening/closing and loud conversations is very annoying. I stayed in the only single inside cabin in that section of cabins behind the casino - there's one cabin that doesn't have a window, but otherwise it's the same as all the other singles. I thought the location was very convenient on Deck 2, since I spend a lot of time in the Queens Room and Golden Lion Pub. Other than the crew (officers I believe) walking through the short hallway en route to the door to their area and chatting with each other, it was quiet. Luckily, they walked quickly and the sound of conversation traveled with them and then, poof, they were through their door. I don't have a deck plan handy, but there a few single cabins to the right of the entry door from the casino and I think they would be the quietest!
  9. I was on that QV crossing and remember the day in Praia de Vittoria when the roped up deck chairs from the Lido deck blew over the rails onto the pier. That was some voyage! I will be on the QM2 in a few days for a westbound crossing, so anticipate better weather. Years ago, I did a Cape Town to SOU trip on the QE2, so am sure you'll enjoy the reverse trip on the QE!
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