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  1. Ahoy, just a quick question, aboard the Panorama which of the three ports 1.Cabo, 2.Mazatlan, 3.Puerto Vallarta are tindered/shuttled or docked? Thanks in advance 🙏and cheers 🥂
  2. Hey 🙏 This is a great reference for foodies of all types 👌
  3. Ahoy, I’ll be sailing in May and plan to dine mostly in the main dining room. I would love to read about your your plant-based dining experience. Please share your thoughts, experience, tips and trick on how to maximize the dining experience. Thanks in advance 🙏 and cheers 🥂
  4. Dear Snooptoo, thanks! Just the answer I needed. Cheers 🙏
  5. Hello I’ll be sailing in May on the Panorama, 7 day Mexican Rivera. Will there be a white dress event/dinner or just two formal dress dinners? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi are the staterooms provided with the normal selection of toiletries ie. shampoo conditioner? Thanks
  7. Hi were can you buy %10 off gift certificate? Thanks
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